Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care


Working in Partnership in Health and Social CareThe health care organisations need to make some working agreements to provide services to the service users. There are three types of working agreements such as interpersonal, organisational, and service user- professional. The health and social care professionals also take vital role in partnership workers. There are some level of professional group and each level and professional group depend on some types of actions that are related with the performance of the group(Chassin & Loeb, 2011). In this report the partnership in health care and service will be discussed with the context of case study of Aliya Begum. The study would delve into the aspect of health and social care services in a broad way by evaluating the relationship between the different professional and organisations that are been involved in accordance to the given case study. It would also strive to understand the notion that promote positive partnership working along with the service users, professionals and different organisations engaged in the health and social care services.

The study would take relevance of the different models of partnership in the Health and Social Care along with the various legislations practised for it. Lastly, an evaluation would be conducted on the result of the partnership working along with the plausible barriers in its smooth functioning. It would also offer certain resolutions to the negotiations of the barriers as come across in context to the case study of Aliya Begum.

Task 1: Identifying different partnership arrangement:

1.1 Looking at the different partnership arrangement in the case study scenario, evaluate the relationships between the different professional and organisation involved in case of Aliya Begum:

As per the case study of Aliya Begum, there is effective partnership agreement with language therapist and Aliya Begum to overcome the difficulties and make Aliya Begum be able to communicate with others as per her ability. She has made the partnership with Aliya Begum to support her to maintain her life as an independent person. In this partnership working, the health worker tries to give the benefit as per the need of services user. The language therapist is responsible to give her mental health support by increasing the confidence about communication(Barlow, et al., 2013). Since, Aliya Begum has difficulties to communicate with others. The care giver also uses the language in which the patient is familiar and like communicates. It helps the patient to express her needs to the care giver. The role of the language therapist becomes more important for the patient as is helps her to approach her problem to the care gives directly. This team has made between two individuals to meet the common goal that is make the patient able to live the new life. Both are highly motivated the professional is motivated to provide the service effectively and the patient is motivated to gain the support from the personnel. The therapist also helps her to learn new words that are needed to communicate with others. Therefore the, partnership arrangement between service user and professional has made in the case of language therapist.

Another partner arrangement also has done in this case that is internal personal arrangement.  The goal of this partnership arrangement is to provide the support to make the life easy for the person, who is not able to make do their daily work. In this regard, the partnership arrangement between Aliya Begum and her clinical psychologist can be discussed. This health care professional helps her to overcome the issue about anxiety(Shortell, 2013). Aliya has the tendency to get anxious about things, which can make difficulties in her independent life. Therefore, the interpersonal partnership arrangement will help her to get long term benefit of the partnership. This partnership will help her to understand the way in which she will be able to relax with those things that make her anxious. Therefore, the interpersonal partnership is also important for her. After discussing about partnership arrangement, the following section will talk about relationships between the different professional and organisation involved in this case.

1.2 Evaluating partnership relationships within health and social care services:

There are different strengths and weaknesses that may arise in the phenomenon related to partnershipworking in health and social care. As per the case study, it is vital to promote healthy communication with Alia Begum which can serve the health therapist team with the ability to satisfy the needs and requirements of Alia Begum. It is the prime responsibility of the health care team working for Alia to work in collaboration which can lead them to figure out the best effective care which must be provided to her in terms of mitigating her health related issue. As she is suffering from certain learning disability, her care planners must promote healthy collaboration and with her family members and must convince them to send her to special schools. Dahlgaard, et al., (2011)commented that it is vital to be sensitive at the time of dealing with her case and positive attitude must be shown towards her needs and requirements.

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