Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Assignment | Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Assignment is a solution of Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Assignment in which we discuss of various kinds of herbal medicines.

Background of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Traditional Chinese Medicines having a history of around 2,500 years and within their medicine practices they make inclusion of various kinds of herbal medicines, acupuncture, massage (tui na), exercise (qugong) and dietary therapy. Primarily it get utilised as complementary alternative medicine approach. In China traditional Chinese medicine is utilised widely and effective increase within the market of Europe and North America.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Assignment | Traditional Chinese medicineTCM places little emphasis over the anatomical structures as it get majorly concerned towards identification of functional entities such as digestion, breathing, aging, etc. While health is considered as harmonious interaction among these entities and diseases is interpreted as an disharmony within the interaction among these entities. TCM diagnosis in order to trace out the symptoms of the disharmony and for this purpose they measure pulse, inspect the tongue, eyes and skin, looking over the eating and sleeping habits of the infected person along with many other activities.

The theory of TCM and its practice didn’t based over the scientific knowledge and their own practitioners get disagreed over the diagnosis and treatment rendered to any patient. Study supported that TCM is having low level of evidences. From the Shang dynasty around 14th-11th centuries BC there were traces of therapeutic activities in China. During the Shang there is no concept of “medicine” and there is no such evidences found that the Shang nobility make use of herbal remedies. As per the Documentation of Chinese materia medica there are only dozens of drugs were described during dates back to around 1100 BC. With the end of 16th century there was effective increase in the number of drugs documentation as it become close to 1,900. And at the end of the last century the records of CMM stated that the record reached out 12,800 drugs.

There were stones and bone needles found within their ancient tombs that support the thinking that acupuncture might get utilised at the time of Shang dynasty. There are various methods get utilised such as Yin and yang (it is the symbol of balance as in order to attain good heath there must be a balance among yin and yang), five phase theory (five phases include wood, fire, earth, metal and water). In order to describe the  disharmony pattern they make use of six excesses as it displayed certain typical symptoms and these symbols resemble the effects of six different climatic factors such as wind, cold, fire or heat, dampness, dryness and summer heat.

There was a eight principles of diagnosis such as exterior, interior, cold, heat, deficiency, excess, yin and yang.


Infinitus is incorporated in the year 1992 by Mr. Lee Man Tat who was Chairman of Lee Kum Kee Group met up with Mr. Zhao Yun Hong who was president of First Military Medical University during a friendly visit. During this visit both leaders share their vision that helps in transforming as well as upgrading the traditional Chinese medicine industry. They both looking over the huge market which is enough potential and advantageous for this industry. With this effect Infinitus get emerged and write down a new chapter within the history of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Assignment | Traditional Chinese medicine

This company attain a glorious history of more than 125 years as it has grown from the small enterprise to the world’s largest Chinese food organisation. lee Kum Kee is thriving company and operate their functioning within 100 countries. they also operate 5 production bases all over the world and render 220 different types of products. As the time passes they retain their commitment in order to hold the legacy as well as core values. Along with this they also attain a mission of promoting the traditional Chinese herbal health products among the people of whole world.

Over the years Infinitus become an globally renowned brand and attain different synonymous such as quality, value, trusts and innovations. Within China they have their 36 branches, around 6000 speciality stores, 28 service centres and around 100 service networks. They are looking for entering into global market and it is their business strategy. For this purpose the already identified key markets and build business strategy in order to expand their business at global level.

Infinitus make effective and systematic modernization of TCM in the recent decades and make its integration with western medicine that results into new healthcare model which is effectively adopted around the globe. They are highly focused over the health promotion and disease prevention as per the findings with the help of their latest scientific research made over the integration of modern western medicine and TCM. The health products of Infinitus get developed over the TCM concepts. As they make use of the Chinese herbs in order to stimulate the body’s immunity and resistance. It helps in adjusting the physiological functions of all body parts and organs get recovered through self-regulation and self repairing. Infinitus health product get preferred due to their high level of quality, safety and efficiency.

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