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Stakeholders Map

System Analysis Assignment HelpPatients, Commonwealth Government, Nominated Representatives and System Developers are the 4 major stakeholders of the system.

Figure 1: My Health Records Stakeholders map

System Analysis Assignment Help the My health records system, stakeholders map is given in the above figure and the 4 stakeholders are categorized into 4 different sections like Low influence and high interest, Low influence and Low interests, High influence and low interests and high influence and high interests.

For the first category i.e. Low influence and high interest, Nominated representatives are the stakeholders. These representatives will have high interest in managing the records of the patients and has low command or influence on the system development and business marking.

For the second category i.e. Low influence and Low interests, Application designers and developers are the stakeholders. Designers and developers will have always low interest and low influence on the overall functionality of the My health record systems. They doesn’t influence the system design or customer requirements and thus they have low interest of the actual functional requirements of the system as well

For the third category i.e. High influence and low interests, Government bodies of the proposed system are the stakeholders. Government agencies will have high influence in terms of defining the system requirements analysis and defining the functional and non functional requirements and low interest in the system development strategies as they might be not technically sound on the development tools and techniques

For the fourth quadrant or the 4th category i.e. high influence and high interests are the stakeholders. My health records system is intended for the patients, where are the main users of system and have high influence and interest in the entire system requirements and functionality development


Primary source of information related to the security policies and functionalities of the My Health Records system is gathered from Government agents using the following questionnaire

  1. Why the health record information of patients is required?
  2. What type of health information is required for development of this system?
  3. What are the security concerns in terms of using the patients’ health records?
  4. How do you need to protect the data of patient health information?
  5. What archiving techniques are required to store the patient health records or data?
  6. Why it is important to have security for the patient’s health records?
  7. How do you ensure the credentialed of the patients and representatives?
  8. What type of authentication is required to validate the login of agents, representatives and patients?
  9. How do you need to prevent the unauthorized access of the patient health records?
  10. Any additional network and information security infrastructure required?

Use case Model for My Health Record system

My Health record system use case diagram is given

Figure 2: Use case diagram for My Health Record System

Description of these use cases and the actors is given in the below tables


Use case nameMy health Records


DescriptionWith the My Health Record system, patients will register with the system by providing the details required. A Personal Access Code is generated by the Nominated Representatives and renewed for every 3 months. Registered patients will check and update the respective health records.
Preconditions·         Patients should be approved by the Commonwealth Government before getting the registration codes

·         Patients should have an attendant details also to use this system

Post conditionsRegistered patients will check and update the respective health records.  Also patients can regenerate the PAC once it gets expired

Nominated Representative use case

Use case nameMy health Records



DescriptionPatients will be registered to the system by the Nominated Representatives. Representatives will issues a PAC and renew it for 1 month to authenticate the patients. Also, Representatives will follow the security instructions from the Government agents to protect the patient health records.
ActorsNominated Representatives
PreconditionsCommonwealth Government should approve the representatives to make them Nominated Representatives


Post conditionsRepresentatives will approve the patient login or registration requests via generation and renewal of Personal Access Codes.


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