Taxation Law Assignment

About Taxation

Tax is financial charge imposed upon taxpayer, may be an individual or legal entity. The tax is charged to fund public expenditures by state or functional equivalent of state. Failure or resistance to pay tax is punishable by law. A number of administrative divisions also impose taxes. Taxes are of two types viz. direct taxes or indirect taxes. Income tax, negative income tax, capital gains tax, corporate tax and social security contributions are some of the taxes on income.

Property tax, inheritance tax, expatriation tax, transfer tax and wealth tax are some of the taxes on payroll or workforce. Value added tax, sales taxes, excises and tariff are some of the taxes on goods and services. Other taxes include license fees, poll tax etc. Tax law deals with the legal study of constitutional, statutory, common law, regulatory rule and tax treaty that constitute the law application to taxation. Taxes on income and wealth, taxation of capital gains and ecotax are some of the primary taxation issues faced by the government across the world.

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Taxation Law Assignment

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