Starbucks Assignment

Starbucks Assignment


Starbucks AssignmentThe market entry mode is the process by which the organization selects the various mode for their entry strategy in the international market. To understand the various impact of the market entry mode the organization Starbucks is being selected and the international market that the organization is entering is Japan, Thailand, Korea and Britain. The purpose of the paper is to provide suitable knowledge on the international market entry of the organization along with the various process and the situation within the market. The paper also discusses the analysis of the company along with the market entry theory to understand the various situation within the international market.

Organization overview

Starbuck is the American company of coffee as well as coffeehouse chain. The organization was founded in the year 1971 and they serve a huge number of location around 26700 places all over the world. Their primary products are the beverages of coffee along with the tea, baked products, and the smoothies. The total number of employees working within this organization is around 240,000 and their revenue for the year 2017 is 22.38 billion USD. This is a public organization and Kevin Johnson is the president as well as the CEO of the organization.

Literature Review

PESTLE Analysis

Political factor: The primary concern of the political factor in the home country of the organization is regarding the sourcing of the raw materials (De Villa et al., 2015). The organization is also facing regulatory pressure in their home country due to the greater scrutiny of the trade procedure that is based multinational in the US.

Economic factor: The economic driver of the organization is the recession of the global economic condition that has spoiled many companies’ profitability ratios (Surdu et al., 2018). But for the organization, this became an opportunity as the people shift their intake of coffee to the lower price alternatives rather cutting them down.

Social factor:The organization can reduce their price but they have to maintain the quality of the product and this is the key socio-cultural challenge to the organization. Another important fact of the society is that the organization in their home country is promoting the diversity as well as respect.

Technological factor:The organization has tied up with the Apple Inc. Corporation for providing suitable discount coupons with their mobile app to the customers(Laufs, & Schwens, 2014). In the various outlets of the organization the Wi-Fi facility is provided for the customers and also they have utilized the system of mobile payment.

Legal factor: The organization needs to maintain the rules and regulation of the home country as well as the source country for the supply of the raw materials. The employment law of the organization along with the health and safety regulation is being maintained by the organization to provide a suitable working function(Hernández, & Nieto, 2015).

Environmental factor:The organization uses reusable cups and also they perform recycle in the stores. The waste products have been reduced from the organization as well as the energy consumption is also being reduced(Musso, & Francioni, 2014). The organization maintains the various actions regarding the environmental law within the market.

Theories of international market entry mode

Electric theory: This theory is used for the analysis of the market entry of the organization on the basis of three factors and they are location, ownership as well as internalization. The advantages of this theory for the firm is that it provides a suitable and effective view of the selection of the appropriate location for the organization(Ozturk et al., 2015). It also provides the view on the maintenance of the competitive advantages level on the foreign market. The disadvantages that are received by the firm in this theory is that there is no perfect understanding between the two partners. Some value of the product is also lost with the transaction process within this theory.

Bargaining power theory:This theory provides the view that there is a huge struggle for the ownership of the firm within the host nation as well as the multinational corporation. The advantage of this theory is that it helps the organization to get a suitable and effective leader for the business within the market(Cavusgil et al., 2014). The disadvantage of this theory in the market entry mode is that it does not have a suitable and effective understanding of the partners and also it creates a huge disturbance in the working process of the firm. The capital intensity of the firm is getting disturbed due to this theory of the market entry mode within the international market.

Transaction cost theory:This theory is associated with the trade-off form along with the cost of the course commitment and it is also considered as the most suitable theory for the entry mode. The advantages of this theory are that it helps to measure the trade-off along with the external uncertainty of the firm as well as the free riding potential agents within the market(Ekanem, 2017). The disadvantages of this theory are that it might get involved with the huge transaction cost for the products within the market and eventually have the valuable and effective value within the market regarding the various products of the firm.

Behavioral theory:This theory provides the view on the corporate knowledge of the firm and their market entry in the various field. It can be seen that this entry theory is entirely based on the commitment of the firm. The advantages of this theory are that they provide suitable and effective entry mode for the organization within the country and also allow with the effective working function(Akerman, 2018). The disadvantage of the theory is that it makes the organization bound with their commitment regarding the various fact within the market. This theory shows the working function of the firm within the market and their variation in the various field.

Impact of market entry mode on business

The organization faces a huge impact on the market entry mode decision. The market entry mode that is suitable for the firm according to the theory is the transaction cost theory. This is the best theory that is being utilized by the organization for their various entry mode in the different country(Arango, 2017). It is clear that the organization changes their entry mode for the different country according to their culture, political system and other factors. Due to this, the impact is directly on the business operation as well as on the success of the firm. The operation of the organization varies according to the different country and this is due to the culture and the impact of the nation on the firm. It can be seen that this is the primary factor of success for the organization within the foreign market. The organization also face some of the risk in the international market regarding their employee and the legal attribution of that country. Despite all the risk and the issues that are faced by the organization they are still having the suitable impact on the development of the firm activity within the nation and gather suitable and effective success for the firm.

Company Analysis

Product, service, and position in the home country

The organization is the coffeehouse which provides various beverages along with the baked products to their customers. The company provides various kind of coffee than tea as well as a smoothie and other products to the customers. The organization provides suitable customer care along with that they prefer to give valuable customers service. It is the working function of the organization that they serve one customer at a time and this is the best way to provide entire focus on their service on one customer(Wirtz, & Lovelock, 2017). The organization also have the suitable and effective working function that allows the customers to provide suitable feedback regarding the customer’s service and the operation of the organization. The organization is having the suitable position within the market.

They provide a high quality of products with the relatively high price in the market. The organization is having the suitable and effective working function within the market that allow a variety of products in the market. It can be seen that in the term of the products the position of the organization is premium and they did not compromise on the quality of the products. The organization also maintain the suitable and effective personal relationship with the customers(Yang et al., 2017). It is essential for the firm to maintain an effective position within the market that allow the organization to provide valuable and suitable products to their customers. The organization can also reduce their price but they cannot harm the quality of the products. It can be seen that the primary position of the organization ion the market is due to the premium quality of products along with the services that are provided by the organization. The market share of the firm in the US is 39.8 percent in the coffee industry.Order Now

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