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Studying in abroad is something, which is a dream of all of us. Student visa is required for the aspiring students to complete higher education overseas. offers international students with guidelines regarding visa. Visa is mainly an official document permitting a student to enter a foreign country and resides there for assigned period of time.

Immigration authority issues the visa of the respeactive country following a set of complicated methods and processes. Visa requirements vary from one country to another and almost all of us do not posses any idea about the visa requirements, methods and obligations. Our detailed guide is an initiative for solving out all the queries related to visa of the international students.

The procedure includes from filing the appropriate visa form to procuring the student visa after the interview round. This guide will serve you as an ideal manual that are aspiring to study in the prestigious educational hubs of the world

Hurry Up and Avail the Guide

Uncountable students apply for the student visa every year and only a few secure it. Do not worry, solution lies here. Just step ahead and your order for visa guide. You will be confident enough about your abilities, so rush before it’s too late. Nurture your knowledge and go through the guide to pass the visa process.

Our visa guide will provide you an ideal source of assistance to study in the renowned locations across the globe and of course with inclusive advice. The best and trustworthy sources accumulated all the data and information on the basis of latest guidelines and requirements stated by different countries.

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How to use the Guide?

Basic criteria:

  • You need to be enrolled in any vocational, academic or learning program.
  • You need to procure clearance from both US Immigration services and Citizenship.
  • You should understand clearly American English.
  • You need to have sufficient resources to meet the cost of living, academic cost and food.

Types of USA student visa:

  • F-1 Visa for all merits full-time college students
  • F-2 Visa is for dependants mainly the spouses and children of the F-1 Visa holders
  • F-3 Visa is offered to the border communities residing in the native country but pursue education in USA
  • M-1 Visa is for the students visits US for attending vocational or technical schools
  • J-1 Visa is issued by the US authority as a non-immigrant visa to the research scholars and professors

How to apply:

  • First you need to enroll in the SEVIS
  • Then you have to fill up the DS-160 form
  • Then you will proceed with payment of Visa fee
  • Then the visa appointment will be confirmed
  • Visa Interview will take place
  • Submission of necessary documents concludes the entire procedure.

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