Web Assignment Instruction

Web Assignment InstructionWeb Assignment Instruction

Please read this carefully. These are the requirements for this assignment..

To prepare for the assessment item 3 (weighted 25%), the take notes carefully of the submission requirements so that you can achieve the best you can in this major assessment. Well preparation for this task is even more important for those students who have not submitted blogs, Assessment item 2 or did not perform well in their blog submissions, or A2.
Firstly, please carefully refer and read the submission requirement for this assessment, that is detailed in the Subject outline.
 In addition, below are the minimum requirements that I expect of your submission:
1.      Must provide picture of topology, clearly labeling all router interfaces, and Network ID used for link/LAN segments, also need labeling of interface IP addresses.
2.      Screen shots of PC/Server IP address setting, Router’s running configurations, Router’s routing tables.
3.      Screen shots of successful ping and traceroute outputs.

1.      Screen shots of DHCP, DNS and WEB server setting.
2.      Screen shot of web page on PC
3.      Running configuration of router which should clearly show usage of “ip helper-address” command and use of ACL as firewall.
4.      Screen shots of successful implementation and operation of Firewall (ACL)

All steps should be clearly explained; which should include, what you have done and the purpose of command/settings used in project, make sure you use only PRIVATE addresses.

These are minimum requirements for this assignment, if you don’t provide minimum requirements in your submission, you can’t expect a pass score for this assignment.

All students must keep Packet Tracer file available for inspection, I may ask you to provide Packet Tracer file for verification of correct operation of your project, in case you failed to provide packet tracer file, your work will not be verified, and as a result, you won’t be given any marks.