Unit 62 Research Project Implementation

HE School of Constructionand the Built Environment

Assessment Summary Sheet

Programme: HND in Construction and the Built Environment (Construction, Building Services Engineering & Civil Engineering)No:     QCF Level 5
Unit:                           Research ProjectNo: Unit 62
Assignment Title:Research Project ImplementationRef:
Brief Author Name:  M Tappin

Date Written: 13/11/17

Brief Verifier Name: George Taylor

Date Verified: 20/11/17

Learning Outcomes Assessed

LO2Be able to implement the research project within agreed procedures and to specification

Learning Outcome 2 will be achieved if Assessment Criteria: 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 have all been achieved.

LO3 Be able to evaluate the research outcomes

Learning Outcome 3 will be achieved if Assessment Criteria: 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 have all been achieved

LO4Be able to present the research outcomes

Learning Outcome 4 will be achieved if Assessment Criteria: 4.1has been achieved

Annex F      Higher level skills and abilities     1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11& 12

Assessor’s Comments

See the Assignment Feedback Sheet to indicate improvements in this and any future work including employ ability skills. You are advised to carefully study these comments as they are provided to help improve your overall performance

Student declaration:I declare that I have read and understood the College regulations concerning plagiarism and the attribution of sources. I guarantee that the work contained in this assessment is substantially my own and all material I have not generated myself has been acknowledged. I understand that the consequences of plagiarism may include failure without the right to resubmit and that I may be subject to disciplinary procedures if I am found guilty of such offence.
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Unit 62 Research Project Implementation


Outcomes Achieved





Assessed By


Geoff Dobson

Verified By


George Taylor

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Issue Date:

Hand in Date:21st May 2018

 This sheet must be handed in with the student’s work 

Pass Assessment Criteria











match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis

undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification

record and collate relevant data where appropriate 

use appropriate research evaluation techniques

interpret and analyse the results in terms of the research specification

make recommendations and justify areas for further consideration

 use an agreed format and appropriate media to present the outcomes of the project to an audience

 Merit Assessment Criteria




complex research information/data has been synthesised and processed

the communication is appropriate for familiar and unfamiliar audiences and appropriate media have been used.

 Distinction Assessment Criteria



conclusions have been arrived at through synthesis of ideas and have been justified

innovation and creative thought have been applied

Higher Level Skills and Abilities

1Locate, extract, read and use appropriate literature drawn from multiple sources with a full and critical understanding.
2Design, plan, conduct and report investigations and research to solve problems and communicate results of their study accurately and reliably.
3Seek solutions to routine and unfamiliar problems through the analysis and synthesis of a range of concepts, knowledge and skills to formulate evidence-based arguments and evaluate and summarise information critically.
4Analyse and interpret data and present quantitative and qualitative information, together with analysis, argument and commentary, in a form appropriate to the intended audience; using appropriate quantitative techniques, relevant IT and software and media.
5Relate academic knowledge, skills and understanding to skills in the workplace and where appropriate, demonstrate their integration through workplace experience and activities.
6Think independently and apply complex theories to practical realistic work situations, some requiring innovation and creativity.
7Apply their subject-related and transferable skills in contexts where the scope of the task and the criteria for decisions are generally well defined but where some personal responsibility and initiative are required.
8Recognise the moral and ethical issues of construction, sustainability, the environment, and scientific enquiry and experimentation.
9Appreciate the need for ethical standards and professional codes of conduct and apply insight and judgement in relation to the margins and consequences of error
10Develop an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of construction, and of the skills required to work in non-adversarial integrated teams with other professions in construction
11Take responsibility to manage and direct their own and where appropriate, the activities of others.
12Identify and address their own learning needs within defined contexts, recognise their own learning style and undertake further guided learning in new areas.

 Purpose of this assignment

Unit 62 Research Project ImplementationBy carrying out this assignment learners will able to implement a research project.

Learners will develop the ability to work individually-and/or with others, and further develop skills of independent enquiry and critical analysis by undertaking a sustained research investigation. This is to be of direct relevance to their Higher Education programmer and professional development, delivered within defined timescales and given constraints and to produce acceptable and viable solutions to an agreed brief.Work carried out for this unit will allow learners to misunderstanding of scholarly activity in their area of interest.

Unit 62 Research Project Implementation


You have been invited by the local branch of your professional body to contribute a paper to a conference on the built environment that will be attended by other professionals, and students of construction, civil engineering and building services.In the first instance the chair of the conference asked you to submit proposals for the topic you are interested in presenting. Having examined your proposal the chair has asked you to proceed with your paper.

The following series of tasks are set to test your knowledge and understanding of Research Project Implementation with regard to scholarly activity in the construction, infrastructure and the built environment sector. 

Task 2a: (LO 2: PACs 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 and LO 3: PACs 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3)

As a prospective author you are required to implement your research project.

You must match your available resources to efficiently carry out the research in accordance with the agreed specification identified in assignment 5_62_1 and to organise, analyse and interpret all relevant outcomes. You must use appropriate research evaluation techniques and make relevant recommendations for further consideration. You must be able to justify all decisions you make in respect choices you make.

Task 2b:(LO 4: PACs 4.1) 

In addition to implementing the research, the Chair has asked for the following documentation for the conference.

  1. Produce a 5000(+ or – 10%) word research paper for inclusion in a journal
  2. Produce a 500wordabstract of your paper. 

The deadline for Task 2b is 1300 hrs. Fri 01/05/15.

For M2, you must produce a coherent account of your research

For M3, you must produce effective, academic presentation of your research; Well structured, illustrated and complying to the Harvard Method of referencing.

For D1, You must be able to justify all decisions you take in respect choices you make.

For D3, Your research must demonstrate a high degree of innovation and creative thought

Submission Details

  • The assignment to be submitted as an MS Word (2010) report, by email,
  • E-mail Subject Line should read:5_62_02F_201415 Research Submission
  • submission, to cheaponlineassignmenthelp@gmail.com  ukby 1300 Hrs. Fri 01/05/15
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    • g. dobson_5_62_02F_201415.doc

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