Unit-2 Marketing Mix McCain Assignment Help | McCain Foods Marketing Strategy

Unit-2 Marketing Mix McCain Assignment Help | McCain Foods Marketing Strategy

Pricing strategies

McCain uses a range of pricing strategies associated with adding value for money. For example, ‘extra-fill’ packs can give the customer up to 30% extra free. This rewards regular buyers of a particular product. McCain may also offer its products at a Unit-2 Marketing Mix McCain Assignment Help | McCain Foods Marketing Strategyspecial promotional price using price-marked packs to encourage people to try the product.


Place describes the channels McCain uses to position its products in the marketplace.
As a business-to-business (B2B) organisation, McCain does not sell directly to its consumers. Instead it places its products with wholesalers and retailers, such as major supermarket chains. McCain may then be able to influence how its products reach the consumer at the point-of-sale. For example, it may secure key positions for its products in stores. By paying for end-of-shelf positions for its products, customers are more likely to see and buy them.
McCain does not use its own vehicles to distribute products to its customers. Transportation is outsourced, which means another organisation carries out the deliveries. Products are delivered directly to retailers’ central depots for onward distribution to their stores. Alternatively, they may go to wholesalers, who sell them on to other businesses such as restaurants.
McCain takes the need for sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment into consideration in transporting its products. For example:

    • Where possible local farmers are used to reduce food miles.
    • Double-decker trucks are used, saving in the region of 2,000 lorry journeys a year.
    • The lorries have built-in solar panels which helps to provide additional power, for example, to help with the internal lifting mechanism.


A further demonstration of the ‘It’s All Good’ ethos is McCain Foods’ ethical stance on promotion. McCain makes a commitment not to advertise to children under 12 years old.
also ensures that the retail labeling on its products carries clear information on levels of fat, saturated fat, salt and sugar to help shoppers choose healthier options. Its labeling is in line with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) traffic light scheme and the food industry’s Guideline Daily Amounts (GDA).
Promotion falls into two main categories:

      • Above-the-line promotion
      • Below-the-line promotion.


Above-the-line promotion is paid-for and includes traditional advertising routes such as television, radio and the press. These are good for carrying marketing messages to a large audience. However, it is less easy to measure the impact of these channels, for example, whether a TV advert has increased sales.

Special displays or positioning in stores or advertising on supermarket trolleys are also examples of above-the-line promotional activity at McCain Foods.


Below-the-line promotion can take many forms and is usually more under the control of the business. Typical examples include events or direct mail. McCain uses a combination of below-the-line activities including:

      • door-to-door leaflet drops or books of vouchers which give customers discounts over a period of time. These help to attract consumers and establish brand loyalty so the consumer buys the product again.
      • email newsletter for consumers. This creates a relationship with consumers, which is unusual for a B2B organisation. It not only allows McCain to communicate directly with and listen to consumers, it also enables the business to collect information, for example, about their lifestyles and product choices. This is used for feedback, research and promotions.

Unit-2 Marketing Mix McCain Assignment Help | McCain Foods Marketing Strategy

PR and sponsorship

Public relations (PR) is a form of promotion that is concerned with developing goodwill and understanding between organisations and the public. For example, McCain uses its relationship with UK Athletics to deliver ‘Track and Field’ roadshows across the UK. These emphasise the link between healthy food and healthy lifestyle. Again, this aligns with the ‘It’s All Good’ message.
McCain also takes part in different types of sponsorship, such as:

      • TV show Family Fortunes. This brings the McCain brand to a wide audience through a popular family programme.
      • McCain Athletics Networks which encourage young people to get involved in the sport through local clubs. This further supports the company”s approach to balancing calories in with calories out.

McCain also aims to promote better understanding of where food comes from through initiatives such as The Potato Story. This is an educational resource that helps teach children about how potatoes grow and their place in a balanced healthy diet.


‘It’s All Good’ is a message that is embedded in all aspects of McCain Foods’ marketing mix.
Not only are the products designed to look and taste good, they are produced from good quality crops in a way that addresses people’s concerns about issues such as health and the origins of their food. This helps to ensure that McCain remains a trusted brand.
McCain also takes great care to minimise its impact on the environment. Its products are placed in the market in a way that reduces both food miles and carbon emissions.
Promotion of the products focuses on the positive relationship between McCain food and a healthy diet and reinforces the importance of food and exercise in a healthy lifestyle.Order Now

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