Unit 1 Hospitality Provision Tourism Assignment | Frankfinn Hospitality Presentation

Unit 1 Hospitality Provision Tourism Assignment | Frankfinn Hospitality Presentation


This Hospitality Provision Tourism Assignment reflects on the aspects of the role of the hospitality industry within the travel and tourism sector and the inter-relationship Unit 1 Hospitality Provision Tourism Assignment | Frankfinn Hospitality Presentationbetween hospitality as well as wider travel and tourism businesses. Then, the analysis of the implications of integration to the hospitality industry are to be made as well as that ways by which integration has impacted a hospitality business will get discussed.

Task 1

Interrelationships between hospitality and wider travel and tourism businesses.

Hospitality organisations are considered to be the most significant providers of the services to the travel and tourism sector. In case of leisure or for business, individuals are spending a considerable time at their hotel especially when it is considered to be of a luxury status. It is understood that the guests would like reaping the beneficial aspects that is being provided by the hotel where they are staying, especially in regard to the premium prices that they are paying.

Package holidays

The function of hospitality in respect of package holidays is very important. Hotels that have their inclusion in package holidays finally are based on the prices that are paid in respect of the packages. When an individual is opting for a budget package, then that person should not be expecting accommodation of 5 star status, and practically speaking, the accommodation is more like to be of 3 star or 4 star standard. Most of the time, there occurs a massive purchasing of well known packages for holidays, so consumers will be benefiting from better rates of hotels as well as prices of airline tickets. (Buckley, 2011) Hotels also are having special agreements with individual travel agents, providing exclusive rates for their establishments in return of confirmed flow of consumers from the travel agents’ end. Consumers might be opting for getting accommodated exclusively for rooms, bed and breakfast, half-board or in a rare scenario on a full-board basis. The representatives of the travel agencies are constantly checking up on their clients who are staying at the hotel for ensuring that they are enjoying a quality time. They also put into discussion the various crisis situations that the client’s experiences throughout their period of stay so that those problems are resolved as soon as possible. There is also the availability of the packages that are all-inclusive but a major drawback is that they are not providing the consumers the flexible options that the other packages offer. The tour packages that are all-inclusive takes into consideration all the things that are required for the complete stay like meals, beverages, hotels, tours as well as every other things that are required. (Buckley, 2011) Those who are opting for such packages would normally spend a significant period of time inside the resort since majority of their various activities will be based inside the resort.

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The success of the Airline’s industry is hugely based on the availability of accommodation. When there is a full capacity in the hotels then there is a huge chance for the airlines to face a loss in their business. This is considered to be a significant problematic scenario in respect of the airlines that fly to small destinations like Malta, where there have occurred the existence of circumstances in which every hotel on the island were all completely booked. As a result, it is absolutely necessary for the major airlines to assess the circumstances in respect of the availability of bed as well as for choosing the timings of the flights and the days consequently. In the form of on-board catering, there is also the presence of hospitality in the various airlines and there is also the availability of arrangements to sleep. (Buckley, 2011) The budget airlines on the payment of additional amount provide foods as well as beverages whereas the airlines of higher class most of the time provide foods and beverages that are all-inclusive, also to those passengers who are travelling in the economy class. There are also certain airlines that are even more luxurious possessing seats that can be reclined so that they can be turned into beds and also there exists silver service dining as well as a bar that is located centrally, where the consumers can make the selection of what they want to eat as well as drink. (Conrady, 2011)

Business Travel

The businessmen particularly choose the hotels that are capable of providing the essential amenities for working in a comfortable manner. They try searching for hotels having business centres, Wifi or accessibility of the cable and internet, meeting rooms as well as areas for conducting conferences, and also other services like 24 hour laundry as well as dry cleaning. (Conrady, 2011) The businessmen would also prefer to indulge in some form of leisure activities especially within the meetings, where they will be spending some relaxing time either by the pool or at the spa or in some other places. But, this is not always actualised because of their nature of business travel. There is a similar story for the catering organisations as well. For impressing the business associates as well as clients, the businessmen does the selection of certain premium restaurants. They do the utilisation of the money that their companies supply to them, so that they are able to have the affordability of premium restaurants for accompanying their extravagance accommodation. (Conrady, 2011) Due to globalisation, there exists a developing requirement for travelling that is associated with business travel and this will be growing, without any doubt, more and more as there is an increase in the connection among st the various destinations. Business travel have been becoming increasingly affordable in respect of the various organisations due to the availability of budget airlines but there are certain organisations which feel that for keeping their reputation intact there is the need for travelling in the business class of the airlines. Then there is also the existence of the business class in the various airlines that is made for the business individuals who need a working space. The growing destinations like India and China are becoming hugely popular destinations for business travel and in this respect the global organisations throughout the world are inclined towards the setting of their companies’ branches in those places. (Conrady, 2011) There is a huge growth in the industries in those places and therefore specific organisations would not want to miss any scope for increasing their share of market as well as profitability.

Conferences and exhibitions

There is a huge significance of the conferences and exhibitions on the domestic as well as international travel and tourism sectors. For example, Malta did the hosting of its biggest ever conference welcoming around 5000 delegates for taking part in the yearly conference for Oriflame and all the delegates were staying in either 4 or 5 star hotels. (Moutinho, 2011) As a result, the local economy did the accumulation of approx. 8 million euro, which was majorly associated with the cost of accommodation. The caterers especially from the hotels were selected for the preparation of the food in respect of each and every delegate. Most of the time there takes place the hosting of conference attendees at the hotel where the event is occurring. The consumers are offered the possibility with the help of the exhibitions for viewing products or services prior to their purchase. (Moutinho, 2011) ITB is an international exhibition attracting exhibitors from various parts of the world. There is the showcasing of the new offerings as well as concepts to other individuals from their respective fields by the organisations as well as NTOs. Those events are attracting a huge number of individuals from various parts of the globe that is offering huge benefits to the various hotels near the place where the event is taking place.

