Survey Methodology and Sampling Frame

Survey Methodology and Sampling Frame


 Survey Methodology and Sampling FrameIn the present years, the Food Discount Retailing in Greater London has risen to record levels. This has followed a time of gradual rise in the number of stores and also greater favorable trading conditions for the discounters which ultimately resulted in the global financial problem and recession during the late of the 20th century.  The deep discounters have got attractive growth prospects though the market share has dropped slightly in these few months in the store networks of Greater London. The main aim of this paper is to see that where the discount retailers could expand in the future, basically by WM Morrison.

Task 1

P1.1 collection of primary and secondary data

Data are considered to be the basic input in any decision making process in business. The collection of primary and secondary data is very essential in order to undertake proper business decision.

The data which is collected for the first time in order to conduct the research is called primary. The primary data helps a researcher to conduct the research by analysing the current data collected from the research.  The primary data collected in the research will help to address the targeted problems. The primary data is useful for current as well as future studies. The primary data collected can be examined and interpreted by the marketing based on their needs. The primary data is considered to be a very essential tool as they are accurate for analysis. However, the collection of primary data requires great effort of the researcher and is quite time consuming. The primary data collection is also expensive

In the course of market research, the plan for collection of primary of consumer behaviour will involve survey questionnaire which is helpful in deriving knowledge on a matter or a process. We will get a number of solutions from the questions placed on the survey conducted, in a survey questionnaire. The questions will be asked to the people targeted and their responses will be counted for the purpose of reaching a decision and thereby after researching it will help the management of WM Morrison to set the plans and ideas thereby.

Different customer bases have been profiled in Yorkshire and London and the growth of the discounters has also been plotted in Greater London. This will help to throw questions on the target users and non-users regarding their primary food destination.

Secondary data can be defined as the data which has been gathered previously for some another purpose. Thus, secondary data is the data which is being reused. The collection of secondary data required less effort of the researcher. The collection of secondary data is time saving and is not expensive. The secondary data can be gathered from internet, books, magazines, journals.

In the current scenario, the management of Morrison’s can gather the secondary data from journals, internet and web about the different ways to provide food discount retailing that will be able to satisfy their customers.

P1.2 survey methodology and sampling frame used for a survey

In relation with the plan selected to undertake the Food Discount Retailing in Greater London, the management can decide to initiate a survey that will accumulate the opinions of the potential users or non-users of Discount Food Retailers. The survey will be initiated rigorously to accumulate and produce the unbiased views of the target people which in turn will help in getting an idea that whether undertaking the Food Discount Retailing in Greater London will be a helpful step to meet the price wars and also the edge of competition (Groves, 2004).

The management have decided to conduct the survey on nearly 200 people including users and non-users of Discount food retailers, and ask them the below selected questions face to face and their views will be accumulated as responses for the research and that will be used for future analysis by the company. A presentable questionnaire has been framed for carrying out the survey. A questionnaire has been prepared to pick the response of 100 randomly selected people. The survey questionnaire will be set in such a way that the people can easily answer them and the questions are not confusing to them.

Sample frame is said to be the selected quantity of the population upon whom the survey will be taken. The sample frame selected for the purpose of conducting the survey is 100 users and non-users (Mäkelä and Huhtanen, 2010).

P1.3 Questionnaire for a survey

A questionnaire is regarded as a set of questions that are mainly used for the purpose of conducting a survey. Designing a questionnaire requires a definite purpose. The questions that are included in a questionnaire are asked to a selected sample population in order to get their opinion, which are very vital for the market (Survey Questionnaire, 1981). The framing of a questionnaire include three important steps, which are mentioned below:

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Direct
  • Relevant to the issues.

Everything has its advantage as well as disadvantage. In this case, preparing a questionnaire also includes both the advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of using a questionnaire for conducting a survey is that one can ask various questions to the public over a single topic. On the other hand the disadvantage of using questionnaire is that it is a time consuming activity (Brace, 2008).

In this case, the management of WM Morrison is undertaking a survey with the use of questionnaire. It will contain various questions that will be asked to the selected population and mainly the purpose of the questionnaire is to gather the opinion of the sample population regarding their attitude and behaviour of food discount retailing.

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