Unit-3 Strategic Analysis | Business Analysis | Creative Strategies For Business


Unit-3 Strategic Analysis Long term orientation refers to how much a society values long standing traditions and values as opposed to short term relations. In countries that follow the Confucian philosophy like china, high LTO (118) is experienced where acting according to social standards and avoiding ‘losing face’ are considered very important. On the other hand people in the United States have a very low LTO (29) and praise innovation rather than tradition and do not place much value on Unit-3 Strategic Analysis | Business Analysis | Creative Strategies For Businesssocial norms. This may be another bone of contention among the workers ta Changan- Ford as the difference is too great to not cause problems(Manrai and Manrai, 2011). However, nothing can be too tough to achieve if addressed properly and the problems arising as a result of this cultural dimension can be resolved by first identifying and then acting according to required changes. Both cultures will have to give up something in order to gain a more feasible working environment.

Strategic planning and implementation of changes

The five stages of strategic management process can be a great tool for the implementation of necessary cultural changes as identified by the given models. The initial task is Goal Setting which will clarify the vision of the JV. They will have to first identify the short term and long term goals, then identify the process e.g. negotiation etc. and then distribute tasks among participants in order to set goals at individual level too. Then the Analysis stage sets in whereby strengths and weaknesses, as well as the necessary changes required overcoming them will be analyzed. Strategy Formulation entails prioritization of necessary changes required by the company and deciding on the changes to be brought in at the cultural level. Strategy Implementation requires a strict adherence to the set target and process by all members of the JV so that a collective effort builds up to a substantial result. In the end, Evaluation and Control will determine whether the changes brought about have been properly implemented and have they produced the desired outcomes or not.


The joint venture of Changan- Ford Automobile Corporation has seen many successes and for it fail for no reason other than the failure to resolve internal issues will be a shame. Both the partner organizations need to systematically process and analyze the key factors of concern and take steps to resolve the issues. China is a very large market and Ford is one of the most popular automobile brands in the world. Their cooperation and continual of the JV will enhance the capacities of the global automobile industry. Although they have taken steps to identify the causes of dispute as suggested by the report of the external consultant, they still need to actively engage themselves in the correction and resolution process.

Unit-3 Strategic Analysis | Business Analysis | Creative Strategies For Business

The identification of cultural issues through different models suggests that there is a lot of work required from both the parties in order to build an effective team. There are traditions and values that play a great role in the Chinese culture and as the venture is situated in China, their intrinsic system will have to be given greater importance. The best possible solution for the American company is to train their native employees who will be working in China in a diplomatic way or to preferably send employees who have a better understanding of the Chinese culture to work for the Changan- Ford venture. The Chinese will have to show more hospitality and give working space to the executives of such a high caliber as the Ford employees must be. Respect for other cultures and resolution of conflict can be implemented with proper management and strict guidelines and regulations for the workplace.
Lastly, nothing can be achieved without strategic management and implementation and to implement cultural changes, the ground will have to be covered with great caution and effective strategy so that no one is hurt and the situation does not worsen. The venture has lasted a long time and it should continue in order to provide the Asian market with better quality western cars.


Joint venture of two businesses is a strategic decision, which require accurate planning and policy making to assure the success of such decision. Plan and policy of such decisions also require to take into account the cultural aspect, as the culture and organizational structure of every organization is different. The strategic decision regarding cultural difference and proper adaptation of new culture for Changan-Ford Joint Venture is discussed in detail, Hofsted culture model was applied in this regard. Strategic plan for applying the changes essential for the business, also helps to maintain a healthy organizational culture, which will lead to prosperity of the business.


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