president Trump leadership and corruption

Trump And The White House Corruption

president Trump leadership and corruptionWith basically less than six months in office since president Trump made it through to the United States presidency, there is an outrageous concern about his play as far as government service and responsibility is concerned with reference to his personal wealth and international connections. Many of the United States citizens and the society in general is concerned with the way president trump would handle the affairs from white house. This is with reference to the numerous corruption suspicious rumors going round the world with connection to his business motives and the cabinet he has beside him. Therefore the analysis of this essay is to gain an insight of what the United States citizens and the world in general is terming as a matter of concern as far as president Trump’s leadership is concerned and the direction he is likely to take the nation.

It is important to lay down the facts about this subject as it is very important to the common citizen of the United States and the world in general since president Trumps connections go beyond the United States boarders. It is crucial to know the effect of Trump’s international connections especially Russia and his business position as far as White House and its use is concerned. This would also help in understanding the political power the President has and how he could use it comprised with his financial status and connections to influence the way things work in the United States. Being a crucial point in the United States political state, it is important to be reviewed with a lot of credibility (Stone, 2016).

Therefore the purpose of choosing this subject is to gain an insight of the matter with reference to what the people are saying and think about the white house position of Trump. Through analysis of many referral articles and publications, I wish to gain the credibility of the fact that Trump might use the white house as a basis for his corruption actions. In that sense, the study will determine the future of the United States with regard to Trump’s leadership, the general direction the economic, social and individual course of life will take as well as the effects this might have on the United States international relationships.

The current coverage displays a crux of problem as far as president Trump is in office. The fact with the United States governship details that when a president gets in power he or she should not be associated with business enterprises that would influence their leadership motives. The basic rule is defined such that the leaders should liquidize their businesses once they acquire power as the president. However, this seem not to be working as concerns president Trump’s position. He runs a global corporate empire that he does not show the intention of liquidating. Instead, he plans to hand it over to his adult children. This is with violation of the doctrine of power and operation of the United States president as far as the rules governing the political position he is holding is concerned.

The main concern is that, even though he hands over the business to his children, it would remain to be associated with him and his name. that is to point out that, he can use political influence to draw tenders and favors from other nations for his own benefit. Moreover, his children could use the white house through their father’s power to make corruptive operations that would be a cause for United States security in terms of economic progression. This is a clear pointer to what many of the people are afraid of; Trump is not ready to give up his business empire as required and settle on leading the country. The concern is in determining what the motive is.

More into this is the recently opened Trump International Hotel in Washington, D. C. It has taken the initiative of inviting local diplomats to a reception and the comforts of staying there. This is something that is enticing foreign nations in order to win graces. The truth of the matter is that Trump could use this initiative to conduct corruptive business with least interference since it is in his own premises. The mixture of business and politics in the Trump’s family’s dealings with foreign powers and corporations is troubling enough. There is therefore the need to find a solution that would be aimed at demanding for release of information concerning Trumps family holdings for the security of the country.

In addition to the above revelations, a much more concern about the Trump motives in the white house is the current news about Flynn who was the national security advisor to the recently elected president. His connections with the Russians is a major cause of discomfort concerning the links proclaimed. Coincidentally, the Washington had linked a communication between Sally Yates who was in the Obama’s administration and the Trump’s administration. This exposed the possibility of having Flynn position in the Trump’s administration in doubt. This was further Halperin,  intensified by the consequential resignation that followed and departure of Flynn. This increases the question on the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. This intensified concern is evident in the fact that there has been a disarray in the United States as there is no disclosure of who is responsible for specific roles within the departments (Stone, 2016).

Past retrievals portrays Donald Trump as a corrupt ambitious business man who can do anything for his achievement. He has been described as a person who has no heart for humanity and their working conditions. For instance, Obama described him as a person who has spent 70 years on earth with no show of compassion for the working  people and their cries. His past reveals a vast array of corruption dealings that could be transferred to the white house. The fact that he is in white house and protected since no investigations can be carried out on him put him in a better position to carry out his corruption dealings without any snooping around his affairs.

More proof of the corruption that could be embedded in the white office is the revelation that Trump ran a corrupt campaign. This is a clear show that he will be a corrupt president. He has been perceived to be bringing an unprecedentedly large array of ethical transgressions into the white house. According to the latest Federal Election Commission filings, Trump directed close to $3 million In campaign funds towards Trump-owned properties. This clear play in corruption portrays the president as a major corruptive dealer as far as his position as a president is concerned. To wrap up this, there is boundless corruption in Trump’s administration which he dose not really seem to care about. However, what is unnerving is the fact that president Trump does not seem to care much that everyone knows that he is corrupt.

More to the research on the stand of the White House as far as corruption is concerned with reference to Trump’s presidency is the fact that almost everything is turning as the opposite of the expected. This was discerned by the fact that, during his inauguration it was clear how he will govern. His choice of cabinet appointees speak it out. The fact of the matter is that, his cabinet is made up of rich people who have also been known to engage in corruption. His cabinet has earned itself the name, “the richest of the united states”. His administration has been termed to be an epic disaster that would be composed of undeterminable looting, corruption and austerity.

His budget is a display of his corruption motives. He had flirted of ideas of how he would not cut social security and Medicare. However, he is now going in the exact opposite direction. This was proven by the fact that his committee is intending to slash federal spending by $86 trillion over 10 years as an ultra-conservative measure. His initial budget has cut off $10 trillion which causes concern on his motives and objective of such decisions (Whitehouse, 2017). The drive that Trump is considering killing all manner of government agencies, privatizing the corporate for the public broadcasting, kill the national endowment for the arts and the national endowment for the humanities, several offices that deal with helping minorities will be done away with is a clear show that he is determined to make his corruption sail without interruption.

With reference to this coverage, it is perfectly true to say that it is of a lot  of importance to the Americans and the entire world in displaying Trump’s stance with the way he is likely to use the white house as an operational base for his corruption. It successfully implores the various pointing to the fact that truly Trump is a corrupt president and that the white house is likely to become a orgy of looting and other undesirable occurrences. The amusement coming alongside this is the fact that the president knows that he is known to be corrupt and does not show any concern. He basically does not care about what people say about him as far as his proclaimed corruption is concerned. However, what he does in intensification of his people’s fears by appointing a cabinet constituting of elements also known for corruption (Welch, 2012).

In conclusion, my subject topic touches on basic human concerns as far as president Trump leadership and corruption influence is concerned. It has outlined the basic pointers to the fact that the president might use the white house as his liar for conducting his corruption motives. His refusal to liquidate his business by placing it on the hands of an exterior manager and rather giving it to his children is a clear show of his desire to hold onto to power using corruption means with the aid of his extensive earnings in business. In addition to this, there is a clear show of Trump’s past links with corruption including his campaign which was governed by extensive corruption channeling of campaign funds into his businesses and family. Lastly, he has been linked to corruptive individuals by use of his connections in the administration as well as intending to use his personal property such as the Trump International Hotel as dwell for corruption meetings and receptions.

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