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Sustainability Energy Consumption Assignment The conception of sustainability binds together the three different aspects of economic, social and economic well-being.  The ideal way to describe a sustainable building is to call them a zero-impact building, which means they have no negative impacts on the sustainable aspects.  Sustainable construction can be defined as a responsible operation, supply and maintenance of the buildings that Sustainability Energy Consumption Assignment | Energy Products &ampmeets the requirement of their owners and the users over the buildings lifespan with minimal negative environmental impacts.

For a building to be sustainable structurally, there is need to sustain the entry consumption of the building which include aiming to build a green building as well as allowing natural lighting into the building during the daytime while providing cooling systems especially in areas such as the gulf regions where it is mostly hot in temperature throughout the year.

To provide the sustainability measures for the upcoming campus some materials are proposed to deliver an adequate energy consumption, these materials are prefabricated insulated precast concrete panels, double glazed facades and green roofing system.

The prefabricated insulated precast concrete panels include the walls, columns and slabs which excels in sound and heat insulation. Double glazed façade provides a natural lighting inside the building and the double glazing provides a better resistance to thermal heat over single glazed facades which would make it a good option for all seasons in UAE.

Relationships with existing buildings

With the previous relationship with the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK), there would have been to evaluate further things with close by buildings. However, with the recent separation of the two Universities, there will not be any further relationship apart from the pedestrian entrance which comes through the AURAK back gate.

Ease of Maintenance and flexibility for future use including disposal/demolition

To reduce the cost of maintenance and flexibility, classes will continue as usual for students still taking classes during the summer in classrooms 8 through 15 which are located off the main university building. However, the same classrooms will have to provide for staff offices. Considering construction commences on …… the rooms will be enough as a temporary engagement as most students will be on vacation at the time.

Other factors considered relevant

After years of development, construction technology in precast concrete panel system is now optimized for sustainability. This proven technology is resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes. It is designed to adapt to the harshest climates in the North or the tropics and the prefabricated panels can be sent by sea container worldwide. This major technological advance allows the construction of extremely durable buildings, fireproof and soundproof and especially economical to build and maintain while having very high energy efficiency in heating and air conditioning. This makes these structures environment friendly.

The panels are structural concrete panels with reinforced concrete 10cm thick to which is added a slight internal structure steel, non-bearing, only for insulation and installation of interior finish. After installation, the floors can rely on the structural concrete panels for mounting the assembly of the building on the 2 floors. The structural concrete panels are very heavy, but their thickness excavates the patterns in the concrete mass which really gives the impression of carved stone. This helps in creating impressive and sustainable designs.

Precast concrete panel system has the bearing structure of steel stud with an outer covering of 5cm decorative concrete. The external appearance is quite similar to structural concrete panels but the decorative elements are applied on the surface and glued to the concrete panels using XDR adhesives. These panels are cheaper, easier to assemble and transported in maritime containers. For instance, the panels can be sent by container all over the world from the place of manufacture. The steel structure of hybrid boards can support up to 6 floors, so for a 2 floor building they will provide a highly sustainable choice.

Sustainability Energy Consumption Assignment | Energy Products &amp

Panels form a composite system or the individual components contribute to the performance of the assembly. The decorative concrete 5 cm panel is armed and structurally similar to the studs of steel plates. The concrete has a strength of 40 MPa (5800 psi), and contributes to the rigidity of the wall and especially its bracing. Glass fiber connecting plates are an important innovation because it eliminates all thermal bridges and all problems corrosion of fasteners. This is another factor which contributes to the sustainability. The spray polyurethane coating on the concrete casing is partially steel timber binding timber to concrete and supporting the timber laterally. This binding of the concrete with steel enables two materials to work as a composite system. It can be applied in 5 to 15 cm in order to obtain the thermal resistance desired in relation to climate.

The sprayed urethane factory creates an air barrier and a continuous and permanent vapor barrier. The joints are sealed on site with urethane. It is not necessary to add another air barrier or vapor barrier and is very suitable and sustainable in extreme climate conditions. The outer covering is monolithic concrete. There are no mortar joints where water can seep in and so it is maintenance free. This is a high quality concrete resistant to corrosion by salt air environment. In addition to being 25% more economical than a masonry veneer, this durable concrete wall makes it impact resistant, fire resistant for 2 hrs, rot-proof and sound-absorbing. The design of the joints between the panels is completely sealed and requires no caulking. Hybrid walls virtually eliminate the risk of mold. They contain no material that can absorb and retain water. They have no thermal bridge that can cause condensation and is sealed with sprayed urethane continuously forming a vapor barrier and a perfect air barrier and permanent against exfiltration and infiltration of wet air. Finally, the steel timber facilitates the passage of electrical wiring and piping. These all features make it environment friendly as the release of pollutants accompanied during construction are minimal.Order Now