Unit-4 Systematic Review Meta Analysis Research

Unit-4 Systematic Review Meta Analysis Research

Unit-4 Systematic Review Meta Analysis Research is a solution of Unit-4 Systematic Review And Meta Analysis Research in which we discuss Research Design is the process in which a proper design of the research work ids presented.

3.1.3 Research Design

  • Research
  • Design
  • Exploratory Explanatory Descriptive
  • (Source: Silverman, 2011, pp-20)

Unit-4 Systematic Review Meta Analysis ResearchResearch Design is the process in which a proper design of the research work ids presented. Unit-4 Systematic Review And Meta Analysis Research design is three types- exploratory, explanatory and descriptive. For the long term research project the exploratory research design is used. The explanatory research design will be producing the total process of the research. As the aim of the research is to find out the assess the effects of over ground training as compared to trade mill for chronic stroke patients with mobility deficits , the descriptive design explains the proper work. Along with that the data will be presented in philosophical manner.

Qualitative and quantitative methods

In this research the researcher will be following a mixed methodology which includes both the qualitative and quantitative methods. But the quantitative data will be collected by the researcher specifically. Although qualitative data gives an insight into the in depth knowledge of the related topic, quantitative data will be giving numerical evidences on the findings and critical analysis. Descriptive research design will be giving the descriptions on the design of the research chosen by the researcher. The researcher will be focusing on mainly three types of investigation. The first is the explanatory, second is exploratory and the third is the descriptive (Seale, 2004). The researcher will be choosing from this research types and applying it in his study. The exploratory research is done in the initial stage of the research focusing on the hypothetical idea. The researcher will be collecting data but in the later stage the researcher intends to find more related data. Descriptive research investigation will be relating the research work with the research questions along with the aims and objectives.

3.2 Data Collection Method:

In any research there are two types of data collection methods used by the researches. The primary and the secondary data are the two collection methods that will be used by the researcher in this research too. Primary data will be collected with the help of the questions made by the researcher to collect required information from public. According to (), the actual data collected from the people will not be published in any print or web media. In contrast to that () explains the secondary data that is collected from the published articles of the related topics. These types of data will be collected from the books, journals and the websites that has the information regarding the present topic (Yao, 2013).`

In this research the researcher will be collecting both the data from primary and the secondary methods. The primary data will be collected from the cardiologists and the practitioners in the medical ground. The practitioners finding on the better practices needed for the physical training of the stroke patients will be interviewed. On the other hand the secondary data will be collected from the journals, books, and the medical websites.

Unit-4 Systematic Review Meta Analysis Research

3.3 Unit-4 Systematic Review And Meta Analysis Research Sampling Method:

For any type of research work two types of sampling methods are used by the researcher. The two methods are the probability and the non probability methods which makes it a systematic way to choose the people for an interview. Wang and Chen (2010) stated that the probability technique includes the random choosing of the people for the view of the interview. In contrast to that Mengoni and Germani (2010) explains the method used in non probability technique which implies that the selection of the participants in the interview will not be done in a random manner.

In this research the research work will comprise of probability sampling method. Due to this reason the therapists and the practitioners from the local health bodies who are practicing treatments with the local residential suffering from chronic strokes.Unit-4 Systematic Review And Meta Analysis Research The analyst in this research will be choosing 50 practitioners in the medical field.

3.4 Accessibility Issues:

The key issues related to this research work will be the availability of the practitioners for the cause of taking interviews. There seemed a confidential attitude in the medical practitioners regarding the medical reports of their patients. Along with that it was observed that the reputation of the hospitals and the treatment bodies are conscious in the minds of the health practitioners. The truthful data therefore could not be prevalent in the negotiations with the practitioners. Another issue that was against the aim of the researcher is the limited information provided by the practitioners. The doctors only provided positive effects of the training sessions on the stroke patients but the negative effects were concealed by them.

3.5 Ethical Issues:

The researcher will be completely maintaining the rules and regulations provided by the university to be followed during the research work will be maintained. Other than that the rules and regulations of the health places will also be adhered by the researcher regarding the entrance, exit and appointments with the practitioners. The emotions of the interviewers will also be taken into account by the researcher while setting the questionnaire and while taking the interview. Along with that the researcher will be assuring the practitioners that the information regarding the patients and the treatments will not be published in the any journals or websites.

3.6 Data Analysis Plan:

There are generally two types of data analysis plan which are used by most of the researchers. The first is the qualitative and the second is the quantitative data analysis. In this research the analyst will be collecting the quantitative data from the practitioners of the local health bodies.

Quantitative questionnaire will comprise of 10 questions which will be close ended. The questions will be multiple choice questions which will be sent to the people working in the hospitals through the online methods. With the help of direct mail the questions will be sent to the practitioners.

3.7 Research Limitations:

The research limitation is another complexity related with the processes of the research work. In this research the limitation is the time. The researcher will not be getting more time to complete the research of the health topic. Along with that the practitioners did not give enough time to fulfill the requirements of the interview. The researcher need to know the latest technologies used for the medical practices which were not fulfilled during the research as the practitioners were not aware of the technical up gradations.

3.8. Strength of Anticipated Findings:

After the complete research the researcher will be successful in understanding the entire topic of the health issue of the impaired patients. The researcher has been able to reach to the root points of the chronic strokes that is its symptoms, causing impairments and other health defects. It has also helped the researcher to find out the traditional training sessions used for the improvements of the walking aids of the patients. The collected data from the practitioners has helped the researcher to compare the treadmill practices and the over ground training.

3.9. Appropriateness of Proposed Dissertation Structure:

For this research proposal the basic structure of a dissertation will be followed by the researcher. The researcher will be starting the research with a brief introduction on the chosen topic. In the first chapter the research aim, research objective and the research questions are included. In the next chapter the literature review will be presented by the researcher that will include the reveries of the articles presented in the books and journals published on the related topic. By such attempts there will a critical analysis on the topic with the previous researches and the presently collected data. In the third chapter the research design and the methodology will be presented by the researcher. In this chapter the process of conducting the research will be presented. In the conclusion the researcher includes the timetable that would fix the time needed for conducting the research. The strengths of the findings will also be included in this part along with the justification of the dissertation structure.

Unit-4 Systematic Review Meta Analysis Research

3.10. Time Table:

Main activities/ stages













Topic Selection

Data collection from secondary


Framing layout of the research

Literature review

Formation of the research Plan



the Appropriate

Research Techniques

Primary data collection





Data Collection

Conclusion of the Study

Formation of Rough Draft

Submission of Final Work

Table 1: Timetable

(Source: Created by author)


The research is on the mobility deficits of the chronic stroke patients. The practitioners are practicing the treadmill methods since a long time but could not be successful in providing improvements in the physical impairments of the patients. In the modern time the practitioners has put the stress on the usage of over ground training which is seen to be more beneficial.

In this research proposal there has been a critical study analysis on the traditional treadmills used for the measurement of the physical impairments. Along with that the use of the over ground processes has been stressed on. To complete this research the researcher has taken help of the primary and the secondary data. The researched will be choosing the Descriptive research design so that it can analyze the research work properly. The primary data has been collected from the practitioners of the local health care bodies with the help of surveys and interviews by virtual and face to face modes. For the secondary data the researcher has put the stress on the books, journals and the online portals.

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