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Executive Summary

 Strategy Management helpThe UK healthcare industry is developed basis on faith, care and transparency. The companies affiliated by NHS understand the value of high quality care, innovative operation management process and customer satisfaction. White Cross Health Center is an emerging healthcare service providing firm, which focuses on integration of innovation. The consideration of employee friendly culture and specific organizational communication network helped the company management of White Cross Health Center to develop a strong relationship between the employees, management and other stakeholders. Time efficiency and cost efficiency oriented approaches should be integrated in order to improve the degree of innovation.

1.0  Introduction

White Cross Health Center is considered to be one of the emerging and highly popular healthcare service providing organizations in UK, which is headquartered in London. The company started its operation management journey in the year 2001. The company offers the health care services to the people and students of London. The company management of White Cross Health Center has appointed the skilled, dedicated and knowledgeable nurses, doctors as well as different health workers to offer differentiated healthcare services within the community.

1.1 Background

People of UK were suffering from different types of healthcare challenges during the post Second World War era. The establishment of National Healthcare Service helped people of UK to receive valuable healthcare services through the integration of care and strong administrative control. The strong administration of NHS also helped the development of several independent healthcare service providing organizations and health centers. White Cross Health Center is one of these health centers. The company started its business journey in the year 2001 and the help of important stakeholders has helped the company management to satisfy the needs and demands of the target customers within the community. The company management of White Cross Health Center has adopted different types of leadership, managerial, organizational culture and innovative management strategies. All the strategic management approaches will be analyzed in this report.

2.0 Leadership and Managerial Approaches

The decision makers and the strategy developers of White Cross Health Center have adopted the transformational leadership approach. According to this leadership approach, all the healthcare staffs, doctors, nurses and social workers are strongly allowed to share their views. Overall, the major aim of the management of White Cross Health Center is to maintain a strong workplace environment in which doctors, nurses, all the social workers and all the healthcare workers will be satisfied enough regarding their job roles and activities. It also helps them to participate in the possible change management approaches with the positive frame of minds (Wheelen& Hunger, 2017). Therefore, the adoption of the transformational leadership approach by White Cross Health Center is highly justified.

In terms of the managerial approaches, the management body of White Cross Health Center has adopted and implemented the democratic management approach. The consideration of the democratic approach always helps the decision makers and evaluators to focus on the workplace demands and job satisfaction of all the employees and staffs. Overall, the major aim of the company regarding the creativity and innovation management has allowed the management of White Cross Health Center to adopt the transformational leadership approach as well as democratic managerial approach.

2.1 Organizational Development

An organizational development theory can be applied in this part of the report to analyze the characteristics of the organizational development process adopted by White Cross Health Center. An organization either can adopt the centralized organizational culture or the decentralized organizational culture. Before going into the critical analysis regarding the organizational development process of White Cross Health Center, it is important for the researcher to determine the basic concepts of two organizational development theories (Alegre et al., 2013).

In the centralized organizational culture, the company management and decision makers always try to take entire control over the decision making and strategy development process. The management and leaders of the companies in the centralized culture used to consider the authoritative approach. On the other hand, the company management with the decentralized approach always focuses on the establishment of the transformational approaches and democratic approaches. In this decentralized culture, the company managements always focus on effective employee collaboration and stakeholder co-operation.

In terms of the organizational development process of White Cross Health Center, the company management always focuses on enhancement of the job satisfaction of employees and staffs. In addition, it is already clarified from the previous section that the management of White Cross Health Center is habituated with the implication of democratic management approach and transformational leadership approach for the better employee management and positive workplace performance (Hill et al., 2014). White Cross Health Center is operating within a sensitive service providing industry in which care and treatment are two important and fundamental aspects of growth and sustainability. The consideration of the decentralized approach has helped White Cross Health Center regarding this particular aspect.

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