Unit 16 Tour Operations Management Assignment | PMP Homework Help Online

Unit 16 Tour Operations Management Assignment | PMP Homework Help Online

Unit 16 Tour Operations Management Assignment planning decisions taken for the design of a selected brochure.

Unit 16 Tour Operations Management Assignment various planning decisions or stages involved for the design of a selected brochure include:

  • Unit 16 Tour Operations Management Assignment | PMP Homework Help OnlineUnit 16 Tour Operations Management Assignment  In this stage, all information available that is relevant to the project should be collected. This includes written brief, background material, studying of existing brand legal issues backed by effective research. The client’s expectations should be understood by constantly asking him questions as without asking questions, the brochure will just solve the solitary purpose of design.
  • Stage 2: Design Concepts: After the acceptance and agreement of the initial process, the next step involves the preliminary design ideas. This is the time when the creative process takes over. The various considerations of significance include color combinations, typography, graphic style, keywords and technology. The concepts that turn out to be the most suitable are assessed and further developed. Effective client feedback results in the particular concept being chosen.
  • Stage 3: Detailed Design Development: The selected concept is further developed by the implementation of all relevant details. Variations and mock ups may further be developed. A logo is created with distinct colors and variations and the various pages of the website are effectively assembled by the virtue of Photoshop and the sample pages are created on HTML. This stage involves the detailed specification of the design fostering the needs of product planning and final costing.
  • Stage 4: Implementation: Once the approval has been generated in Stage 3, the implementation of all the decide factors are initiated and the finished artwork is produced. In the case of print, creation of print ready pdfs is undertaken and detailed specifications are also created for the external suppliers. With the help of a professional programmer, designs are effectively converted into HTML code for websites.
  • Stage 5: Supervision of production: Quality control is important; hence effective supervision of the produced work is necessary. For ex- if the design is for a website, the best way to choose a website name should be suggested. The application of Search Engine Optimization is important and should be implemented accurately within the design. (Promo design, 2013)

P 3.2 Assess the suitability of alternatives to a traditional brochure for different types of tour operators and recommend the most appropriate for your tour package.

The concepts of designing a traditional brochure have been challenged by the existence of a few suitable alternatives that have cropped up. The alternative brochures of Thomas Cook and The Travel Network group can be taken as reference in this context. VSIthinking recently launched a new website for accommodating the Thomas Cook Brochure Store. This responsive website is the most updated version of the highly impact full project to deliver the brochures related to the packages of Thomas Cook online. This has helped the company reduce the printing costs and also a considerable reduction in waste has been achieved that considerably benefits the environment. This website allows the customers’ accessibility to all the Thomas Cook Brochures and specialty brand on any internet enabled device like a computer, mobile, tablet, etc. The website is flexible in the sense that its size and functionality is proportionate to the device in which it is being accessed from. This helps in ease of access from every device and one can access the brochures at home on the sofa, while going to work, etc. (VSIthinking, 2016)

The Travel Network Group have their magazine named ‘Insight ‘which contains latest news and information about the Travel Trust Association, independent travel experts, etc. They tend to include pertinent and significant brochures in this magazine with the view that in quest for latest information and data about the industry in the magazine, readers might be fascinated at the inclusion of the information provided by the brochures. (Issuu, 2012). For my tour package, the better alternative would be the website brochure adopted by Thomas Cook. This is because of the increasing number of internet users globally. People might find an exclusively designated website for brochures more convincing and easier than having to search for brochure information in magazines. Besides, the flexible compatibility of the website to proportionately adjust its size and functionality in accordance to the device of access makes it very potent and efficient. This is the primary reason why i would opt for the alternative to the traditional brochures of Thomas Cook.

P 3.3 Evaluate the suitability of different methods of distribution used to sell a holiday for different types of tour operator and recommend the most appropriate for your tour package.

In today’s day and age, several methods of distribution for the purpose of selling a holiday exist. These can be analysed with reference to Thomas Cook and TUI Travel. The Omni channel distribution system of Thomas Cook includes retail stores, websites and call centres and the third party travel agents. This wide network of distribution channels enables more choice to the customers as well as maximises the customer reach. The objective is to build on the existent strength by the development of a single customer gateway that will result in the delivery of consistent customer experience with effective access granted to the entire range of products and services available across all distribution channels. One of the main objectives is to become the  leading tourist  operator comprising of a platform hosting a broad range of products and services.  (Thomas Cook Group, 2013)

