Unit 50 Work Based Experience

Task 1.1 –Research and evaluate suitable organisations that could provide industry experience 

Unit 50 Work Based ExperienceUnder this task, you are required to carry out research to identify two or three projects which provide you industry experience. This may relate to your own work experience or outside your working environment. In this case, you are required to provide a detail explanation of your chosen projects, and among those projects, you are required to choose one particular project and provided valid reasons towards your selection and the reasons why you are not selecting other projects. 

Task P1.2 – Negotiate with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience 

Unit 50 Work Based Experience

When you choose a particular project, you are required to contact the employer/client to get the approval to carry out your chosen project. I this case, you are required to produce the followings:

  • Project proposal- this should include the followings: a breef explanation of the reasons for choosing this project, project aims and objectives, expected outcome of the project, project scope and time (required time duration), resources needed for this project, the skills and the experience you have towards this project (attach your CV)
  • Screen shots of the emails witch you send to the employer and the emails sent by the employer, this should highlight the negotiation process.
  • You are required to get the approval for your proposal from your tutor.