Uses Beknown Invite Employees | Invite Employees to Use the greytHR Mobile App

Uses Beknown Invite Employees | Invite Employees to Use the greytHR Mobile App

Uses Beknown Invite Employees is the application launched by Monster that hopes to become the professional social networking for Facebook users. is one of the most experienced player in corporate recruiting market and now its new job app BeKnown has opened all doors for a person to survive in the market industry by connecting it to other social networks sites to increase the turnover rate of work for employees.

Uses Beknown Invite Employees | Invite Employees to Use the greytHR Mobile AppIt is a professional networking app designed to allow Facebook users to establish a professional network on the world’s most popular social platform. Nowadays this site is considered as a Rival to different social networking especially Lindelkin.

(Stanford Henry, 2010)


It is a very systematic application enabling a person to

  • Create a professional identity.
  • Maintain his/her professional profile and share information and photos professionally.
  • Connect with other people related to his/her field.
  • Can seamlessly identify and connect with professional contacts from multiple sources and grow their professional network and discover enriching career opportunities.

(Fellas, 2011)

  • Can invite people and have ability to give references keeping in focus the friends capabilities.
  • Can keep professional contacts and personal contacts separately.
  • A person can invite his contacts from Facebook, Lindelkin, Yahoo, Gmail and other email systems.
  • Ability to claim and manage company profiles.
  • Enable companies to post jobs and recruit employees according to their demands and needs.
  • For those organization sites where jobs aren’t the main focus, a BeKnown site can become the gathering place for career discussions. As a result of the discussions among groups, people come to know about different organizations job posting resulting in more employee turnover.

(Erik Qualman, 2010)

  • It provides products and services to employer customers to complete the recruitment and hiring process.
  • It simultaneously gives various search engines according to the person’s needs to facilitate the search regarding the specific requirement.
  • Can see anytime which of his contacts are getting the required job opportunity.
  • Can search any job related to the desired field.
  • It also introduced rewards in the form of ‘Badges’. This application provides opportunities to earn theses badges as a hallmark for professional achievements.

(Fellas, 2011)

  • BeKnown is supported in 19 languages and is accessible by any Facebook user.


  • A company profile can be made with the help of this network. Profile should be updated with recent information about the products and services, highlight the job opportunities and provides a platform to apply online for the candidates. Online recruitment is much more feasible for both the candidate and the company.
  • Provides opportunities to interact with people in the form of groups. Try to be the part of those groups that open the door of right kind of audience to interact with us. Once th connection with the right group is established, than we can send invitations to the target people to join our network and get a knowhow about the company’s job opportunities and specific criteria for it.
  • It is good to join more and more groups but only if they serve good to our organization. The groups are a resemblance of our identity and it can be used as a tool to cleverly communicate about the aspirations and the goals of the company in a subtle way.

(Erik Qualman, 2010)

  • We can choose the endorsements that we wish to flaunt and then elicit them from the people we know and increase the number of endorsements so as to increase the online image of the company.
  • The more the genuine recommendations we make, the higher will be the positive impact and more the people will be attracted.
  • It is good to air the company’s opinion or view point in the group communication so as to make the people aware about it. This helps in building a positive image about the organization and emerges as a thought leader in the industry. This also helps in making the mind of people to join the company.
  • Helps in planning events of the company. Decide the event and post it on the wall of organization, than make it public. As it connects to Facebook so create an event on the Facebook also. People who read it on one media will vice versaly directed to the respective company site and more people will attend the event which make them understand about different perspectives.

(Sandra Ordonez, 2010)

  • The design of the business card needs to be upgraded in the social networking sites. An easy way to communicate about the BeKnown presence of the organization is to develop a code and get it printed on the card. When any of our business professional will go in an event than people can just scan that code get an access to BeKnown profile.
  • We should make as much connections on BeKnown to create a positive psychological impact on people. The readers judge the strength of the organization by the number of connections it has.
  • Usage of the question and answer section in this app helps in establishing relationships with the experts and identify possible influencers to help fill the vacant positions.


Naturally when a far reaching medium like BeKnown makes our life so much easier in this world of competency, it also offers some things that could lead to potential problems for the organization.


One of the potential hazards of this network site is that of hacking. Incidents of profiles and accounts being hacked into are commonplace. So the first problem we should be aware of is how to protect our organization profile of this network from hacking.


Another problem we can come through is the damage of our organization reputation. While it can help the company to create good image, it can also be used to tarnish an image with false claims. For that we should aware of the persons who can do this by reviewing the posts everyday and allocating some persons for this task.

