Unit-2 Business Environment Assignment Help

Unit-2 Business Environment Assignment Help

Unit-2 Business Environment Assignment Help second issue that would be discussed here would be the changing technology and its impact on the work place. The way businesses are conducted has changed drastically in the past one decade mainly because of the impact of the technology and the way it has impacted operations. These days most of the operations are automated; thus removing many manual errors that used to happen Unit-2 Business Environment Assignment Help(Reilly & Karounos, 2005, pg 52). The HR has to make sure that the employees are up for this change in the system. Changes in the technology have been so dynamic that the employees had to be updated on the systems and up to use it on a regular basis. The companies are also forced to adapt to these changes as we can see that anything that is not adapted by them and by the competitor will get them a serious disadvantage as there are only marginal differed between the products these days.

One of the major impacts that the technology had in the workplace is that it has enabled the customers to have flexible work schedules and also allowed them to take up more and more responsibilities. Companies have started adapting to the latest technologies in an attempt to get the best in the business to work for them. Most of the manual processes were removed and at the same time there has been an increased focus in increasing the productivity and performance levels of the employees. There is a certain amount of resistance that most of the companies would face when they introduce a new technology. The companies will have to ensure that they are justifying the cost of development of the same and thus will have to ensure that the employees are quickly on boarded to the platform and start delivering immediately (Buchko, Weinzimmer & Sergeyev, 1998, pg 54).

They depend on outsourced partners to deliver the customized solutions that can help them in increasing the productivity. In earlier days most of the technology that was introduced was standardized in nature and at the same time training of the employees on these technologies was much easier as compared to that of now. Now specialized training needs to be given as in most of the cases these are customized in nature (Harzing & Pinnington, 2011, pg 104). With the increase in technology we can also say that the type of work force that is being absorbed into the companies is also different. These days the companies are looking for those people who are technologically competent and can get into the mode quickly with the help of training and start delivering. The job role of the employees have increased to a great extent and at the same time we can say that the employees have also started enjoying their jobs as the scope of their work has increased to a great extent.

One of the main concerns that the companies are facing these days are that they have to train  the employees on a regular basis and get the updated to the changes and at the same time they will have to ensure that they recover the cost that they have incurred for the same at the earliest. There would be a lot of ambiguities in the system at the time when the systems would have been introduced and the management will have to hand hold the employees through these ambiguities and ensure that the change is for good. They will also have to analyze and ensure that they adapt to those technologies that is absolutely necessary for the business and at the same time not try and get into all that is available in the market that might increase the complexities.

With the globalization and its impact on the technologies, the major impact has been that most of the companies have started outsourcing their technological requirements to those nations where they can get cheap labor. So customizations to the level that they require needs a close monitoring from the part of the technical team to ensure that these systems would work in the current environment. This has also ensured they get access to the best of the technologies that are available now and can reduce a lot of operational troubles that they were facing earlier. One of the major challenges here in terms of the work place has been that with this increase in the use of technology, experts are being hired for specific purposes. This has resulted in multi cultural work environment that is being brought into the organization. There will be conflicts mainly due the difference in culture and it is the role of the HR to ensure that they manage these differences and ensure that there are n conflicts.

Unit-2 Business Environment Assignment Help

It is not possible any ways to have a conflict free workplace, so with the use of the communication mediums that we have the managers have to ensure that the clarifications and solutions are given at the right time. Major advantage here is that with the use of technology companies can have virtual and global teams that can increase the quality of man power considerably as the employees are no longer bounded by geographical boundaries. This has opened up the opportunity for the employees of many underdeveloped nations to came to the fore and participate in the change and this also has resulted in businesses spreading their operations to other nations easily. There have been many changes in terms of the products that are being developed also as the customer expectations have increased by multi folds. The quality standards cannot be compromised by the companies and at the same time they will have to ensure that the products that are being given to other countries are being customized to the needs which would call for a change in the work place (Ramamurti, 1992, pg 76).

Another major change in the work place is that the companies can no longer work in isolated groups and ensure that the success of individual departments can help them in attaining the goals of the organization (Tosey, 1994, pg 45). There needs to be an open and much more flat hierarchy in the organization that can enable the whole set up to be operational. With the introduction of technology it is quite common that the employees will have many queries and these needs to be addressed with urgency. There has to be proper communication channels in place that would address the needs of the employees.


In this assignment we have taken two important issues that needs is important for the organization. Aging work force is one of the major concerns for many companies and they are of the view that this is one of the reasons why the productivity and performance levels have been going down. But as discussed if it is viewed as an opportunity and with little tweaking of the systems here and there we can ensure that this can be used as an opportunity by the company. These are the employees who can come in handy at the time of crisis as they have the experience and also they can guide the employees in the organization. The second issue that was discussed was the change of technology and the way it affects the business. Updating in technology is one thing that these companies cannot avoid and at the same time they will have to ensure that the employees are up to the change and they don’t look at this as a hindrance to the work. It should be educated to them that even though the transition is tough in nature but this would ultimately help them in enabling the whole set up. Changes in technology also means that there are more of global and virtual teams that are available in the organization that calls for better co ordination between the teams and leadership form the management


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