For TUI Travels, direct distribution channels are the key to the group’s strategy. Increasing the direct distribution of holidays cuts down on the distribution costs and also reduces the dependency on the third party distributors and can aim to consolidate on the customer relationship aspect. The distribution mix in 2014 improved by 68% and one of the major reasons was the driving impact posed by the online channels that also saw an improvement rate of 3% amounting to 38% of the total mainstream sales in 2014. Through the course of 2014, they generated 4.1 billion pounds of online revenue within the main stream business which effectively reflects a 6% growth in the online bookings. (Davies, 2014). Thus in both cases we see that an added inclination is there towards the Online distribution channel. However, for my package, I would like to recommend the Thomas Cook idea of a distribution system simply because all though they are inclined towards the Internet Distribution channel, they still understand the significance of having retail stores and call centers for selling of holiday packages. Although most of the distribution traffic will be directed towards the online channel, the retail outlets and call centers will help sell a package to the people who don’t have the liberty to use the internet or are keener on availing the traditional methods of choosing a package by visiting the retail stores.

Task 4

P 4.1 Evaluate the strategic decisions made by different types of tour operator.

The strategic decisions that are made by different kinds of tour operators are mentioned as under,

  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning – It assists in market segmentation, identification of the target consumers in an efficient way as well as assists in positioning the products or services that the tour operator provides in a way that will be attracting a significant strength of consumers. For instance, Thomas Cook which is one of the largest tour operators does its market segmentation based on the aspects associated with geography, demography, psychographic and behavioral. In respect of the aspects associated with psychographic and behavioural, Thomas Cook tries to gather information in relation with the lifestyle of individuals who belong to various countries as well as does proper examination of the consumer’s purchase behavior. (Romero, 2011)
  • Tour packages’ seasonal scenario – There is the preference of the consumers in respect of travelling in various seasons that is majorly depending on the festive season or various vacations in schools and so on. In this respect, there is a difference in the rate of price of the tour packages and also depends on the consumer’s rate of turnover.
  • Strategy for competitive pricing – This pricing strategy assists in providing a competitive advantage for the tour operators by focusing on the tour package price that other tour operators are offering to the consumers. For instance, Thomas Cook is following the pricing strategy that depends on pricing of the competitors, product and pricing of the consumer. (Romero, 2011)
  • Strategy for innovative promotion – Adopting exclusive and innovative techniques associated with promotion or advertisement is regarded as very significant to attract a huge number of individuals. The promotional strategies that are innovative also assist in handling the competition in a successful manner. For instance, Cox and Kings, a specialized tour operator is implementing exclusive strategies for promotion for promoting the packages for tour. Various mediums of advertising like electronic media, print media are also used in an effective manner by the organisation in this regard. (Romero, 2011)
  • Strategy for discounting price – This is considered to be a major scenario for attracting new as well as additional consumers by the tour operators for offering discounts for the consumers regarding which a contract related to fixed price is adopted by them. This assists in providing a competitive advantage in respect of the tour operators as well as assists in making sure that the consumers are satisfied and thus are able to be retained.

P 4.2 Compare the tactical decisions that could be taken by a selected tour operator in different situations.

Tactical decisions assists in ensuring smooth and flexible operation of the business and also assists in avoiding the prospect of any type of confusion in respect of day-to-day organisational matters. Certain tactical decisions prepared by the tour operators take into consideration the aspect of negotiation with the service providers, making various arrangements in respect of transportation as well as lodgings and to maintain healthy relationship with the stakeholders as well by informing them in respect of the  organisational behavior. (Robinson, 2011) One of the important tactical decisions taken by the tour operators is to ensure coordination that is efficient as well as for deriving the anticipated outcomes from the same it is definitely very significant for the tour operators for consulting in respect of various services as well as for conducting a proper research of the market to gain information in respect of the price rates for the services that are provided recently. (Robinson, 2011) For instance, certain tactical decisions that Thomas Cook takes in respect of the service processing are associated with the allowance of the use of services related with high speed internet for providing instant and optimum services for the consumers. Thomas Cook’s channel of distribution does the linking of customers with the producers in a direct manner and as a result, the rate of pricing gets significantly reduced in respect of the consumers.

Unit 16 Tour Operations Management Assignment | PMP Homework Help Online

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This Unit 14 Tour Operations Management Assignment Sample associated with travel and tourism management involves the various stages that are required for the creation of tour packages. In this respect, the stages as well as timescale that have their involvement in development of holidays have been assessed, also the evaluation of the suitability of various methods of contracting for various elements of the holiday and various types of tour operators are done. Also, there has been the evaluation of the strategic decisions made by various types of tour operators as well as a comparison has been made in respect of the tactical decisions that a tour operator can undertake in various circumstances.


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