Visitor attractions

A visitor attraction is something that about which the individuals talk or that creates an interest among st the travelers, tourists as well as other individuals. There are various kinds of attractions like man made structures that include theme parks as well as museums, or there also exists natural attractions like natural parks. (Mowforth, 2015) Also, there exist certain sites that are of interest to the individuals only due to the activities that take place there even though the place that is hosting the event is of not much interest. The most popular attractions for visitors are considered to be the theme parks that jointly see a huge number of visitors every year. Disneyland is considered to be one of the most famous attractions in the world and is situated in France, Japan, China and the United States. Majority of the theme parks are having their personal cafes as well as restaurants where the families will be able to enjoy a meal and again indulge themselves in enjoying more. Moreover, Disneyland in Paris also is having two hotels in the resort that are being featured most of the time in package holidays and are have huge popularity. (Mowforth, 2015)

Therefore, from the above discussion it can be concluded that there exists a strong interrelationship between hospitality as well as wider travel and tourism businesses that includes package holidays, aviation, business travel, conferences and exhibitions as well as visitors’ attractions.

Unit 1 Hospitality Provision Tourism Assignment | Frankfinn Hospitality Presentation

Task 2

2.1 Analyse the implications of integration to the hospitality industry.

The implications of integration to the hospitality industry can be analysed by the following attributes such as,


The name of a brand itself may summon up specific emotions that are associated with personal experiences in respect of the brand. Similar to the other industries, the tourism industry’s success is based on the various techniques associated with branding that the major players in the tourism industry adopt, and what are the ways by which their messages get delivered to the target markets. It is essential that clients possess the ability to relate themselves with those brands, and brands are able to identify their target customers. Brands most of the time concentrates in making their loyal consumers view their products and services as an extension of their character as well as personality. (Shaw, 2011) For example, when a group of businessmen will be checking into the Sheraton Pine Cliffs hotel in Algarve, they will be expecting similar processes for check-in, amenities for business as well as prolific luxuries like all the other Sheraton hotels. It will not be acceptable if anything different is provided in respect of the money that is paid. Similarly as Sheraton, Westin also is a part of the Starwood Hotels and Resorts. This is considered to be a posh brand that caters in respect of every type of clients who are searching for lavish accommodations. The hotel possesses top class facilities for individuals who are conducting business as well as every other luxury that the couples would be anticipating for any kind of romantic getaway. (Shaw, 2011) It is also considered to be the most family oriented brand within the Starwood Group, which is providing amenities where children are able to play under continuous supervision. The animation team at the Westin Dragonara Resort in Malta often does the organisation of the activities during the day, like conducting Sony Play Station tournaments in respect of the teenagers or interactive games as well as other activities of fun for the children. There are also children’s check-in points at the reception in the various Westin hotels across the world for making them have a feeling of importance like the adults who are accompanying them. All these aspects are an essential part of the branding strategy of the organisation. Along with other aspects, children might be using their positive experiences for influencing their parents to visit the same hotel again and again.

Control of market and integration amongst bigger companies 

Certain significant tour operators of UK did the purchasing of hotels abroad for increasing their presence globally as well as productivity. Through this, they have the ability for controlling their hotel rates to their benefit, which will assist them to bring more reasonably priced packages in respect of their clients while having an increase in their sales. Even though, this sort of activity provides benefits to the organisation, it can create an adverse effect on the smaller establishments in the hospitality industry. The large companies getting integrated unquestionably poses a threat in respect of the smaller establishments and it is unavoidable that staffs and their families will face suffering as the bigger companies take control. It is the cold hard truth that the travel and tourism sector majorly is based on the survival of the fittest, the organisations that have the ability for offering the best balance amongst the quality, quantity as well as value for money. (Romero, 2011)In major circumstances, the internet growth is limiting the probability of forward integration especially when it is in respect of holiday packages. This has resulted in certain travel agents closing down their business since they were not possessing the required financial support for sifting their physical operations to virtual platforms. The rise of active packaging was also a significant threat to these organisations, and it was so immense that the tour operators in UK are in the process to close down the retail outlets for focusing more on selling via internet. Even though the potential clients will be benefitting from the lower costs over the internet, this will be posing a significant risk to society as a huge number of individuals will be suffering from unemployment.

Increased globalisation

After the successful expansion of an organisation in its destination of starting its operation, the markets which are situated abroad are often to be captured next. Globalisation is the outcome of a compilation of extensions, which can get evaluated from an internal as well as external standpoint. An organisation will be facing ‘internal globalisation’ in which its staffs from across the world will be developing relationships with each other. (Romero, 2011) There will be the occurrence of ‘external globalisation’ when members of the team will be communicating with clients from every part of the world. The social networking websites also allow for the occurrence of such communication information The organisations, most of the time, does the creation of their personal accounts on websites like Facebook as well as Twitter, with the assistance of which the members of the team and loyal customers from across the world can join in as well as get involved in discussions. Globalization has also assisted in severe decline in barriers related with trade, especially inside the European Union. The countries of the European Union mostly get benefited from products and services that are of low price when there is the occurrence of trade within the Euro zone. (Lussier, 2011) This provides a beneficial aspect towards accommodation as well as providers of catering services to a vast degree, especially when there occurs bulk purchasing.

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide is unquestionably one of the most influential global hotel and leisure chain. It has achieved huge success with the help of its projects associated with integration over the last few years. It had acquired the Le Meridien brand as well as its complete portfolio that amounted to 130 hotels as well as resorts globally. Starwood’s base of consumers has increased because of this acquisition to a huge degree having posh properties in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.


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