What is essay

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What is essay?

Essay commenced its journey in the 16th century when Michel de Montaigne coined the term to describe his ‘attempts’ at self portrayal. American author and essayist Chuck Klosterman, later, described essay in a pristin



“The essays are d

ifferent because ultimately its things I’m interested in, and I’m really just writing about myself and using those subjects as a prism.”
Both were absolutely right in their assertion. Essay helps to express one’s opinion on a certain topic or matter. It involves methodical analysis and detailed evaluation of the topic.

Definition: Academic essay writing

Academic essays are scholarly pieces of writing that is executed in order to get a conclusion to certain affair, experience, subject, topic or issue. The authors are committed to present relevant arguments from their opinion concerning the subject in order to move towards a conclusive part.
In many cases, students get confused with the term ‘academic opinion’. They acknowledge scholarly opinion and stick to reporting the facts, but forget about their own opinion altogether. Personal opinion and scholarly opinion, however, differ from each other.

Types of essay

There are several types of essays, but they are majorly categorized into two divisions: one, character-based and the other structure-based. Let’s first discuss the essay types that are character-based.
Character-based essays seek to determine the writer’s goals. If the writer wants to describe something, it should be descriptive essay. If it comes down to convincing audience, the writer should take persuasive approach. Similarly, based on this principle, there are 11 types of character-based essays.

1. The Expository Essay:

What is it?

Expository essay requires you to explain an issue. The purpose of expository essay writing is to set forth an argument for investigating an idea, evaluating relevant evidence and expounding on the idea. This type of essay presents a balanced analysis of the subject without involving any emotion or biased opinion. This can be accomplished through comparison, discussion, analysis or story telling based on the selected topic. When you see an essay prompt with ‘explain’ or ‘define’, be certain that you are asked to write an expository essay.

What are its most important qualities?

Only Facts: Unlike any other form of essay writing, the expository essay should be built on facts and only facts; no personal experience of views. It should carry a good amount of information on the topic you have been given or have selected.

Well-Defined Thesis: This is not something new, but it carries grave significance when it comes to expository essay writing. Be careful while creating a thesis for the argument.

Precise Argument: To engage your readers in writing, you need to present your argument/analysis in concise and straightforward manner. Keep in mind that repetition of ideas and over-stating the topic can bore your readers after some point of time.

Examples: As expository essay writing intends to convey the writer’s knowledge about the topic, involving examples about the topic becomes significant in this case. With the help of the examples, readers can easily relate to your argument.

Graphical representation of an expository essay structure:

The above shown structure needs to be followed while writing a perfect expository essay. However, as a student, you may find difficulty in framing the supporting sentences. In such a case, you can avail the services of online essay helpers associated with 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com.

2. The Persuasive Essay

What is it?

Persuasive essay is based on reasons and logic in order to convey that one idea is more legitimate than the other. This essay is designed to persuade the readers to adopt a certain point of view or to take a particular action either in favor of or against the selected topic. This type of essay aims to show why the idea presented by the writer is better than the existing opinions. The argument in persuasive essay always uses examples, logical reasoning and solid evidences to back your ideas that you plan to present in the essay.

What are its most important qualities?

Solid information about the topic: Readers can only be persuaded when they believe in your argument. To make your readers believe in your story, you need to know more and more related knowledge of the topic. Vast reading and taking notes can help you to gather the relevant data.

Present opposing argument: Stating the view that you believe enlighten the readers partially about the topic. The writer should consider presenting opposing viewpoints that exist. The readers will then get to know both sides of the story.

Strong opening sentence: While writing a persuasive essay, you need a ‘hook or grabber’ to grab the attention of the readers. ‘Grabbers’ can range from unusual detail, strong statement, quotation, anecdote, statistics and facts, question or even an exaggeration.

Right positioning of your evidence: Persuasive essay writing requires you to provide solid evidence for your views. But remember to position them in the right place so that it appeals to reason with the readers.

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Graphical representation of a persuasive essay structure:

As you can see in the graphical representation, examples are integral part of persuasive essay writing. Searching topic-related examples may seem a tough a job at times. The online essay helpers at 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com can, however, easily find the subject-related examples for you.

3. The Analytical Essay

What is it?

Analytical essay represents an analysis of a text. But sometimes it is mistaken as the summary of the assigned text. Analytical essay concentrates on the smaller parts of the work/text and shed light on the larger picture. It mainly focuses on how a book or poem was written or how certain themes present themselves in the story, how certain phrases unfold certain meaning to the story/poem. Summarizing events in the story/poem is not the ideal way to approach analytical essay writing.