(Herman, 2010)


The people who are reading our organization profile may not take it in good direction. Any unintended slip of information could have serious ramifications if it falls into the wrong hands. If something happens like this, an article clarifying our position should be immediately aired online to save our image.


This type of networking at work place can also cause confidentiality issues. Any angry employee can leak out the sensitive information and can cause financial and credibility loss to the company.

Uses Beknown Invite Employees | Invite Employees to Use the greytHR Mobile App

(Chris Crum, 2011)


Another important problem that can arise is that it can easily be cause strain between employees. For example, employee of one group may comment about low level work of another group leading to tensions between them. Employees can also show dissent against their bosses or management on a site like this and can actually get into fight with other people damaging the environment of the whole company.


Sometimes it gets difficult for the business owner to decide from where to start. There is a conflict between starting from a single profile or multiple profiles. If multiple profiles are not updated in time, it could affect our success.

Therefore it is safe to start only with the one profile, recently updated and provides its followers and customers with every necessary information.


One aspect of BeKnown networking that is especially damaging to organization campaigns is negative post responses. Unhappy customers or industry competitors are able to post disparaging or offensive pictures, posts or videos and there is not much a company can do to prevent these occurrences. Still, negative or other non-constructive feedback cannot be ignored. Profile must be managed efficiently to immediately respond and neutralize harmful posts.

(Chris Crum, 2011)


Sometimes sites like this can be used for the purpose of furthering political agendas. However if we try than we can publish news so that it can be taken in a positive light as well.


It increases the risk of people falling prey to online scams that seems genuine, resulting in data or identity theft. A company identified Logo will do enough good for this problem.


Sometimes it potentially results in lost productivity especially if employees are busy in updating their own profiles instead of making their organization benefit. Therefore the terms of responsibility and sincerity to the work in the office hours should be made very clear to the employees on the very first day.

(Amandak Highley, 2010)


Failure of commitment also leads to withdrawal of the company customers. There is nothing worse than going to visit a site in September and finding out that it was last updated in June. Thus the company should show commitment for at least 6-8 hours a week to update every information to amuse its customers and better serve them.


There are a number of real benefits to getting involved in networks like BeKnown which can be very effective for our business.

  1. It offers worldwide connectivity. If the team is directed to respond to the people trying to connect or gather information about it shows to be of great advantage for the emergence of the organization name.
  2. The compelling and relevant content about the organization will grab the attention of potential customers and increase company visibility.
  • We can response almost instantly to industry developments and become heard in our field.

(Amandak Highley, 2010)

  1. It is very economical than traditional advertising and promotional activities which can provide benefit for the financial status of the organization.
  2. Social content on this site can indirectly boost links to website content by appearing in universal search results, improving search traffic and online sales.
  3. We can deliver improved customer service and respond effectively to feedback.
  • Customers can find us through new channels, generating more leads.
  • It increases loyalty and advocacy from the customers we have connected with.
  1. Network like BeKnown revolutionized the speed of the news cycle. One can get a sense of what is going on and about any updates in the company by just a clicking on our organization name.

(Chris Crum, 2011)

  1. It gives us the chance to reach out to new people. Posting on the wall and offering some special discounts on the product will attract double people.
  2. It even allows users and customers to introduce their business partners resulting in the wide spread of the company’s business and provide an opportunity to widen the contacts.
  • Allows employees to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions and share links. It results in positive impact upon people searching for our profile.
  • Expands market research, implements marketing campaigns, delivers communications and directs interested people to specific website.
  • It keeps the employees motivate and engaged. Setting up network like this can decrease hierarchy. Speaking directly to the leadership suddenly is more attainable. It encourages and eases communication, initiates a collaborative exchange of ideas, and helps eliminate business silos resulting in increased employee engagement.
  1. It increases the availability of bandwidth i.e. it generates a lot of internal traffic. This is because these networks are often accompanied by the use of other networking site such as Lindelkin, Facebook, Google, Twitter. Therefore the more sources available for the people to search for us, the more organization name will spread.

(Erik Qualman, 2010)

  • It improves market intelligence and allows us to make strategic decisions in order to stay ahead of our competition.
  • It is a very fast way for the commercializing of the products and themes of organization. If we want to share some information regarding them, it will reach out in the world within seconds.


Hence, network like BeKnown dramatically changes the way an organization can leverage this traditionally social network to establish their contacts and establish their personal brands and get the maximum number of people attracted to their company resulting in a huge amount of employees. Higher the amount, more easy to establish and maintain the image and quality of the company.

(Sandra Ordonez, 2010)


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