Unit 3 Mechanical Designs Development Assignment Help

Unit 3 Mechanical Designs Development Assignment Help is a solution of Unit 3 Mechanical Designs And Development Assignment Help in which we discuss As the design of both catheter as well as its tip were seized.

Unit 3 Mechanical Designs Development Assignment Help

Main advantages of concept 1 B over others were:

  • More strong tip than concept 1A and concept 1C.
  • Inclusion of metal marker band which has more visibility compared with polymer marker band, so concept 1B was better than concept 1C and concept 1D.  

CE 3.11 As the design of both catheter as well as its tip were seized, so it was time to do some mathematical calculation to calculate the material consumption in this concept.

I did a lot of mathematics to calculate length of braid wire, volume of material and so on.

The calculation, which was the toughest one, to calculate the thickness of PEBAX diffused into the braiding vacant space. I read and refreshed my knowledge of engineering mathematics for that. An excel sheet which was made by me for the calculation of PEBAX diffused in SS wire braiding with wire diameter.

Unit 3 Mechanical Designs And Development Assignment Help Inputs which I had to calculate this volume was:

  • Number of Wires
  • Pics per Inch
  • Core OD
  • Braid wire OD
  • PEBAX Shaft OD (Before Reflow)
  • Clearance between ID of PEBAX Shaft and OD of Braiding

I started by calculating length of wire in one pic by PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM. I calculated length of wire (L1) used in one inch of catheter length by just simply multiplying the first result with PPI. When a wire goes over another wire, it consumes some extra length. To calculate this length, I took resultant of three vectors in different plane. I assumed that the value of magnitude of a vector, which represents the extra length, will be equal to the wire diameter over which it’s going. If I multiply this resultant with PPI, it will give me length of wire (L2) in one inch of catheter length.

Unit 3 Mechanical Designs Development Assignment Help

Total length of braid wire used in one inch of catheter length can be taken by addition of above to lengths (L=L1+L2).

  • Volume of braid metal in one inch of catheter length (Vmetal)=

Area of Braid wire {? x (Rwire)2 x Total length of braid wire per inch of catheter (L)

  • Volume of composite region including both braid and diffused PEBAX (Vcomposite)

Volume of cylinder = ? x (R2-r2)H

Where R= (core OD + 4 x Braid wire OD)/2

r= (core OD)/2

H= one inch

  • Volume which is going to diffuse in braiding will be (Vvacant)

Vvacant= Vcomposite – Vmetal

CE 3.12           After all this technical work, I started to work on drawings of selected concepts for prototyping. I used both ASME and ISO standards for this task. I also used drafting standards as per company’s SOPs. I used my knowledge of GD&T and Solid Works to do this task. I did tolerance stack up for catheter in worst case scenario. I also designed some test fixtures for kink resistance testing, drug delivery pressure testing, braid wire tensile strength testing fixture and 3 points bend test fixture for catheter prototypes.

CE 3.13   After getting the prototypes, which were manufactured in USA, testing was started and I was in full engagement along with my team. We did many testing on our prototypes using various machines as per SOPs. Some of them are following:

  • Profile scanning using Smart Scope (Figure18).
  • Burst pressure testing using high pressure leak tester (Figure19).
  • Tensile strength testing of braid wire using Instron Universal Testing Machine.
  • Drug delivery pressure testing using Fixture designed by me (Figure21).
  • 3 points bend testing using UTM (Figure22).

The results taken from above testing were up to the mark and after analyzing them for numerous factors such as Young’s Modules and others. This project was handed over to PDP (Product Development Procedure) team. My graduation study in Mechanical helped me a lot in dealing with technical aspects and numerical models, which was very much necessary to handle such microscopic project.

Unit 3 Mechanical Designs And Development Assignment Help Summary

CE3.15 This project was entirely a new experience added to my career, as I have never worked on such small products. This project helped me in improving my technical competency, leadership skills and teamwork. My role contributed in successful accomplishment of the main objective of designing the catheter as per FDA regulatory standards, within the global schedule and budget. As an Associate Product Architect, apart from scheduling the activities and managing the resources, I played an important role in guiding the Team members and Training them in technical aspects. Because of my technical ability and SolidWorks skills, I was able to resolve the technology of 2Fr micro-catheter within the given constraints.

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