What are its most important qualities?

Topic sentence – claim – evidence formula: Each paragraph of analytical essay should start with a topic sentence followed by three or more claims and lastly evidences to support these claims. It gives the readers the flow to understand the topic.

Clear positioning of the evidence: The purpose of presenting evidence should be clear to readers. They should be able to relate to the evidence after reading the topic sentence of a paragraph.

Flow of thoughts: The success of analytical essay greatly depends on the progression of ideas: how ideas have been placed and interpreted. The writer should attempt to assemble the parts to make it as a whole.

Graphical representation of an analytical essay structure:

Creating an original thesis statement for analytical essay can prove difficult if the writers run out of ideas. Hiring the online essay helpers at 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com can help in such situations to a great extent.

4. The Argumentative Essay:

What is it?

Argumentative essay is a type of academic writing in which the authors communicate their opinion on a topic using evidence from personal experience, literature and research to support their viewpoint. The writer should clearly take a stand and try to persuade audience to adopt new beliefs or behavior that requires investigating the given topic, collecting relevant data, evaluating evidence from reliable sources and establishing a position on the topic in a concise manner.

What are its most important qualities?

Present both side of the argument: It is the writer’s responsibility to make the readers aware of both sides of the controversies. State the strongest points of your arguments and describe the ‘other side’ of argument, then describe how your argument is stronger.

Logical: Argumentative essay should be logically correct. The whole structure of the essay should have a logical flow while assembling and integrating all the arguments and must help you to nurture your point of view.

Supporting reasons: To prove your points, you should back your ideas with relevant evidence. To do that, you need to go beyond the reading list.

Graphical representation of an argumentative essay example structure:

Why We Should Use Public Transportation

As you can see in the graphical representation, the success of argumentative essays completely depends on your ability to argue. If you doubt your argumentative skills, take assistance from our online essay helpers at 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com who work round the clock to help college and university students.

5. The Descriptive Essay:

What is it?

As the name suggests, the essay is about a description of an object, location, person or experience. Descriptive essay writing carries details of something in terms of its physical appearance. This type of essay mainly describes what something looks or how something happened, or how something smells, tastes, feels or sounds. The writing style should be expressive and may include opinions, comparisons and personal perceptions.

What are its most important qualities?

Visualization: Description essay is based on the idea called ‘show not tell’. The descriptive essay writing should help the readers to conjure a visual presentation of the description of ideas. Hence, the readers can relate to its emotions and feeling.

The presence of sensory details: The readers should use their five senses while reading the essay. The writers should effectively convey ideas on the subject through the use of sensory details and figurative details.

Involvement of subjective or objective viewpoint: The type of emotions that writers plan to convey decides whether the writers can use objective or subjective viewpoint or both of them.

Graphical representation of a descriptive essay example structure:

My Brother

Describing something requires a good hold over the language. If English is not your first language, you may face difficulties while writing a descriptive essay. Our essay helpers can provide English essay writing assistance to you.

6. The Cause/Effect Essay:

What is it?

The cause/effect essay writing expounds on how something has happened and what resulted from the occurrence. The essay mainly demonstrates a relationship between two or more events and experiences in an organized manner. It explains the reasons behind certain incident and its potential results. The events should be presented in a certain pattern so that readers can understand the relationship between it.

What are its most important qualities?

Clearly stated topic: A topic that defines the relation between two or more chosen event should be the top priority of cause/effect essay writing.

Explanation of events: The readers need to understand the connection between events to agree with the writer. A clear explanation how particular cause or trail of causes produce or might produce certain effects is only way to do it.

Transition between paragraphs: The writer should end a paragraph with a transition sentence so that readers can smoothly and clearly identify the ideas/event in the next paragraph.

Graphical representation of a cause/effect essay structure:

Students get confused on how to make their readers understand about certain effects and causes and the relation between them. Our online essay helpers help such students to create good quality cause/effect essays by providing online essay help.

7. The Definition Essay:

What is it?

Definition essay writing is executed by defining the term or concept in a detailed manner. The function of definition essay is to provide a personal and extended description of terms by linking or comparing the term to the previous definition. The essay should be the combination of personal and academic definition of a term, word, place, person or any abstract idea. The writer should choose a topic that gives him or her the chance to write plenty on the topic.

What are its most important qualities?

Personal understanding: Definition essay writing should reflect writer’s personal knowledge of particular concept or term. The writer must include personal experience along with the academic significance of the term.

