Various Services Assignment Help


There are various services Chronic Disease are associated with a manufacturing company like Apple. It has maintained a software and media ecosystem so that it can help to drive purchases of iPhones and associated devices. But over the years, all of these software and services side of the business report has become increasingly important, and have become a core part of product offering like iPhone.

Apple makes huge amount of money from software tool and services which include sales of Apple apps which are running on iPhone devices, iTunes music which can be downloaded on the iPhone, subscription service revenues for magazines or other associated services on iPhones and more. There are few services like iCloud which is about saving files on cloud services of Apple and iMessage which is a free messaging services managing across iPhone Devices, iTunes Match for transfer of files associated with music and other cloud-based offerings which aren’t doing great but still forming a major part of the service and product bundle. There are also other services like iTunes Store media sales, App Store downloads, iBooks which are electronic forms of books exclusively for iPhones, licensing programs such as the “Made for iPhone”, accessories which are made up for iPhone and AppleCare which is support program for servicing and spares of iPhones, brought in $9.37 billion in revenue for Apple overall in fiscal 2011, plus $4.47 billion from accessory sales.

Various Services Assignment Help

When we compare Apple’s iPhone software and accessory revenues like those of iTunes store and Apple Care for the year with those of other services Products which are selling them globally, these have been roughly equal to Microsoft’s revenues from its Windows based operating system or Business applications (Office applications for desktop publishing, SharePoint for exchange of files and Outlook Exchange for email distribution) Divisions, along with more than a billion dollars greater than Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division (which sells the Xbox which is a gaming console and game development division, Windows Phone using which it sells mobile OS and associated services and related products as well as accessories) which show the importance of having services made up surrounding the core products.

Apple doesn’t completely focusses on hardware side of products and has gone on to say that they are not a hardware company, but more importantly, they have been improving focus on peripheral sales associated to its new iPhone hardware line, which have turned iTunes into a digital software marketplace for selling music, apps and subscription services, thereby erecting an service ecosystem of accessories and services around their products which are helping them to climb the ladder. These all in cohesion have created a complete ecosystem to support their iPhones and give such a kind of experience to customers that they don’t want to switch and have become truly loyal to Apple product and services. This augmentation has also resulted in manifold increase in customer satisfaction and brand value due to which they command premium to their products like iPhones fom last 7 years since the launch of their first iPhone to the latest one being iPhone 5S.