Systems Operational Support Business

Systems Operational Support Business Information system has become the backbone of businesses. Information system play noticeable role in the success of business organization. Daily work done in business, communication in a business, information gathering and using that information for the benefit of business rely on the information system used by the business. Keeping the records of inventory, collecting data of customers, keeping track of stocks etc. all these task needs efficient information systems to of the important information system businesses needs in Systems Operational Support Businessoperational support is:
“Enterprise Resource Planning Systems” is an information system which supports the main Business operations of a business. E.g. HR management, finance, sales and marketing, logistics etc. ERP systems use three-tier software architecture structure which consist of user interface tier, Application tier and database tier. ERP is complex information system which helps business to effectively respond to market needs and keep the data intact for customer value creation. ERP is integrated with smaller and focused applications to include other information system and increase its functionality. (Sansbury, 2011)
Information system for operational support includes “Sales and marketing Systems” Organization use dedicated Customer Relationship management (CRM) systems to deal with the customer queries about sales and availability of products. New advance technologies are excessively used to support sales over internet. Customer’s data is collected and stored in information system which helps management to improve marketing strategy and determine the products and services they have to offer to customers. (Umar, 2003)

Describe any two examples of Differentiation Strategy?

To be different from your competitors is the key to market capitalization in competition. Business offers unique services from their competitors. Offering Innovative and quality products and services to consumer attracts new customer. Adaptive and pro-active management approach to market needs by instilling sophisticated information system to operating system can help a business organization differentiate from its competitors.
Examples of Differentiation strategy:
Let’s take two Technology Giants Apple Inc. and Dell and Study there Product differentiation Strategies and see how they respond to Consumer marketplace needs.
Businesses adapt unique Differentiation strategies to distinct its product in consumer marketplace. If we look at Apple Inc. it has targeted a specific section of consumer market. It has successfully implemented a unique Differentiation strategy to show to the Competition and consumer market that its products Stands alone from rest. Apple Inc. strength is product design. Apple Inc. offers many features in Single product. Apple Inc. offer iCloud to its customers. It allows its Customers to back up their data from multiple Apple Products online. It helps in locating lost or stolen Product. This feature Separated Apple Inc. from its competitors. Another Unique feature of Apple Inc. is SIRI.A computer program which helps Apple’s Customer with the Products. It is the first of its Kind feature used by any tech Giant. Apple has managed to differentiate their product by allowing its Customer to take help from an intelligent personal assistant in their devices.

Systems Operational Support Business

The Vision of Apple Inc. is to design premium product and charging premium prices. Its cheapest products are normally valued in mid-range. Innovative advertisement and Customer’s ensured brand loyalty allows Apple Inc. to focus on features and quality of its product without caring for prices. Its loyal customers are willingly paying more for its products. Apple Inc. has managed to create hype before launch of its new product. Apple Inc. follows Minimum Advertised price, a retail marketing strategy which forbids value added resellers and wholesalers from advertising Apple’s Inc. products below certain minimum price. Apple Inc. Gives importance to earnings over market share. Effective Pricing strategy and extending it to reach directly to final consumers through its retail and online Stores and sales workforce. Apple Inc.  Has also managed to reach out to consumer through indirect distribution channel like wholesalers, retailers and value added re-sellers. (Yeung, 2016)
Dell is another Tech Giant and is follow totally different Product differentiation strategy. The direct model Approach followed by Dell separates it from other businesses in the marketplace. Dell offers to their customers to personally modify and design the product they want. Dell is doing it to build consumer intimacy and build strong Customer relationships. Allowing Customer to customize the product as per their needs differentiate their products from others in market. This approach allows home users to customize their device online or through phone call and buy the device which has exact capability and affordability what they wanted in the device.


This Direct model Approach has reduced the Dell’s dependency on distribution channels, wholesalers and retailers. By doing this Dell has cut its operational costs which allows it to provide its devices on reasonable prices. The facility provided by Dell to its customers to buy low-priced devices and as per their requirements gives huge advantage to it. The facility to arrange easy payment methods for their products add more attraction to the Dell products. Dell’s customer support is considered one of the best in the industry. Whether it is tech support, Order support or customer support with their products. Dell has managed to entertain all its customer effectively. It offers 24/7 tech support for new customers to deals with problem in using Dell products. Other factor in dell’s Differentiation strategy is their warranty on whole package i.e. it’s hardware and software. Warranty on Its management and maintenance and storage makes it user friendly and attractive for customers. (Isobel Doole, 2008)
Companies Follow Different Strategies to Increase its customer net and provide attractive and unique products and services to its customers. We can see that Apple Inc. and Dell follows Different Product differentiation Strategies but at the same time Successful. Keeping itself informed from market needs has made it possible for them to be different from each other and other companies in the same sector. Launching Successful Differentiation Strategy is Challenge faced by management of the tech Giants.Order Now