Involvement of own life’s lesson: Successful definition essay depends on the approach that writer chooses to take. The

writer should involve his or her own life experience that taught him/her about the concept and term.

Details of characteristics: Definition essays that worked, clearly detailed the traits that chosen term boasts in a precise manner. So readers can understand its significance.

Graphical representation of a definition essay example structure:


It can be little difficult to describe a term throughout the essay. Students thus choose to take assistance from our online essay helpers as they have years of experience in writing definition essays.

8. The Narrative Essay

What is it?

Narrative essays offer an account of something to readers from the authors’ perspectives. In this form of essay, the writers tell a story in the narrative manner along with specific details. The writer mainly shares a personal experience with audience, most commonly written in the form of first person ‘I’. The essay could talk about single, life-shaping event, or simply mundane experience or anything that the writer chooses.

What are its most important qualities?

Characters in the story: Every story flourishes through its characters. So the writer needs to choose own characters in order to develop the story line.

Involvement of original plot: When the writer describes a set of the characters, there should be a setting based on which the characters will react.

Conflict: As narrative essay tells a story to its audience, it requires a conflict that makes readers interested in the story. It can be either internal or external conflict within the characters or among characters.

Graphical representation of a narrative essay structure:

Creating a narrative essay according to the graphical representation above requires you to come up with a story that you believe in. Whenever it seems that you may fail to do so, consult online essay helpers at 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com to develop the story.

9. The Critical Essay

What is it?

The critical essay analyzes someone else’s work, like how it holds significant value in literature or how the writer described certain situation. This type of essay mainly explores strengths, weaknesses, aspects and methods of someone else’s work. The subject of a critical essay varies from another essay, a poem, book, movie or work of art. It is a clear presentation of the writer’s own perception after evaluating the evidence and reaching the conclusion.

What are its most important qualities?

Writer’s refusal to author’s words: In critical essay writing, the writer should clearly refuse to accept authors’ provided arguments and evidence. The writer should analyze the work while without keeping any biasness.

Balanced presentation: The writer in critical essay writing is responsible for putting a balanced argument or analysis that tell readers why the author’s conclusion or argument should be or should not be accepted.

Limitation to own arguments: Successful critical essays always recognize the limitation in writer’s own arguments. Hence, the readers can see the whole picture through the writer’s words.

Graphical representation of a critical essay example structure:

How Shakespeare Presents Othello?

The main purpose of writing critical essays is to analyze or comment on a book, film, poem, etc. just like in the graphical representation above. Students avoid writing this kind of essay as it requires them to use their critical thinking abilities. But our essay helper online provides you all the required assistance to write good quality critical essays.

10. The Compare/Contrast Essay:

What is it?

Cmpare/Contrast essay writing is built on the differences and similarities between two or more things. The essay talks about the connection that your topics share with one another. Compare/Contrast essay does not only note how the subjects are similar and different but also presents a meaningful argument. This type of essay writing uses point-by-point method and block method while describing differences and similarities. The topic of compare/contrast essay can be anything as silly as cat and dogs.

What are its most important qualities?

Simplicity: When you are describing differences and similarities, simplicity is the best policy that one could take. Simple writing lets the readers to concentrate on the point made by the writer.

Strong thesis statement: In compare/contrast essay writing, essay thesis carries a significant importance. The reason is thesis indicates whether the chosen subjects are compared or contrasted or both.

Same points of both subjects: The writer should select same points related to the subjects so that readers can easily understand the development of the argument.

Graphical representation of a compare/contrast essay structure:

The clarity of this type of essay completely depends upon the presentation of the ideas. If you misplace some facts like similarities in place of differences, the readers will lose the trail of the argument. So if you don’t know how to start your compare/contrast essay, contact our online essay helpers for guidance.

11. The Process Essay

What is it?

As the name suggests, process essay describes a process of how something is done. It mainly explains a series of actions involved in a process. The writers of process essay concentrate on describing how a specific task is accomplished in the form of step-by-step instructions or in story form along with the instructions/explanation given along the way. While keeping the information intact, the writer could include his or her personal touch by describing own experience with the process.

What are its most important qualities?

Strict chronological order: To make readers understand the whole process properly, the writer should maintain strict chronological order so that the audience can follow the trail of series you are defining.

Clarity: Clarity is most expected while writing a process essay. The writer should concentrate on making words coherent and reasonable for the readers.

