Unit-3 Workplace Assignment Help

Unit-3 Workplace Assignment Help Communication process in the slaughter houses was disturbed since there were high noises in the workplace due to heavy machine. Hence the workers have to shout every time in order to communicate something to other workers. Hence symbolic language should be taught to them so that they do not have to shout every time to communicate with their co-workers and they can communicate easily and in faster way.
The dirty part of the job for workers was the blood and flush they are dealing with, hence there can be some arrangement in which workers do not have to come in Unit-3 Workplace Assignment Helpdirect contact with all this and some machines can be run through the workers which can perform this task. Proper monitoring of the task can be done by the workers but they will not come in direct contact of all this (Jackall, 1988). Other than the bonuses provided by the management for their workers for motivating them, there can be other motivation programme such as the recognition and promotion etc. Management should have a performance appraisal system through which they can take care of the work done by the workers and recognition can be given to the workers who are doing their job very well.

Implementing the changes

Changes can be implemented in the workplace so as to improve the condition of the workplace under which employees are working and workers can be given high motivation for working in the slaughter houses. The changes which needs to be done in the workplace are increasing motivation by providing them recognition for their work, high salary, making their job easy by mechanization and establishing proper formal hierarchy among the workers. In order to motivate the workers, they should be given recognition for the good work done by them and bonuses should be provided to them as per their performance.
The Performance evaluation team should be there in the slaughter houses which can monitor the working of the each employee and based on their performance they should award bonuses to their employees (Deming, 1982). The performance evaluation can be done on two basis which are on the group basis and individual basis. Group performance should also be monitored since that will help in establishing group co-ordination among the workers.

Unit-3 Workplace Assignment Help

In order to provide friendly work environment to workers, a time table needs to be made which have time for various activities. Time table should be such that the employees are working in the small-small shift and after each shift they can have a work in which they can talk to each other, eat and drink and then can again start their work with full energy. If proper time break would be given to the employees then they would be able to work properly (Ackoff, 2004). Leisure trips should be planned in such a way that the workers are satisfied with the trips and they take it as the activity which can remove all stress from their mind. Hence workers should be asked for their choice of leisure trips and depending upon the more number of people such trips should be organised. And these trips should be organised in such a way that it gives time to workers from think different from their job, can help workers to increase communication among each other.
Workers working in the slaughter houses are not comfortable with the material with which they deal hence there can be some arrangement in which there is minimum possible direct contact of the workers with the animal killing process. Mechanization of the whole process is required since when people do it manually then they can’t be motivated for their work for longer time period. Hence employees should be saved from the blood and flush of the animals and machines should make their work easy. Workers can monitor all the workings of the machine from starting to final stage of the work.


The current report have highlighted the work situation of the workers working in the slaughter houses, as they have to undergo various difficulties in their work such as their work require hard physical work from them, physical harassment from the senior members of the group and dealing with blood and flush of the animals (Bakan, 2004). The work life of the people working in the slaughter houses can be improved by providing them various salary and bonus components so that they can remain motivated for their work and various leisure trips can be organised to give them proper rest from their work. Order Now


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