Unit-3 Heritage Cultural Tourism Management
  • August 8, 2018
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Unit-3 Heritage Cultural Tourism Management

Unit-3 Heritage Cultural Tourism Management Understand roles, responsibilities and ownership of Organizations in the heritage and cultural industry

Unit-3 Heritage Cultural Tourism Management3.1 Evaluate the impact of different types of ownership on the management of heritage and cultural sites – What are the types of ownership? How they are different? What are the objectives of different type organizations? How do they differ? This needs to be addressed with examples

Ownership on the management of cultural and heritage sites:

Public or managed by the government – Many significant and iconic places of heritage and cultural importance are owned and managed by the government. These include places of historic importance and significant places such as town halls etc. The government ensures sustainable protection and management of these sites ensuring that they can be enjoyed by the present and the coming generations.
The government of UK along with the World Heritage Convention 1984 works for the management and conservation of the Heritage and Cultural Sites. (Government, (n.d))
Private sector– These include organizations working independently and manage the preservation and protection of the cultural sites. The local businesses established near these cultural sites depend on their daily income from the tourist activities caused by these sites. They have the prime concern to make money but indirectly they preserve these sites, being the prime source of their income.
International organizations – Many international organization work for the management and preservation of the tourist sites. They set guidelines and information on effective management of these sites.
Example –The UNESCO plays a major role in conservation of the heritage sites of the world the 1972 Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. United Kingdom as a member to this convention has to ensure protection, conservation of all its sites of heritage value.(ENGLISH HERITAGE, 2008)
Mission and values objectives and income generation –The vision of the management of cultural sites by different bodies are attaining the desired status of these sites that the government or commercial bodies or independent organizations aim to obtain by improvement and management. The time to attain the desired status of development and growth can depends upon the factors such as politics, funding, factors of the environment etc.
The mission for the management of these cultural sites determines what these bodies would do in the span of next 3-5 years to develop cultural and heritage value. (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation, 2008)

Analyzing the role and responsibilities of organizations in the heritage and cultural industry

English Heritage– It has about 400 sites under it and works by enriching the tourism experience of the country and revenue generation for the country.
The Ancient Monument Act of the 1913 enabled government control over buildings and place of historical importance. The Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission of the English Heritage has the role to undertake the buildings and sites of historic and tourism importance and avail it for public access.
Role and responsibilities of the English Heritage are as under;

  • Preserve all buildings and sites of historic importance
  • Enhance these sites and enrich them by conservation
  • Develop techniques to attract public to these places of historic importance and impart them knowledge about them


The UNWTO and the UNESCO work actively to preserve and conserve the culture and heritage. They together started a cooperation agreement to undertake measures and implement management techniques towards sustainable tourism and the conservation and the protection of the natural and cultural heritage.
They signed a Memorandum of Understanding which was signed by Taleb Rifai, the Secretary General of UNWTO and Irina Bokova the Director General of UNESCO in the meeting of the Chief Executive Board the memorandum ensured that the two organisations will work together on issues relating to the national, regional and global development of sustainable tourism in order to safeguard the cultural and natural heritage.
The programme ensured the following;

  • UNESCO World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programmes should be implemented by these organisations
  • Undertake initiatives for transnational tourism and take measures to promote the protection of Silk Roads and Heritage
  • The organisations undertake initiatives to ensure the development and networking for sustainable tourism and conservation of biosphere
  • To initiate the development of sustainable tourism withy the partnership of United Nations and United Nations Steering Committee on Tourism for Development and Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism

These two organisations work closely and together to manage and maintain sustainable tourism and they aim to educate that tourism plays a significant role in the conservation and sustenance of the cultural and natural heritage.(UNWTO, 2013)

TASK 4: Understand the role of methods of interpretation within the heritage and culture industry.

4.1 Evaluate methods and media used for interpretation within the heritage and cultural industry for tourists – This is with special reference to the Science Museum and V&A Museum? Are they different? If so how do they apply to different groups and segments of visitors?

The interpretation is a very important aspect in the heritage and culture industry. It refers to everything that creates a clear understanding in the minds of tourists when they visit a tourist destination.
The interpretation is done by the tourists by various means;
Advertisement and promotion:The advertisement displayed about the tourist sites in the internet and the tourist websites serve as a source of information about them. It enables them to get an idea about these places and help them choose the type of destination they want to explore. These advertisements are many times displayed in tourist magazines and newspapers.
Tourist guides: These guides are available in most of these sites. These guides keep updating the tourists about the history and the interesting facts and story about the sites. This makes the overall experience very interesting as they keep giving them insights about each artefact and monument during the course of the visit which is very lasting and creates impact. Being guides is a source of employment for the locals and hiring local guides serves exhaustive source of information for the tourists as the locals have more information about the sites
Many signboards are placed in the heritage sites indicating all important views and description about each of the artefacts
Websites of these cultural destinations promotes them and is organised in a manner to attract tourists. In the world of technology people first scan the internet before deciding about planning a holiday so internet information sources of these destinations are well planned exhaustively to impart maximum information
We have seen that musical shows are organised in the Jordan Petra similar shows of sound and light are organised in many tourists’ sites that serves as a source of entertainment and information to the tourists.
Printed documented materials in the form of brochure and pamphlets are also a source of information for the tourists about the destinations. These tell details about the attraction.

Unit-3 Heritage Cultural Tourism Management

Many documentaries and short films and videos also serve as a source of information about these sites these can be seen in the tourist TV channels and seeing these attract people to visit these destinations.
(mekong tourism, 2011)
Means of interpretation available at the Science Museum and the V & A Museum of the       United States are as follows;
Science Museum: this museum serves its purpose to impart scientific knowledge to the science enthusiasts and the children by having a comprehensive source of interpretation.
They provide resources for the classroom to make the teachings at classroom more visual and meaningful
They keep hosting many events and demonstration relating to scientific topics
They realise the value of educating the science teachers to make learning more fun and impart them insights to be able to teach in a better manner
They host workshops and science shows and exhibition for the science students (science museum, (n.d.))

Victoria and Albert museum –:

The Victoria and Albert Museum makes UK proud as it is the largest museum of design and decorative arts. It has a broad collection of over 4.5 million artefacts and objects. It is sponsored by the Department for Culture Media and Sports. It has about 5,000 years old art pieces on global cultural origins. (V&A Museum, 2014)
The museum hosts many exhibitions such as the exhibition of wedding dress and of Disobedient Objects.

    • The museum keeps providing updated information through its web site.
    • The museum uses signage to impart information at all relevant information
    • The shop of the museum has many souvenir and objects of heritage value about the museum(VAM, 2014)
    • a lot of things can be done at the museum like visiting free talks and tours of the museum, participating in workshop events, seeing the evening events, creating the young people events calendar, or see and touch the Hands-on exhibits in the galleries
    • games keep on happening and the visitors can participate in them
    • and also there are family art fun trails

This study has been very informative in giving insights on the development on the cultural and heritage tourism. This assignment has focused on the development of the cultural and heritage industry in the United Kingdom as well as the state of the tourism industry in states where it has not gained considerable importance and momentum such as the City of Jordan and the Giant Causeway where lack on stress on conservation is ruining the rich heritage.
It has also been informative about how many government and non-government bodies take up the cause of conservation of tourism and work for sustainable tourism. It helps us understand that the ownership of these sites has to be managed well. It should be a source of education and information. Order Now

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