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Strategic Value of Human Resource Management


Strategic Value of Human Resource ManagementFor becoming the pioneer of the industry, it is necessary for organizations in the current economy to upgrade the existing management techniques and fulfil respective corporate social responsibilities (Lo, Macky & Pio, 2015). In order to fulfil the above-mentioned vision, human resource management (HRM) needs to undergo several changes and implement innovative tools inside the working pattern of the organizations. Apart from creating and sharing cordial relationship with the employees the performance of HRM department is also vital in terms of assessing the internal conditions and executing several environmental techniques to become unique and gain competitive advantage in the market field. Moreover, the following study would elaborate about the strategic value of HRM in terms of incorporating environmental management techniques and enhancing the overall operational performance. Thus, the study would also incorporate outcomes or opinions of several authors in the above-mentioned context along with highlight some popular practices and issues.

Literature review

In the recent past, there has been a stringent increase in the need for considering the environmental perspective into the operations of the organization. This increasing awareness has led to the adoption of environmental management techniques by the organization as well as the need to understand the benefits of going green. The benefits of going green are far more than that of cost of going green (Bohdanowicz, Zientara & Novotna, 2011). The benefits lead to not only financial recompense but also the non-financial ones too. In order to ensure that the organization is moving towards green management it is important to formulate strategies for the future based on these environmental aspects (Glavas, Senge & Cooperrider, 2010). The strategic plan for the organization needs to take into account the short-term as well as the long-term objectives of the company while allocating the resources to achieve these goals. This can be done by incorporating the environmental perspective at the human resource management decision of the organization. This would enable the organization to ensure that the employees hired are being delivered the perspective of the organization. In addition to this, the practices and the training and development at the root level of human resource management drive the employees to the direction with environmental awareness.

Source: Bohdanowicz, Zientara & Novotna, 2011

The HRM of the company can help them in the environmental management and increasing the environmental awareness by green recruitment. In the opinion of Casler et al. (2010), the HRM under the green recruitment would adopt the normal recruitment process for the candidates however; the HRM would also identify the candidates based on the environmental system of the organization. However, Harmon, Fairfield & Wirtenberg (2010) argued stating that the green recruitment processes are lengthy and time consuming. Yusliza, Ramayah & Othman (2015) agreed to this and further criticized that these process of recruitment leads to effective and talent candidates being not hired just on the ground they were ineffective with the organization’s environmental management system. This green recruitment however, benefits the organization in long run as the increasing awareness among the people leads to brand image development for companies having environmental management system. In addition to this, the developed brand image of the company also leads to gaining competitive advantage over the rival businesses. As in the words of Renwick, Redman & Maguire (2013), the green recruitment system of the companies ensures that the importance of environmental consideration by the organization is convey to the employees at all the levels while on the other hand, attracts individuals who are passionate about working for environmental “green” friendly company. This role of the HRM of the company would not only enable the company to address the increasing awareness about the environment but also ensure that the reputation of the company is increased as well.

Green performance management is similar to that of the other performance management process wherein, the employees of the organization are promoted for their performance with and objective to benefit the organization in the broader terms. The green performance management however, takes into account the perspective of the company with respect to the environment and takes the issues and policies of the company with respect to the environmental concern while considering the promotion and rewarding of the employees. In the words of Jackson et al. (2011), the performance appraisal of the company enables the company to not only retain the employees but also motivate them to work harder. However, the green performance management provides the aforementioned benefit but also ensures that the company’s policies and stand towards the environment is made clear to the employees as well. The green performance management by the HRM of the company takes into account the competencies like collaboration, teamwork, and diversity etc. however, giving increasing stress towards environmental stewardship (Jabbour, Santos & Nagano, 2010). This competency enables the HRM to reinforce the core values of the company while on the other hand, making sure that the stakeholders are aware of the environmental policies and responsibilities of the company. This practices by the company forces the employees to enhance their skills and knowledge while on the other hand helping the company to improve its overall environmental performance at the same time.

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