Transitions: Transition sentence between two paragraphs is another essential feature that makes a successful process. Transition helps the readers to understand the connection between the content of two paragraphs.

Graphical representation of a process essay example structure:

How to catch crabs

As you can see in the graphical representation, you need to create enough components to turn the process into a full description. In case, you are facing a hard time composing a process essay, take assistance from essay helper online at 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com. This would save both your time and money.

12. Admission Essay

What is it?

Admission essays are written by college aspirants so that they can convey to the admission committee members how they can fit into the program. This type of essay is sometimes referred to as a personal statement in which the applicant discusses his or her personal experience, career aspirations, academic strengths and achievements and reasons for applying to a particular course or school.

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What are its most important qualities?

Tailored content: The applicants are required to show passion and enthusiasm through the words. But at the same time, the content should be tailored to the prompt given or developed accordingly. In majority of the cases, schools/colleges give similar prompts to all the aspirants and want them to share their own experience.

Maintain guidelines: Read the prompt repeatedly to understand what is expected of you. If they are asking you to stay within some boundaries, like specific content length or formatting guidelines, you must ensure that you act in accordance with the requirements. If you don’t follow the protocols properly, you are sending a tacit message that you are unable to understand or follow guidelines.

Not much empathy: The success of admission essays mostly depends on the attitude you present in your writing. The way you phrase your sentences, it should not appear that you are trying to get sympathy from the admission officer. Overcoming a medical condition or any challenging condition is worth stating, but you should foster resilience and more mature outlook on life.
Failure to maintain the guidelines can lead to rejection of your admission essay. So don’t take a chance and avail essay help from our writers to better your chances.

13. Classification Essay

What is it?

Classification essay allows the writers to organize things into categories and give examples of things that fit into each category. When you write a classification essay, you need to arrange people, objects or ideas with common characteristics into a particular group.

What are its most important qualities?

Significant features and characteristics: A classification essay should describe significant features and characteristics of the chosen subjects. Defining the characteristics is desirable in classification essay writing to define a concept more lucidly.

Equal importance to all the subjects: As the writer, you should choose the main points very carefully so that all your points are equal in weightage and importance. The points should not overlap each other and no part of your subject must remain ignored.

Definite structure: You will find various strategies to approach this type of essay writing. But you need to keep the basic format in mind that asks you to introduce your subject in the first paragraph followed by three (or more) body paragraphs built on specific details to describe or illustrate the types. At the end, a conclusion summarizes all points together and makes the overall purpose of classification essay writing clear.
Unaware of the steps of writing a classification essay? Take classification essay help online from 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com to gain complete knowledge on classification essay writing and learn how to create a definite structure.

14. Deductive Essay

What is it?

Deductive essay writing is the process of using deductive reasoning where the writer has to implement known facts, assumptions and principles in order to come to a conclusion and result. This type of essay writing involves every student, especially law and humanities students.

What are its most important qualities?

Clarity: A worthwhile characteristic within deductive essay is clarity. Each paragraph of the deductive essay should be clearly structured, reflect the deductive conclusion by providing illustration, information and explanation.

Flow in deductive reasoning: This type of essay needs to be structured in a way that the reader can follow the entire deductive reasoning. Introduction states the subject, then the first paragraph of the body paragraph carries related information and clues that are used in reasoning, the second paragraph focuses on the proof and the third paragraph is an evaluation of deductive reasoning. At the end, the writer should conclude the essay by stating deductive summary.

Comparison: Deductive essay can be built in comparing two or more things. One has to be careful in order not to confuse the readers.
The failure to present a powerful and well-organized content makes the argument look unrealistic. Hence, as a student, you can always take online essay help from our experts to come up with flawless deductive essay.

15. Exploratory Essay

What is it?

Exploratory essays are different from any other form of essay you have written so far. In this type, you require to convince the target audience of the validity of the thesis. The writer presents a problem and perhaps forms some preliminary conclusion on how the problem could be solved.

What are its most important qualities?

Examples and observations: This type of essay mainly explores links between personal life, cultural pattern and the natural world. The writer adds to their own experience in the form of example so that the readers can relate to the story easily.

Personal approach: The writer should explain the topic in the light of his or her own experience to shed more light on the subject.

Usage of figurative language: It is one of the most noticeable characteristics of exploratory essays. Such language is used to make the work more interesting and dramatic if required.
If you need any assistance in exploratory essay writing, you just need to give our essay helpers a call. They have mastered the art of using figurative language in essays.

16. Informal Essay

What is it?

