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Tips By Expert To Structure A Dissertation

Ph.D. is the highest level of hierarchical Structure A Dissertation Assignment Helpstructure of education system. Ph.D. courses are generally dissertation oriented. The main objective of Ph.D. courses is to nurture student’s aptitude. A Ph.D. holder has some responsibility towards the nation as his research paper contributes to the growth of education sector of that particular nation. Due to continuous evolving of the education system, the task of writing thesis or dissertation has been introduced at the Master’s level too. The terms thesis and dissertation are mostly used as synonyms, but there exists a minor distinction between them. A thesis is considered to be big version of the dissertation. In thesis, one has to include statements in support of the proposed hypothesis. Writing a dissertation follows a particular structure; if students will not follow that specific structure their work may get rejected.

.The dissertation is considered to be a lengthy piece of formal document that argues in defense of a particular issue. The essential features of a good dissertation are –

  • • Practical implications and originality.
  • • Extensive and relevant material
  • • Researcher raises significant demonstration of the issues.
  • • Appropriate analyzing, interpretation and evaluation of the collected data.
  • • Systematic collection of data and evidences.
  • • Accurate presentation of the data, evidence and facts.
  • • Ability to think critically. This helps to raise discussion of the issues and not just presentation of findings.
  • • Comprehension of the arguments in defense of the particular issue.

Writing dissertation is not easy, it follows a particular project. Let us go through some easy tricks to structure a dissertation –

1. The writer should have a clear idea about the format of a dissertation – Students start composing their dissertation proposals without having adequate information about the structure of a dissertation paper. This is the first mistake they make. The success of a dissertation relies heavily on its format. If the students do not structure dissertation appropriately, it may get rejected. Therefore, your dissertation or thesis needs to be well structured. Students should arrange their proposal paper in the given format.

2. Avoid superficiality – The second mistake that can ruin the efforts of students is to compose a whimsy content or text. Most of the students do not do sufficient research work, and it leads to this consequence. An essential characteristic of a dissertation paper is more depth of knowledge and interpretation. Students have to go through the following steps if they don’t want to commit the mistake.

  • • Collect data from authentic and relevant resources.
  • • Do an adequate research work
  • • Do not adopt any shortcut methods
  • • Give priority to in-depth knowledge

• Analyze each aspect of your research topic appropriately

The research question is considered to be the most important part of a research paper. It can be stated that the outcome of a research mainly depends on the proposed research questions and statements. Do avoid this mistake if you want to draft a perfect dissertation.

3. Never select a complicated research topic – According to many students, choosing a complicated topic is the best way to convince the examiner. The task of writing a dissertation paper can become more complicated by choosing a complex topic and this can make the content of a research paper very mediocre. Students should remember that confidence is good, but overconfidence can lead one to destruction. It is always suggested to choose a simple topic so that it becomes easy to find out the new aspects that have not been dealt with before because a complicated research topic can create several loopholes in the proposed hypothesis.

4. Avoid tedious topics – Nobody like dull texts. When students are choosing the topic for the dissertation, they should always try to select interesting topics. If they choose an uninteresting topic, they may lose interest in writing dissertation paper. A tedious topic leads to a tedious text. Students cannot convince their examiner by writing long and uninteresting research paper. Therefore, choose an attractive and interesting topic for composing a catchy dissertation paper.

5. Maintain a balance – An unorganized research paper may not be accepted. Students have to keep a consistency throughout the entire dissertation. They have to keep it in mind that a particular chapter of the dissertation must lead to the consequent chapters.

6. Not to paraphrase from the already existing work – An ideal dissertation paper must be 100% original. Students have to find out new ideas and new perspectives of the research field selected. Students should not copy someone else’s idea.

7. Never hesitate to ask for help – Proper guidance is required to conduct the research properly. Students should always consult their guide for drafting an error free dissertation.

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