Unit-2 Online Marketing Assignment Help Australia

Unit-2 Online Marketing Assignment Help Australia

Unit-2 Online Marketing Assignment Help Australia Dick Smith Foods held the “Great Jelly Tug-of-War” on Sunday, 3 December 2000 at Banks town Airport where Captain True Blue, flying Helicopter Jelly, eating Dick Smith?s bubble gum flavor Helicopter Jelly and attempted to tug Captain Yankee Doodle, flying Foreign Plane Jelly, over the line. Dick Smith said, “I once towed an iceberg into Sydney harbor and even jumped a double deck bus over 16 motor bikes, Unit-2 Online Marketing Assignment Help Australiawhich gave great news coverage on a quiet Sunday.” This tug-of-war show did give Dick Smith a lot of coverage in the media “on a quiet Sunday” to publicist the launch of his Dick Smith Helicopter Jelly to compete against Aeroplane Jelly now foreign-owned by McCormick of USA.

The $20,000 Cash Giveaway

The latest media stun by Dick Smith is to randomly call at peoples? houses and WANTED

Adventurer to live in a cave in the Himalayas for 48 days and only eat Dick Smith’s Peanut Butter. Please write to us before contacting Harry M. Miller. Please apply to Dick Smith Foods Pty Ltd, PO Box 398, Terrey Hills 2084.

if they have one of the Dick Smith?s products they will get $500 cash. There are a total of $20,000 cash to be given away. And of course, Dick Smith will make sure that there are cameras following him when he gives away $500 cash to lucky households that have Dick Smith Foods products in their pantries. These images appear on TV in programs like A Current Affair and online at Dick Smith Foods website (www.dicksmithfoods.com.au).

Donations and Sponsorship

Dick Smith Foods have a philanthropic policy that some 96% of their profits are donated to Australian charities and other important causes with only a tiny 4% back in the business to maintain its viability. In just two years time, Dick Smith Foods had donated over $1.5 million to the community; recipients included the Exodus Foundation, the Smith Family, the Salvation Army, Care Australia, etc.

To mark the Centenary of Federation, Dick Smith and his wife Pip also gave a personal gift of $1 million to the nation on 26 January 2001. The donation was spread among a range of national, social and conservation institutions and included a number of special interest projects.

Dick Smith is happy that Aussies are not only continuing to support Australian owned companies by purchasing his products, but are also helping thousands of under privileged people.

At the start, Dick Smith believed that Australians would support the Dick Smith brand because of the fact that they were supporting Australian farmers. Since the start of Dick Smith Foods in 1999, the company have been able to give away over $4.7 million to important causes in the forms of donations and sponsorship. This constituted 30% of Dick Smith Foods income and over 90% of their profit. However, as turnover has dropped from its peak of about $80 million per annum to nearly $ 8million per annum, Dick Smith Foods have put a hold on their donations and sponsorship since 2000.
9.4 Other Sales Promotion Tools

Dick Smith Foods T-Shirts

As part of their marketing communications activities, Dick Smith Foods have two different styles of T-shirts available for sale. One style features the wording “Dick Smith Foods – We?re Fighting Back” and the other features the wording “Dick Smith?sOzEmite – We?re Fighting Back”. The wording appears on both the front and back of the T-shirts.

9.4.2 Dickhead Matches

In October 2000, Dick Smith Foods launched their own matches called Dickheads. Dickhead matches are not part of the Dick Smith Foods range but are describe by the company as “purely a marketing exercise and a major protest over the loss of Australia?s manufacturing skills.

The statement on the box says:

in making use of his patriotism image to brand his products and increase the sales and to denigrate

A protest from Dick Smith Foods

“As Australian as you can get”

Dick Smith Foods were not originally planning to sell the matches but popular demand had forced them to think again. Dickhead matches are now available through clubs, hotels, some newsagents and independent retailers.

10. Conclusions

Around the world, the anti-globalization movement seems to be gaining moment. Dick Smith has picked the social trend before it is apparent to most companies. More and more companies are now marketing their products as being Australian made – multinational ownership notwithstanding. Dick Smith marketed his own Dick Smith-branded foods products as not just Australian made but also made by Australian owned companies, thereby keeping employment and profits in Australia – threatening the brand image of rival multinational brands.

We are starting to see the impact of the “buy Australian” theme on the marketing plans of multinational companies. One example is the following extract from a Philip Morris inter-office memo in the USA, giving an overview of their business in Australia (this extract was found on the internet and sent to Dick Smith Foods by Dr. Martin Bicevskis):

Unit-2 Online Marketing Assignment Help Australia

“To this end, our corporate clout including Kraft Australia will be helpful. However, there is a lot of nervousness on the food side at our including them publicly as part of the corporate body when we are dealing with contentious issues. Kraft is the manufacturer of one of the household darlings of Australia namely Vegemite. Every Australia is born with a jar of Vegemite in his/her hand and would never believe that it is owned by a U.S. company. Kraft Australia is not anxious that a lot of noise be made about this even though some has been made in the past. They fear it may damage its results although frankly I do not think for one moment it would. Nevertheless, I think we need to respect these feelings – they will know better.”

There is no doubt that the launch of Dick Smith Foods is another successful adventure for Dick Smith and has created some disturbance on the multinational giants. However, some critics labelled this as “nothing more than a money making scheme” in making use of his patriotism image to brand his products and increase the sales and to denigrate his competitors who are predominately foreign own Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the fact that Dick Smith donated over 90% of Dick Smith Foods? profits to the community and he and his wife regularly gave personal donations to the community and other charitable causes. In an interview with B & T Weekly (16 March 2001), Dick Smith himself confessed, “I still tend to agree with the marketing people who say that, in the long-term, the big multinationals will win.” After all, he concluded that “I?m not greedy, I have enough money. In the end, I?m just a softie who loves to have fun.”

We have yet to see the long-term impact of the “buy Australian” movement in general, and Dick Smith Foods in particular, in changing consumer inertia. Anyway, this case demonstrated that patriotic marketing does work.


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