Informal essay is a piece that can be either informative or persuasive. This type of essay is written mainly for enjoyment but also encourage informative style in less rigid form than a formal essay.

What are its most important qualities?

Usage of first person: This type of essay is usually written in the first person to address the readers directly and set a background for sharing personal and subjective experiences.

Content drawn from everyday events: The content should reflect a glimpse of the routine life that the writer experiences on a daily basis.

Personal tone: The essay tends to be more personal and subjective. It can be ironic, amusing, thoughtful, angry, serious, conversational or casual. You can pour your emotions and express your concerns through strong evidence.
Confused about the degree of informality in informal essay writing? Contact our essay helper online to learn more about personal tone and usage of first person in essays.

17. Literature Essay

What is it?

Literature essay is written to examine and evaluate a work of literature or an aspect of a work of literature. The writer is responsible for breaking down the subject into manageable parts to examine the different elements of a piece of chosen or assigned literature. Professors ask students to write literature essays in the hope that they would understand the value of the work and appreciate the literature work as a whole.

What are its most important qualities?

Title of the essay: It is important that you give your essay an appropriate title. It should be a reflection of the title of the literary work you are examining. However, it should not be identical or same. The title reflects the approach you are taking in your paper.

Textual evidence: The writer should incorporate textual evidence to support the developed ideas in the essay. Textual evidence can be in the form of summary, paraphrase, specific details and direct quotations.

Strong thesis statement: The introduction of the essay should carry a clear thesis statement that helps the writers to stay on track and inform the readers about the focus of the essay.
Finding difficulty in organizing your thoughts? Take essay help from 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com to write a literature essay with a strong thesis statement.

18. Personal essay

What is it?

A personal essay is a tool for self-expression. This kind of essay is written with a sense of intimacy and in a conversational manner. In a way, all essays are personal essay because it represents what you think on a given topic.

What are its most important qualities?

Mature content: The essay content readily takes the readers through the experiences you have been through. For instance, what specific lessons you have learned from your experience or are you ready to apply those lessons to the academic field. It is not enough to describe a personal experience. You need to analyze it by giving strong evidences.

Reflection of writer’s personality: Personal essays should reflect the personality of the writer. But remember that the writer does not have to place himself in the center of the stage to build the content.

Experience that other people can relate to: The personal essay describes events or memoirs that have taught the writer individual values. Basically, it should be an experience that you and other people can relate to.
Majority of the students’ essay lacks maturity and does not reflect their personality in the truest manner. If you also fall in the same category, you can always seek guidance from the essay help experts at 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com to frame your personal essay.

19. Research Essay

What is it?

As the name suggests, research essay writing starts with researching on the chosen subject, synthesizing the collected information and finally presenting it in the essay form. It is one of the most common assignments in high school, college and graduate school.

What are its most important qualities?

Specific, not generalized: Research essay topic should be based on some problem, which should be stated specifically in your essay thesis. There could be further segregation of the subjects, but it should be stated specifically in the introduction.

Realistic: The analysis of your argument should be realistic. It should be logical in the manner, most importantly the readers must understand your argument in order to accept and reject it.

Accurate: Without accuracy, a research essay cannot prove its significance. In every step of the research, you as the writer need to check the accuracy of the content you have presented so far.
One needs to learn the proper steps to do a research before writing a research essay. Take essay help or essay assignment help from our subject matter experts to understand the steps associated with researching a particular subject or topic.

20. Response Essay

What is it?

A response essay refers to writing a formal review of a book, article or artwork from the first person point of view. The essay is about a book or article you have read in the class or outside the module. Similar to the critical essay, you need to write a formal assessment of the work you are observing while adding your personal reaction to it.

What are its most important qualities?

First person: A response essay represents a twist in writing a formal review as it is written in the first person. The writer can use phrases like ‘I think’ and ‘I believe’ in their writing.

Focus on literary elements: The essay should be focused on the literary elements of the work, including characterization, setting, tone, symbolism, etc. Pay attention to the writer’s focus and keep them in mind while presenting your share of analysis.

Evidence in body paragraphs: One of the most important parts of response essay writing is the nature of evidence you use to support your ideas. Short passages can be quoted from the original text. Usage of two or three pieces of evidence in each paragraph is desirable.
In case you have difficulty in focusing on the literary elements, you can always call for essay help from 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com online essay helpers.

Now, let’s move to the structure-based essays. Structure-based essays mainly teach about the ideal structure of writing essays. The professors want the students to practice it so that they can easily organize their thoughts in a pre-decided outline. These structure-based essays are mainly of two types:

1. The Three-Paragraph Essay

What is it?

