Unit-4 Strategic Marketing plan Assignment Help | Marketing Assignment Help

Unit-4 Strategic Marketing plan Assignment Help | Marketing Assignment Help

Unit-4 Strategic Marketing plan Assignment Help company needs to follow some strategic plans to do relationship marketing. The methods are described below:


Unit-4 Strategic Marketing plan Assignment Help relationship marketing, networking is a significant factor in strengthening the relationship between the customers and the organizations. Similarly, Watershed Wine needs to enhance the relationship between the customers and the company. Offline and Online networking are a powerful relationship marketing technique. It is not only for the job seekers but also for the employee who are working in Vineyards of Australia. An excellent Unit-4 Strategic Marketing plan Assignment Help | Marketing Assignment Help networking helps to build a strong brand awareness along the expansion of active potential customer based(McDonald, Payne and Frow, 2011). Specifically, it is a win-win technique.

Cherishing every customer

Customer entertainment plays a significant role in increasing the customer satisfaction. Watershed Wine must make sure that each and every interactions the company is having with the current customers shows them that how much they are valued for the association. Besides, extemporaneous identification of existing customers can go a long way. As soon as the people start to feel that the company take care of the client service, then the words will spread automatically to other’s ears. Consequently, it will become easy for the organizational promotion.

Listening to customers

During customer care calls, the customer places complaints or inquire about any service. At that time, some employees of the organization behave in a rude way. Ethically, it puts a negative impact on the organization. Therefore, Watershed Wines must look after this matter, that customer gets no harassments. Customer harassment can lead to political issues. It is beneficial for the organization to listen and respond to customers(McDonald, Payne and Frow, 2011). People love when they know that they have been heard by the client service center. Apart from these, the customers get pleased when they hear that the organization is ready to help them 24*7.

Providing customers with free information

Some organizations do not want to share information with clients because the information is confidential. But Watershed Wines can easily exchange information about the benefits and drawbacks of drinking wine. The wine has lots of benefits. When the customer receives beneficial information, then they will buy more wines from that particular country. The organization can also share the story of Australian Vineyards.

Monitoring and reviewing marketing activities

Here, some recommendations and outlines are described which is required by the marketing team for reviewing and monitoring marketing activities. After performing marketing activities, it is important to measure the performance and set future targets. The control and consideration of marketing activities are done on the workers and employees. The steps include written warning, final written warning, oral reprimand, termination review, and termination. When the supervisor observes a problem in worker’s performance during marketing, he or she should issue an oral reprimand. If the problem stays, the supervisor provides the employee with a writer warning stating that the employee has offensive behavior and consequences. After written warning, final written warning is provided which includes copies of previous notice. If the performance of the employee does not improve, then the supervisor informs HR and issue a termination review. After the completion of all these steps, the organization takes final decisions to fire the employee. Therefore, the organization needs the recommendation to improve the performance of the employees. The recommended strategies and action plans are described below:

Developing the employee relationship

The relationship between the employees can be enhanced by strengthening business communication. The communication challenges of Watershed Wines can be counteracted when the specialists of that particular organization survey their style of communication. However, a conventional communication process requires a few abilities. Consequently, the workers of Watershed Wines should prepare themselves appropriately with excellent relational skills(Buttle, 2009). It is fundamental for distinguishing the gathering of people fragments based on different necessities, wanted results, and objectives. Moreover, a business to customer interaction is remarkable for the organization. By tailing this method, a man can turn into a superb communicator. Watershed’s workers need to enhance a dynamic outside awareness that allows the communicator not simply to tangle over her or his interchanges with others.

Unit-4 Strategic Marketing plan Assignment Help | Marketing Assignment Help

Monitoring job performance

Watershed must evaluate and monitor job performance of the employees in a yearly manner. It will be good for them if they perform twice in a year. It provides the employees with the practical equivalent of a report card for identifying about their performance level. The particular step includes preparation of self-evaluations which allows them to highlight current accomplishments and also discuss the issues that they consider obstructions for them. After the monitoring procedure, the workers must be provided with feedback so that they can also know how right or wrong they are about the work.

The application of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a business strategy for improving the productivity and quality of an employee. Six Sigma is useful for creating projects, measuring the current business process, collect data and also analyze them. Superficially, this strategy of activity helps in determining the primary cause which gives birth to problems of employee performance(Miglani, 2015). It helps in optimizing the issue, and it controls production. Subsequently, the corrections are done initially on before they impact the final product.


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