The Values of Liberalism and Representative Democracy


The Values of Liberalism and Representative DemocracyRepresentative democracy can be considered as a particular form of democracy, which is established basis on the principles and values of the elected officials. These elected officials generally oppose the concept of direct democracy or represent a group of some individuals. Representative democracy is also considered as in direct democracy. Alternatively, liberalism can be regarded as an important viewpoint in the field of world political science. The liberalism is regarded as an important political worldview or philosophy developed on the ideas of equality and liberty. This is an important aspect to discuss that the concept of liberalism was introduced from the European regions. Several countries and states across Europe established liberalism and representative democracy in order to maintain liberty and equality within the society. Slowly and gradually, the concepts, principles and values of liberalism spread beyond the European regions and other Western regions. The example of Russia, Iraq and Iran can be considered in which the values of representative democracy and liberalism spread successfully. This essay will examine the widespread of the values of representative democracy and liberalism beyond the Western world.  The examples of Russia, Iraq and Afghanistan will be discussed in this essay.


Terrorism has become as one of the critical socio-political challenges in this world in the contemporary era. It is acceptable that the majority of the countries in the western world are suffering from this particular challenge. Majority of the European countries and the United States of America is suffering from the particular issue. It is clear from the particular investigation that different Islamic terrorist groups situated in the Middle-Eastern countries and Afghanistan. The concept of terrorism had evolved in the French revolution. The concept of terrorism is one of the major reasons behind the growth of the inequality and liberalism related issues. The post 9/11 era experienced the liberalism in Afghanistan and Iraq. These countries along with other M idle east countries and Pakistan are suffering from illiberal approaches initiated by the Islamic extremist groups, which are affecting the sustainable social growth, economic growth and political stability of the country. Most importantly, it is also acceptable that the majority of these countries are facing economic challenges due to poor social infrastructure and political inabilities. Therefore, the youths are joining the extremist terrorist groups in order to take care of the economic sustainability of the family members. Alternatively, lack of education and knowledge about Jihad and other religious aspects among the people of young generation is also allowing the extremist terrorism leaders to do brain wash of such individuals. These are the major reasons behind the illiberal approaches and growing terrorism activities. Such approaches are also becoming a serious concern for the majority of the countries across the, especially the countries of the Western World. Most importantly, the federal government of the United States of America along with other European alliances have tried their level best to uproot the root cause of this terrorism problem by maintain equality, peace and liberalism within the states and countries. In this particular related discussion, the example of Afghanistan can be considered here.

Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS are considered as three notorious extremist Islamic terrorist groups. , which have a strong presence in Afghanistan. The Terrorist attack on 9/11 forced the Federal government and security agency of the United States of America to take a step forward in order to reduce the possibilities of the external threat factors on the internal security of the country. This particular concept has allowed United States of America to maintain liberalism and equality in Afghanistan. This is acceptable that the majority of the political scientists have stated that the degree of democracy, equality and liberalism is low in Afghanistan and such country. In the year 2011, the Federal Government of USA decided to bring democracy and liberalism in Afghanistan. The concept of representative democracy was establish through the efforts of American Army and Northern Alliance in  Afghanistan, which is considered as an important example of the establishment of  Democracy, liberalism and rights of election. Similar kinds of approaches were considered by the Federal government of the United States of America towards the reconstruction of Iraq.

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