The three-paragraph essay or three-layer paragraph is a type of essay that teachers ask students to create so that they learn the ideal format of writing essays. It is not really a type of essay that students write once they become proficient writers. It is mainly a structure that divides an essay into three parts. Once the students understand the structure, they can move on to write any type of essay.

The format of the three-paragraph essay is quite simple and easy to understand.
1. Introduction – First Paragraph
2. Main Body – Second Paragraph
3. Conclusion – Third Paragraph

What are its most important qualities?

Thesis statement: The introduction paragraph should carry one or two sentence long thesis statement. This statement is kind of a mini-outline for the essay. This is where the readers understand your stance.

Strong argument: The writer should place the argument including most significant example and cleverest illustration in the body paragraph. But the writer should remember that the points presented in the argument should relate to the thesis.

Final statement in the concluding paragraph: The writer should restate the thesis statement using some original language. This final statement gives the reader the signals that the discussion has come to an end.

Graphical representation of a three-paragraph essay structure:

Introducing your ideas and elaborating and summarizing them in the last two paragraphs seem a lot to do. But with the help of our online essay helpers, you create an essay that has a well-structured outline, provide readers with an objective opinion or place emphasis on the significance of the work as a whole.

2. The Five-Paragraph Essay:

What is it?

Five-paragraph essay is a classical format of composing an essay. Like three-paragraph essay, five-paragraph essay is only an essay format that helps students to develop composition skills. As its name suggests, this type of essay structure is composed of five paragraphs: one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and one concluding paragraph.

If you want to write a five-paragraph essay, you must remember the following model:
1. Introduction – First paragraph
2. Body – First Paragraph
3. Body – Second paragraph
4. Body – Third paragraph
5. Conclusion – Fifth paragraph

What are its most important qualities?

Topic Sentence: Whenever writing a five-paragraph essay, the writer should summarize the main ideas in the beginning of the paragraph so that readers can follow the argument.

Evidence: Argument presented in the essay should be backed by some strong evidence. Details like facts, quotes, examples and concrete statistics should be presented equally in three body paragraphs.

Connection between conclusion and introduction: In the conclusion, the writer should restate the thesis and connect it with the body of the essay in a sentence that explains how each point you presented in the argument supports the thesis.

Graphical representation of a five-paragraph essay structure:

Professors want the students to write five-paragraph essays on various topics. Sometimes writing good five-paragraph essays on critical topics can make the students to avoid essay writing all the more. To avoid such a situation, take assistance of the essay helper online at 99assignmenthelp.com.99assignmenthelp.com.

Creation and Modification of Essays

Struggling to create a good essay? Writing an effective essay is not a walk in the park. You have to put a great effort to come up with a well-constructed and grammatically correct essay. You may confront many problems while putting your thoughts in one place. This is where online essay help plays the significant role. Expert writers, tutors and researchers provide online essay help that makes you avoid creating unclear unstructured plagiarized task. If you choose to go for expert online essay help, the professionals will be by your side throughout the essay writing process to make sure you get best possible essay help online.

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How to improve existing essays?

Students are constantly in search for strategies to improve their skills in essay writing. Writing essays often seems overwhelming for the students especially for freshmen who are already facing the big transition from school to university. So these students need some guidance to improve their existing essays. There are number of elements that turn an average essay to high-quality essays. Here’s how students can improve their essay writing qualities:

Create a small group:

This not necessarily should be a study group or fellow members who will only meet when they are assigned an essay. They will share ideas, ask for their comrades’ opinions on their thoughts. After writing an essay, they can pass the paper to one or two group members and ask for their feedback. It gets the students into the habit of peer assessment.

Think about starting small:

Professors normally ask students to write 500 words in response to the given essay prompt. But students can easily break down the work into smaller parts like writing 100 – 150 word introductory paragraph. Once they perfect their introduction or are satisfied with their writing, they can start with the body paragraph. This way, students will feel less mental stress.

Remember few key principles:

It is true that there is no formula for successful essay, but there are a few key principles that play in the favor of essay writing. First, students have to accept the fact that there will be some difficulties while writing introduction. Second, ask for feedback from professors. Third, hire a professional editor to check your complete essay if you don’t have enough time to do it.

Take professional help:

It is true that professors are not always available when you need them. But you need to get your work by the deadline without compromising the quality. This is where essay help experts come in the picture. Online essay helpers give you helping hand to deliver well-written non-plagiarized content that matches the professor’s exact guidelines.

