Understanding Concepts Principles Marketing | Core Concepts Marketing

Understanding Concepts Principles Marketing Marketing in the travel and tourism sector is an important aspect.

The travel and tourism sector has emerged as a total market product which caters to diversUnderstanding Concepts Principles Marketing | Core Concepts Marketinge demands of the consumers regarding various products related to travel. Travel and tourism is growing fast and emerging as one of the largest industry of the world.  Numerous private and public sector enterprises are involved to make the travel and tourism an integrated marketing product.

Understanding Concepts Principles Marketing | Core Concepts Marketing

Customer needs, wants and demands, products (and services) and market

Demand of travel and tourism: The demand is regulated by the inbound and the outbound tourism. Tourists are also residents of the host country visiting destinations of their own country. The ability of leisure time, paid leaves and the increase in paying capacity has led to the increase in demand of the travel and tourism sector. The need of the travel and tourism arises from the source of origin of the tourists that is the place where they reside and is fulfilled in the area they choose to visit. (Middleton & Clarke, 2001)

The entire package congloimerate of different products and services includes the part of total tourism products which may include travel, transpoort, food , lodging, sight seeing etc. I n the case study the tourism product is the Thomson Management’s cultural package of 6 days to visit Denmark, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Porto. (Northwest Territories Industry,Tourism and Investment, 2014)

Being a service industry, customer satisfaction is an integral part of this industry. The marketing product has to be designed keeping the preferences and mind-sets of the customers such as you cannot offer an adventure trip to a customer who is having a critical health condition.