Unit 3 Research Project | Research Design & Methodology


3.1 Research Questions

Unit 3 Research Project | Research Design & MethodologyUnit 3 Research Project are the set of questions which the researcher attempts to answer through the research process. These act as the guiding principles for the study in view of the fact that the researcher will be trying to answer all of these questions in order to complete the research in an effective as well as efficient way. Following are the research questions which have been developed for this study:

  • What are the various personality traits exhibited by the employees who are part of the group?
  • What are the various negative effects of personality traits on group performance within the context of the selected organization?
  • What are the various ways for the improvement of group performance in the selected organization?

3.2 Research Approach and Data Collection Methods

The research approach will consider a primary as well as a secondary research process. The secondary data collection and analysis is done through a critical review of previous literature on the topic of this study. The primary research will be done for the study through a questionnaire method with the sampled respondents. The sample will be selected from the Harris Calnan Construction Company in view of the fact that this is the company which is being discussed in this research.

3.3 Sample, sampling methods and sample size

The sampling for this study will be done through a random sampling method for identifying 100 employees from the Harris Calnan Construction Company. These samples respondents then will be sent the questioned through e mail which they are supposed to fill in.

3.4 Methods of data analysis

Data collected for the study will be analysed using frequency distribution as well as the percentages. These frequencies and percentages will enable the researcher to clearly represent data characteristics and findings with accuracy.

Unit 3 Research Project | Research Design & Methodology

3.5 Research plan

Following is the time table for this research:

Prepare proposal by05-Mar-2015
Complete  literature review by20-Mar-2015
Complete fieldwork by30-Mar-2015
Complete analysis by10-Apr-2015
Complete final report by15-Apr-2015
Prepare the presentation by25-May-2015
Following is the Gantt chart which will be used for the various stages of the research:
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10
Identifying the research topic†††††††
Gathering secondary sources on the topic†††††††
Carrying out secondary research†††††††††††††††††††††
Preparing the report††††††††††††††
Preparing the tools for primary research†††††††
Carrying out primary research††††††††††††††
Analysis and finalization of the reportn

3.6 Questionnaire for Data Collectio

The purpose of the questionnaire is to gain good results and the advantage is that is quick and the respondents can complete and do not feel pressured in any way so they can give more realistic answers in the surveys. In the questionnaires the results are easily identified and then can be plotted in numerous graphs, e.g. bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and others.

3.7 Code of Ethics

In view of the fact that the process of this research will entail a primary as well as a secondary study, the code of ethics for the study will also be developed keeping in mind the same. Following are the code of ethics which have been developed for this research process:

  • The researcher needs to ensure that the confidentiality of all respondents to the primary research is being observed
  • Prior to the start of the primary research method, the consent of the respondents is needed to be taken through a consent form. If the respondents belong to some specific organization as employees, it will also be important to ensure that the company’s consent is taken before interviewing the respondents
  • The privacy of the information gathered through the primary research method has to be ensured which along with the anonymity of the respondents will help in keeping the identity of the respondents secured. The group must agree to the release of information or may chose to remain anonymous
  • All information gathered through the primary research process needs to be treated as confidential and used for academic purposes only

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