Unit-6 Project Management Assignment Help | PMP Homework Help

Unit-6 Project Management Assignment Help | PMP Homework Help

Unit-6 Project Management Assignment Help Control systems for the detection and management of the issues arising in the course of project

Unit-6 Project Management Assignment Help is essential to resolve issues arise in the course of project. In Unit-6 Project Management Assignment Help | PMP Homework Helppresent case scenario project effective control system can be developed by considering following aspects in order to detect and manage issues-

  1. Manager should implement constructive culture to provide better environment to workers. Constructive conflict spurs open communication in the workplace. Further high-quality ideas will be provided by stakeholders for better decisions. Employees will be able to develop better relationships with each other and their project manager. As a consequence, collaboration begins to occur more often and overall productivity increases.
  2. Internal and external check can be conducted in timely manner. With this strategy, the organization can check efficiency of employees and issues in their performance. Further, feedback can be taken. This will help management to highlight the issues and factors which are causing conflict in the team.
  3. Regular team meeting can be held to represent reports of team members. In this meeting project manager can identify issues and can develop appropriate strategies to overcome problems which can create conflicts. It will ensure that all team members having sound knowledge related to their work and they all working with coordination. In case of any query, during team meeting project manager can make members understand along with potential impact of the same project progress.
  4. Review: Under this, project manager will review the current progress of project activities of improvement in IT systems for business and completion of human resource development program. With this step there will be reduction in the gap between actual and expected results. It facilitates organization to increase their revenue and profitability with the completed projects.
  5. Control and modification:It is the last step wherein control will be done on risk in accordance with review. Here, project manager will set the corrective measure in case of issue found during the completion of project. This will reduce the risk to a great extent. The modification in design facilitates to carry out business in right manner because hurdles will be removed successfully.

LO 5 Evaluation and the closeout of project

Identification of the issues and risks likely to be encountered in the final stages of

Main role of project manager and sponsor is to manage all tasks of project in such manner that all the issues can be prevented. From this aspect they are required to identify key issues and risk factors that can affect success of the project in adverse manner. This can be done through adequate planning. They should consider threat factors in planning for proper management of project (Lester, 2007). Following risk can be occurring at the final stage of project-

  • Lack of ownership:Some decisions regarding project can be taken only by authorized persons i.e. client. However, project managers are authorized for all decision but in some cases there is still the requirement for BOD permission such has payment to stakeholders. Due to this aspect, there may be unreasonable delay in completion of the project.
  • Less accountability:If responsibilities are not properly assigned by project managers then it cannot be identified who is responsible for the misconduct.
  • Lack of resources:In final stages there is always threat of deficit of resources. It can be raised through inefficiency in allocation of resources which can be managed by proper planning.
  • Lack of employee empowerment: This issue will reduce the coordination among work of employees as it will also work quality. Furthermore, less employment will reduce motivation of employees which will affect their work efficiency in an adverse manner.
  • Meaningless plan: Plan is said to be meaningless if the vision, mission, and value statements are considered as immaterial and it is not supported by actions or don’t have employee buy-in.
  • Communication failures: Another risk in project arises due to inappropriate communication between leaders and team members. This situation enhances conflicts due to which parties are not able to attain their goals in an effective manner.

Unit-6 Project Management Assignment Help | PMP Homework Help

Issues can be detected by monitoring process and strategy of feedback. Regular reports will be prepared by the team on the basis of their work so continuous evaluation can be done by project managers. Prior arrangements should be made to manage ownership issues in the project (Eve, 2007). Further entire procedure should be documented to keep proper record of accountability and responsibility. Deficiency in resources can be managed by proper allocation of resources by considering plus margin in the situation of contingencies.

Assessment of the essential project tasks to be completed in the final stages of the project

It is the last stage of the project. In this stage, remaining formalities will be done to complete the project. In this financial statement will be prepared to represent actual cost and expenditure of the project (Bryde, 2003). Board of Directors will clear the account of project managers by paying final payments. Entire documentation will be audited by external auditors in order to assure financial accuracy. All authorities and obligations of new business will be transferred by project managers to BOD of the companies. Final presentation will be done by project managers on the completion of the project. Team will be reassigned by company according to their procedure (Richardson, 2010). If there are any issues, they will be solved by project managers and the project will be completed by sign off on deliverable. For example if the execution is done appropriately then the project team needs to review what tasks are there to be done. In addition to this, it has also been assessed that quality aspect are done and project has been  The assessment of plan has been done as follows:

    • Representation of actual cost:Under this process all expenses incurred for project will be assessed. It will include overall relocation cost including cost of human, financial and physical resources.
    • Payment to project members:After completion of project, all the project members will be paid according to contract.
    • Documentation with external auditors:This step is the foremost wherein project manager will complete the documentation with extent auditors with certain facts which need to be considered in future for successful running of business.
    • Assessing success factors:Here, success factors will be communicated among team members. This could be related to team work, proper coordination, and timely completion of the task and optimum utilization of resources.
    • Post implementation report:Under this process post implantation report will be prepared to carry out the business activities smoothly.
    • Hand over documentation: In this process entire documents regarding project will be delivered to the project managers.
    • Contract closures:Here, contract will be closed after proper settlement with all related parties and relocation project will be start its business at new location.
    • Closing out financial accounts: Entire financial accounts will be closed by recording entire transaction related to the projects.
    • Reassign team:Here, all team members will be assigned their duties and responsibilities to run the business which has been relocated.


In accordance with the present project report, conclusion can be drawn that project manager is required to consider all the vital factors while relocation of business. For this aspect, they are required to evaluate financial and non-financial feasibility of project. For better performance, there should be proper controlling and monitoring on the project activities. It will reduce variances and increase the quality of the project. Further project managers should have adequate interpersonal skills to execute project in an effective manner and to reduce risk factors in future actions.


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