Perfect writing style:

Some students like to spice up their writing; some present their ideas as direct as possible. Whatever way someone approaches the essay writing, it is crucial to be precise. In writing, there two types of mistakes that students usually commit, vague description of ideas and complicated projection of your ideas. Every subject carries its own set of terms and particular vocabulary. Regardless of subject vocabulary, students should stick to using simple words in their writing. Make sure you are using a phrase or term that is contributing to the progression of the essay.

Pro Tip:

Always be ready to delete the idioms and clichés that you unintentionally used in your writing. You need to search for those phrases that are stating the obvious.

How to write a good essay

According to the dictionary, essay is ‘a short literary composition on a particular theme or subject usually in prose and generally analytical, interpretative and speculative.’ So essays can be written on anything. But unfortunately students take this task as annoying, tedious and obnoxious. When they are given the chance, they would probably not do it. Students think essay is about so much, where to start first? How to approach the subject? How will I keep the momentum? Will I get good grades? It is not that difficult as it seems, this annoying task can be rewarding if you know some tactics.

Generate some original sentences: This is the first thing we are going to unfold here. Whenever you plan to write an essay, you create a format first. It is very simple, it requires only six original sentences related to the topic and nothing more. Eventually, the first sentence will become your introduction, and latter sentences will shape your body paragraphs and so on. Hence, you have taken the prompt and made your own.

Strongest evidence in the beginning of body paragraph: The first body paragraph after introduction should project the strongest piece of evidence. This gives readers the sense of learning something new from the reading.

Consider every idea: Test every opinion, idea, and argument, even those which you dislike and disagree with. While researching on the subject, the students should not only gather those arguments that they agree with, but also those that oppose their ideas. This is the best way to prove any point in front of the audience.

Have the essay question in front of you: Keep the essay prompt in front of you while reading and writing. Keeping the essay question while reading helps to record information which are directly relevant to the subject. This way, the students understand what they are aiming for.

Do not rely on grammar and spell check software: Sometimes grammar correction software or even spell-checker fail to detect mistakes. The reason is according to the software you have not done any mistake. If you mistakenly write ‘form’ in the place of ‘from’, spell-checker will not correct it for you. So it is advisable that to check your paper manually and ensure that your essay is formatted and referenced correctly as per department instructions.

Pro Tip:

Never think your first draft as the last one. Revise your paper until you feel confident about it. Every time you come up with new idea, consider about including it and revise the essay according to that.

Steps to write a good essay

Essays are shorter pieces of writing and so students must stick to the pre-defined measures like researching, taking notes, writing, editing, proofreading and finally referencing to come up with effective work. In case you counter difficulty, opt for essay assignment help or essay help online. There are several must-dos for writing an essay as suggested by our online essay helpers and incorporated in our essay assignment help material.

• Step 1 Understanding the topic

Before you jump into the sea of books for research purpose, you better think through the topic that has been assigned to you. It is vitally important for you to remember that your essay should not just reflect facts but also demonstrate your reasoning skills. Improve your paper by taking essay assignment help or essay help online. When you are reviewing the subject, our experts providing essay assignment help and essay help point to the following:
1. Note the key terms or instructions words in essay question
2. Find out which concept or methodology is applicable to your topic
3. Formulate a tentative thesis statement at an early stage to take your writing in the right direction
4. Know how to answer your essay question properly and effectively

• Step 2 Reading and researching

When you are done with choosing and analyzing the topic, you need to concentrate on reading and researching to get all the required material on the topic; get improved research ideas by essay help or essay assignment help. Here are three important questions that you need to answer while reading:
1. What does the author say?
2. Why does the author say it?
3. Where is the author’s weakness in the arguments?

If you are good at researching skills, there is no doubt that you are one step ahead in your bid to produce an effective essay; if not then take essay assignment help or essay help online.
1. Be selective with your research source; use only those that are relevant and accessible. Know more with our essay help samples or consult with essay assignment help experts.
2. For books, scan the preface, table of contents and index to see the general outlook and argument. Opt for essay assignment help or essay help if you find it hard.
3. For journals, read the abstract first to see whether the article will be any use or not. Get help from your professional online essay helpers for better results.

