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Strategy Assignment HelpStrategy is derived from a Greek word strategic meaning art of troop leader. It is a plan of high level used to achieve goals under the condition of uncertainty. Since the resources to be used for achieving goals are limited, it is important to make strategy. Preparing a strategy involves setting up goals and utilization of resources to achieve them. It describes how to achieve goals with help of available resources. It can be considered as pattern of activities required by the organization for adapting to the environments or change in environments. Strategic thinking and strategic planning are some of the activities that are involved in strategy.

According to Professor Richard P. Rumelt, a strategy has 3 components that can be collected considered to as kernel viz. diagnosis, guiding policy and coherent actions. Diagnosis defines the nature of challenge, guiding policy deals with that challenge and coherent actions are designed for carrying out the guiding policy. Strategy basically involves 2 processes viz. formulation and implementation. While formulation involves analysis of the environment, making diagnosis and developing guiding policy, implementation involves the action plans required to achieve goals led by the guiding policy.

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Strategy Assignment Help

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