The Role of Technology in Education

Heather K. Abbott



THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATIONThe Role of Technology in Education

Through the past couple decades, technology and correlating media has become an integral part of society and entwined its methodologies within our educational system.  For many years, veteran educators were suspicious and anxious about integrating technological tools into their daily lessons.  However, now that proper teacher preparedness has taken place before instilling new innovations, they have developed newfound revelations such as: a new appreciation for the world, education as a profession, empathy towards others, and more about who they are personally as a teacher.

The integration of technology into the classroom has transformed and transcended the way in which teacher’s approach lessons and given them new insight into possible comprehensive activities they may have not been able to do in the past.  This is because we have entered a new interconnected, network world and society where more and more individuals now have easy access to the Web and its continually growing body of knowledge.


Technology has completely changed our mindsets looking towards the potentials of technologies in terms of pedagogy and curriculum.  “Direct learning of specific information from educational media is undeniably useful, but a goal of most (if not all) educational initiatives is to empower children to apply what they have learned to real-life problems” (Kirkorian, Wartella & Anderson 46).  Overall, this is the most imperative goal in education, for students to apply what they have learned to the real world.

There will always be positive and negative aspects to introducing new and innovative tools into the curricula, however technology has inspired so many educators to challenge and motivate themselves to think differently about their profession, that the positive bears more appreciation and attention.  Students tend to become more creative, taking ownership over their learning, becoming independent.  They come to develop new connections, collaborations, and conversations that they have encompassed learning from the Web and other media related tools being utilized.  The imperative thing to remember is that like society and the world, learning never stops, it continues to change and evolve to accommodate those within it and for us to become valuable members of this society.