• Step 3 Taking notes from research reading

If you want to take notes efficiently, you need to execute the following four principles as done in our online essay help material: 1. Know what kind of ideas you need to record
2. Don’t write down too much
3. Write the notes in your words
4. Label your notes intelligently
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• Step 4 Structuring the essay

If you try our essay help material or essay assignment help samples, you will realize that drafting is an important part of essay writing. To make your writing part more efficient, you need to focus on your introduction and conclusion as shown in our essay help samples. Here is the standard outline to write a well-structured essay that our essay helpers follow:
1. Introduction: It should open the discussion and engage the readers.
2. Main body: It involves consecutive paragraphs, ensuring each point is given in a new paragraph. The facts should be backed by relevant evidence.
3. Conclusion: It summarizes the main ideas and demonstrates how you have proven your point.
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• Step 5 Editing and proofreading

When you edit your copy, you have to look at the overall organization., you need to consider the following questions that all professional online essay helpers while revising:
1. Does your introduction make it clear where your rest of the paper is headed to?
2. Is each section in the right place to fulfill your purpose?
3. Have you drawn a connection between the paragraphs?
4. Is anything repeated?

This was only about editing. You also need to proofread your copy before handing it over to your tutors. You can always take essay help or essay assignment help for betterment. Our online essay help highlight the following points.
1. Check spelling, grammar, and punctuation
2. Choose most relevant words to express your opinion.

• Step 6 Referencing

Acknowledging your references is the final stage of essay writing where you give due credit to the authors of any sources you may have used in your writing or researching. It also demonstrates your understanding and familiarity with the resources. Opt for essay help to gain knowledge.
The place where you cite your resources are:
1. Bibliography
2. Reference list
Every reference that makes an appearance in your text must be included in the referencing list or bibliography at the end of your work. This list should consist of full details of the references in alphabetical order, carefully formatted in accordance with your college/university guidelines. Online essay helpers emphasize on APA, MLA and Harvard as important examples of referencing styles. Without the proficient knowledge of how to reference or acknowledge your resources, your essay will counter failure in reflecting your knowledge on the area; thus essay help is the best solution.
Learn perfect referencing through our essay assignment help or essay help online.

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• Step 7 Style and clarity

You have to make sure that your tutors do not get annoyed by looking into your document. It should be readable to them; improve writing by taking essay help online or essay assignment help. To ensure high standards, you can easily consult our essay help services to come up with an exclusive essay help with effective presentation.
1. Include a cover page (the title of your paper, the name of the course, your name, the date, and the instructor’s name)
2. Number your pages
3. Double-space your text
4. Use a standard font in twelve-point size
5. Put the reference list
After going through the above guide by essay helpers, your doubts about essay writing may have got cleared. If not, then try our essay help/essay assignment help samples. You can definitely know more with our essay assignment help or essay help online.

Common difficulties faced by student while writing an essay

Essay writing is the most common type of written assignment that students counter in almost all disciplines. Starting with an essay is pretty challenging and often students face a number of problems, the majority of which are in no way unique and plague writers throughout the writing and hence they take online essay help. Thus, in order to write a successful essay, you need to know what you are fighting against. Our online essay helpers have come up with a list of the common dilemmas faced by students,

• Weak structure

Unstructured essay is synonymous with poor quality essay. Most of the students counter this complication while producing an essay and seek essay help online. You need to understand that without a proper essay structure, your readers have to hunt for details; hence online essay help is the best solution.

• Non-relevance

Straying from the topic is one of the most common problems faced by students which lead them to take essay help. Your essay may be a great piece, but there can be substantive sections that are not relevant to your writing. Take assistance from essay helper online for better results.

• Incoherent

Your readers are the ultimate evaluator of your essay. But many a times, the readers are not clear about what exactly is being said. Take essay help from the best essay helpers online to present it in coherent manner.

• Insufficient information

A good number of arguments should correspond to the extent of the discussion in essay writing. But in many cases, students fail to introduce sufficient arguments backed by relevant source; hence they hunt for essay help. Try our essay assignment help and get relevant write-ups.

• Plagiarism

Failure to acknowledge your sources is a serious issue in academic writing. Copying directly from another text without acknowledging is a severe act of plagiarism. Combat these flaws by taking essay help online. Essay assignment help promises 100 percent plagiarism-free articles.

• Incorrect referencing

Quotations from the text should be followed by a page reference. You should mention all the source and citations used in your writing properly and maintain the same reference style throughout the content. Learn more about referencing by taking essay help online.

• Time constraint

Another situation where one may be prevented from producing good creative content is lack of time. It makes you rush through the task and end up with inadequate and substandard quality content. Get essay help to turnaround fast.
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