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StataCorp in 1985 created Stata which is a general-purpose statistical software package. Many businesses and academic institutions all round the globe make use of it. A majority of its users work in research, chiefly in the fields of economics and econometrics.

Stata can only open one dataset at any given point of time. Stata holds the entire dataset in (random-access or virtual) memory, which limits its use with extremely large datasets. This is mitigated to some extent by proficient internal storage, as there are integer storage types which occupy only one or two bytes rather than four, and single-precision (4 bytes) rather than double-precision (8 bytes) is the default for floating-point numbers.

The format of the dataset is always rectangular, that is, all variables hold the same number of observations (in more mathematical terms, all vectors have the same length).

Stata can import data in an array of formats. This includes ASCII data formats (such as CSV or databank formats) and spreadsheet formats (including various Excel formats).

Stata’s proprietary file formats are platform independent, so users working on different operating systems can conveniently exchange datasets and programs. Stata’s data format has evolved over time, although every Stata release does not include a new dataset format. Every edition of Stata can read all older dataset formats, and can write the current as well as the most recent previous dataset format using the command i.e. thesaveold command. Thus, the present Stata version can access datasets that were created with older versions, but older versions cannot read newer format datasets.

Stata Assignment Help

Stata can read as well as write SAS XPORT format datasets natively, using the fdause and fdasave commands. Some other econometric applications, including gretl, can directly import Stata file formats. Some basic commands of stata for regression are:

  • Regression :  Regress Y X
  • Multicollinearity :  VIF
  • Hetroscedasticity : estat hettest
  • T- tests for a variable – test x1= 0

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