Unit-2 Analysing Impact Advertisement | How Advertising Affects Behavior

Unit-2 Analysing Impact Advertisement | How Advertising Affects Behavior

Unit-2 Analysing Impact Advertisement Literature has indicated that advertisement also notifies the customer about qualities and the price of brands that will make the buying and purchasing process much easy for the customers.. It is a good way of Unit-2 Analysing Impact Advertisement | How Advertising Affects Behaviorattracting a large number of customers by offering quality products (Janssens & De Pelsmacker, 2005). If the same quality is delivered as promised, the customer would continue buying and thus spread positive word of mouth in the community. However other parts of purchasing process have not been related with advertisements in the past which can trigger the positive perception.

Advertisements and Brand Perception

Researchers have been argued about the AIDA model of consumer behaviour in the past as the same happens in case of advertisement. Studies have been reflected that advertisements generate better attention, interest, desire and action in a consumer by building a strong perception regarding the brand (Newman, 2004). Such perception can’t be generated by the regular means of promotion as through ads, brand can pose all its cards in front of potential customers. Yet a significant work is needed to explore the impact of advertisement on the brand perception. Perception, either good or bad, facilitates the purchasing process at both extremes. Advertisement is the medium through which it can be encapsulated well (Malik, 2014).


Positivism,is considered to be the root of philosophy and it considers the world a universal concept of nature, whichestablish laws and procedures in place and also explain the nature and behaviour of certain objects(Walker, 2009).


Interpretivism is the total opposite of positivism, as it defines objects and people to have distinctive traits that determines their relationships with each other(Walker, 2009).


Realism is quite an old school concept which used to study the movements of components in the old days. It focussed around human life history and its experiences from time to time(Walker, 2009).
The study in hand is based on the positivism philosophy as the results can be predicted in advance up to some extent as well as strict data collection procedures will be used to test the proposition.

Research Approach

Inductive Approach

Inductive approach comes under the qualitative research that basically develops a theory or stares for a sample of implication that depends on the data that they have gathered. And this inductive approach is a measure toward general from specific and it is also named as bottom-up approach (Onwuegbuzie&Frels, 2013). Here data is gathered in participant’s situation, and data examination inductively constructing from specific to general.  And the final report in this approach has a flexible construction.

Deductive approach

Deductive approach is the quantitative that is going towards specific from general. It is also named as the top- down approach. In here we test objectivity of theories by analysing the connection among variables (Onwuegbuzie&Frels, 2013). And the variables can be measured in a way that numerical data could be examined using statistical methods.
Here the approach used in the research to analyse the impact of advertisement over the brand perceptions of the customer on Nestle Fruit juices in United Kingdom is deductive approach.The reason behind this selection isthe study’s aim which will firstly see the concepts in general environment and will then specify it for the Nestle Fruit Juices.

Data Collection Methods

Data has been collected through primary methods in this study. For this purpose 150 customers of Nestle would be selected by therandom sampling. And a questionnaire would be developed which the respondents would have to respond to and give their opinions. Random sampling method is selected to ensure the unbiasness in the study by giving equal chances of selection to every member of a population.

Research Methods
Quantitative methods

This one is related to positivist/post positivist paradigm. This one also includes the concept of objectivity in fact it is of great importance in quantitative research. When there is need to gather and convert data into numerical form and have to make statistical calculations and derive conclusions, then this approach is being used(Hair et al., 2007).

Qualitative methods

This is also called constructivist approach; in which the people make logics of the planet they survive in.  All the way through communication with community they build up subjective concepts of their practice, in a social, political, cultural and historical framework (Hair et al., 2007).
The current research is totally based on the quantitative methods. As the proposition can only be tested rightly with a questionnaire based survey. The concepts of brand perception and advertisements are already evolved so this study only wants to see their underlying relationship.

Sampling Technique
Probability Sampling Methods

In probability samples, every member in the sample has the chance to be selected. It includes systematic sampling, random sampling, and stratified sampling in it (Andrews et al., 2009).

Non-Probability Sampling Methods

In this sampling participants are not randomly preferred from the sample. Snowball sampling, convenience sampling, quota sampling, and judgement sampling are the part of this sampling (Andrews et al., 2009).
Method selected in our research is from the probability sampling named Random sampling. This technique has been used to ensure unbiasness in the study by giving a chance of selection to every member.

Data Analysis

The data collected through the questionnaire would be analysed through the statistical tool SPSS. Different statistical tests including reliability test, linear regression, descriptive tests and correlational tests will be applied on the data obtained.

Limitation of the Research

Every research has certain set of limitations. Limitations which this study can be faced are concerned with the time and access of data. The time frame of this research study can probably shorten its scope in order to complete the research work in a pre-decided timeline. Time span can be big constraint while carrying out this research.  As far as access is concerned, it is quite difficult to measure brand perception of customers, as you only judge by customers actions you cannot read customer’s minds so it will not less than a challenge to get information from them.

Ethical Issues

All the research participants would be informed beforehand about why the study is being conducted and also about its goals and objectives. Also a consent form would be kept where the respondents would be asked to sign. All the responses would be recorded as anonymous.
Moreover, the researcher understands that the consents of the participants have been given only for the current study; hence the responses collected would not be used for any other activity.

Strengths of Anticipated Findings

This study would help Nestle improve its advertisement strategies and they will come to know whether the advertisement can change the brand perceptions or not.

Unit-2 Analysing Impact Advertisement | How Advertising Affects Behavior

Accessibility Issues

The customers may not be willing to reveal their perceptions about the brand and its advertisement strategy of Nestle. They would have to be convinced by telling them that Nestle wants to make its advertisement strategy better and through responses of people it will come to know how efficient the current one is.


The table below shows the suggested timeline for the activities:

Task NameDuration
Research Proposal Preparation8 days
Reading Secondary Literature Data30 days
Introduction Write up10 days
Critical Review of Literature15 days
Methodology Write up7 days
Questionnaires’ Preparation 5 days
Data Collection Process25 days
Results and Findings12 days
Analysis and Interpretations 15 days
Conclusion & Recommendations Section9 days
First Draft 18 days
Review/Proof Reading 12 days

The above mentioned time table is consisted on 6 months as the research process can easily be completed in due course of time. Most of the time will be taken by reading literature and data collection as both of them are quite sensitive for research study along with all other parts. Drafting and proof reading will also take few days in order to ensure that there are no mistakes in documentation.


Andrews, Rhys, Boyne, George A, Law, Jennifer, & Walker, Richard M. 2009.Strategy formulation, strategy content and performance: An empirical analysis. Public Management Review, 11(1), 1-22

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Cai, Yigang, &Hua, Shiyan. 2003. Intelligent-networked telephone system having advertisement with bonus free phone call service: Google Patents.Order Now

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