Zambezi Case Study

Zambezi Case Study nuts was a small agricultural cooperative, recently developed in the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe. In previous years much time had been spent selecting and clearing a site and putting in cashew nut trees and a service road. The trees had now reached maturity. Although the Zambezi Case Studydomestic market was attractive, the cost of production and the quality of the nuts meant that far higher returns could be gained by selling the nuts on the international market.

The cooperative provided employment for about twenty small scale growers with a hectare each. Irrigation was in place.

The coop itself had collection, grading and bulk packing facilities but no packaging facilities. It employed ten workers, a supervisor and general manager. It had two one tonnetrucks, which collected from farms and distributed from the coop. The company had no experience at all in selling its produce overseas.


Critically analyse the case using relevant theory and suggest Zambezi nuts what should they consider before deciding on an exporting operation?

-Market Entry Strategies (Theory)

-Case Study (International market)

-What should they consider?

Culture, Exporting operation, Direct/Indirect , Entry restrictions, Trade Barriers

Zambezi Case Study


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