Tourism Policy Assignment Help

Tourism Policy Assignment Help

Tourism Policy Assignment Help is a solution of Tourism Policy Assignment Help in which we discuss The principal tourist destinations in UK is undoubtedly London with Tower of London being the most visited tourists’ destinations.

Tourism Policy Assignment HelpWith rapid increase in the global rise of popularity of tourism industry, UK has emerged as 8th biggest tourist destination across the globe with approximately 34.4 million tourists visiting the nature’s heaven alone in 2014. Reports published in Visit Britain suggest that more than 17.2 billion US dollars was spent by foreign tourists in UK and America continues to be an invaluable inbound market with American tourists expending £2.1 billion in 2010. The principal tourist destinations in UK is undoubtedly London with Tower of London being the most visited tourists’ destinations.
Tourism industry has emerged has one of the biggest industries in UK and is continuing to grow rapidly, with an annual revenue generation of around £106bn. UK’s tourism industry provides employment to over 2 million people. The tourism sector in England is vibrant and vital, making up almost 80% of UK’s total visitor economy. The travel and tourism industry in UK has been immensely benefited with rise in the economic conditions. Increase in domestic trips, inbound arrivals and outbound departures have been beneficial for the industry.  UK offers its visitors with an incredible range of tourist attractions which further contributes in increasing its GDP from the industry. UK is an eminently accessible country with multiple international airports such as Heath row and Newcastle International, extensive roadways, Channel Tunnel and world class railways network.

Tourism Policy Assignment Help

Key concepts in tourism, policy and planning
Tourism can be described as a social, cultural and economic event that eventually is related to moving of people to places that are far away from their residence and pleasure being the key motivation behind this movement. The most basic concept of tourism usually is based on people moving outside within a city, state, country or overseas. There are many people like travel agents, guides, transporters, sellers etc. involved in offering the tourism services. With the change in modern times, a constant change and evolution can be seen in the tourism industry mainly due to the fact that tourism industry is linked with various other industries like aviation, accommodation, handicrafts, telecommunications etc. The tourism industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing industry across the globe and the reasons behind its growth are rise in disposable incomes, increased leisure time and falling costs of travel. (Dwyer, Forsyth and Dwyer, 2010) Tourism is growing constantly with rise in technologies helping a traveller to get information on numerous destinations and rise in the automated services of travel agencies. The most important key for better understanding of tourism is a fact that any other industry is not linked with numerous varied products and services and other business segments of the economy. Tourism policies are radical actions, protocols, mandates, principles and procedures that are further set in a legal framework which eventually is focused on issues and represents a community’s intent to productively meet planning, development, product/services, marketing, goals and objectives of sustainability for tourism’s futuristic growth. The main aim behind formation of a tourism policy is to enhance a nation’ and its citizens progress and simultaneously escalate the positive benefits of the activities of tourism. For being effective, tourism policy, planning and development has to be designed within both public and private sectors framework in order to set goals and preferences for navigating the tourism industry’s growth whereas tourism planning considers the needs of people planning a trip and further making use of those factors in identifying best resources, programs and activities for the trip. It involves coordination with government agencies for improving tourism-related infrastructure and also extends the participation of private sector, hotels and restaurants, travel transport etc. (Castellani and Sala, 2010)

Tourism Policy Assignment Help History of tourism, policy and planning

The history of tourism is believed to be 2000 years older. The trend of travelling had initiated when the rich people of ancient Rome started to travel away from the city to the countryside and the coast for spending their summers. Very soon a tourist industry sprang up for catering the travel and accommodation needs of the Romans but the industry doomed with the end of Roman Empire. However, in the medieval era, tourism reappeared because of expanding interests in pilgrimages. Bu the major factors behind the establishment of global tourism was health and culture. People who could afford vacations would plan to visit seaside towns of 18th century Europe and the English people would go for educational holidays to countries like Italy. Entrepreneurs began to build tourist hotels with a framework of roads, carriages and ferries when industrialization across Europe gave birth to a prosperous middle class who had an ample amount of free time. This was the time when tourism started to the shape of an international business. From the early 19th century, tourism was a popular and steady industry but was extravagant and was restricted to few locations. The scenario changed in 1960s when there was a rise in the number of people having disposable incomes to spend lavishly on holidays. Also, with the emergence of reasonably-priced commercial aircrafts helped in the rise of tourism. With the arriving of mass tourism there was also a remarkable growth in facilities. For example, the fishing villages in southern coastal lines of Spain became a household name. The entrepreneurs capitalized the rise in demand of tourist attractions and invested on constructing leisure and theme parks. (Krutwaysho and Bramwell, 2010)

Tourism Fieldwork Report

How to better the fieldwork?
It can be done by surveying more tourists in order to avail a reliable result and staying on the task round the clock. It is equally important that all the members involved contribute immensely in accomplishing various parts of the fieldwork. The primary data involved in the fieldwork should be the tourists’ survey questions and land use survey, photo evidences and the secondary data are internet resources.

Sustainable tourism

With the changing times tourism has positioned itself as a rapid growing industry around the globe and also is a key source foreign exchange and employment for developing countries that further help into revitalizing the local economies. Despite all this, tourism also has its own share of problems such as social disturbance, loss of cultural heritage, economic dependence and degradation of the ecology. This has enhanced a sense of responsible holidays or sustainable tourism amid travellers such as nature-based tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism. The tourism activities need to be sustainable in whichever form like holidays, business and adventure travel and ecotourism. (Liburd and Edwards, 2010) Sustainable tourism aims in providing the travellers with a holiday that is both exciting and educational which is also beneficial for the host country. It is important that sustainable tourism makes the highest use of resources that are environmental and act as the key component in developing tourism, maintenance of crucial ecological processes and assist in conserving the natural heritage and biodiversity.

Tourism Policy Assignment Help

Sustainable tourism must respect the host countries socio-cultural authenticity, preserve both manmade and living cultural heritage and traditional values and simultaneously contribute in understanding the inter-cultural and tolerance. Sustainable tourism should also ensure the long-term economic operations and offer socio-economic perks to all stakeholders. The development of sustainable tourism needs a knowledgeable participation of the stakeholders along with a strong political leadership for ensuring extensive participation and consensus building. Attaining of sustainable tourism is an endless process which needs constant monitoring of its impacts and undertakes preventive measures whenever necessary. Sustainable tourism must also maintain tourist satisfaction at the highest level by furnishing a worthwhile experience to tourists and spreading awareness about sustainability issues and advocating the practices of sustainable tourism. (Buckley, 2012)
With the help of this unit I have developed a better understanding on tourism industry, its policies and planning. Moreover, this industry furnishes ample career opportunities in airlines, cruises and other transport industries, hotels and resorts, event planning etc. The tourism industry which operates in an environment that is extremely competitive, the most important lesson that I have learned for my professional career is that I need to evolve a firm business knowledge and customer service skills in order to establish myself as a successful professional.


At the end of this discussion we are able to understand that tourism industry is extremely dynamic and competitive in nature which needs to develop the ability to get adapted to the constantly changing needs and desires of the customers as the major focus of the tourism business is to furnish satisfaction, safety and enjoyment to the travellers. Tourism, specifically has made ample contributions in the economic development of developing and under developed nations


Buckley, R., 2012. Sustainable tourism: Research and reality. Annals of Tourism Research, 39(2), pp.528-546.
Castellani, V. and Sala, S., 2010. Sustainable performance index for tourism policy development. Tourism management, 31(6), pp.871-880.

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