Solving Performance Problems Assignment | Problem Solving Skills

Solving Performance Problems Assignment The Deming- Shewart Cycle: This problem solving method is based on Plan, Do, Act and Check in order to improve business process. It observes the current condition of business. Plan phase recognises opportunity and plan for change in current scenario. Do phase test the change, check review the test and final stage Act defines outcome from the study. Barclays use this approach for problem solving in business.

  1. Five Why Methodology: The system ask ‘why’ five times until it catch root cause and uncover problem. During use of this method, it eliminates irrelevant assumptSolving Performance Problems Assignment | Problem Solving Skillsions and logic traps. It is necessary to apply critical principles during this method. It mainly used to find root cause and problem resolution (Jonassen, 2010).
  2. Appreciative Inquiry: It is differ from traditional problem solving that break the problem in small manageable unit. This method looks at what work in an organization identifying in positive state. It evaluates what can be done to other state make positive. It is based on Discover, Dream, Design and Destiny.
  3. Kepner- Tregoe Decision Analysis: Barclays can use this method to find best possible choice. The method is based on achieving outcomes with minimum negative consequences. It is used to clarify problematic situation. Then it outlines concern and chooses best suitable direction in order to minimize problem. The method basically finds risk and negative consequences. Therefore, organization can minimize outcome from problems by applying this method. The system gathers the information, prioritizing and evaluating data. It is mainly used for problem analyses, decision analyses, potential analyses and situation appraisal.
  4. Kaizen: Another problem solving option for Barclays is Kaizen. It is a team based method to solve problem. It uses continuous and incremental improvement approach at each level of organization. One by one investigate problems and they are solving at particular level. Kaizen method is based on project improvement and identifies pitfalls.
  5. Lean Six Sigma Method: The method uses the approach of design measure, control, analyze and improvement of system. It mainly focuses on root cause analysis, implement improvement action, and affect system action to sustain improvement. This method emphasizes on statistical tools and project selection. The method is mainly used to removing defects, and over processing.

In order to solve the problem, the top management of Barclays can use the fishbone diagram method in which organization will analyze the needs of the staff members for offering the support to maintain the positive working environment which helps to retain them and encourage the performance. By using the fish bone method, management will focus on the personnel and environmental aspects of human resource management and make changes in the process of operations to create the healthy and energetic working environment..

It has evaluated that all such methods make outline to solve problem but the main issue is skills of employees to reach at problem resolution. The organization improves skills of employees so that these tools are perfectly used (Tropp and Wright, 2010). The main issue behind above such methodology is yield the best result while it adds with good skills of employee.

Solving Performance Problems Assignment | Problem Solving Skills


With the above report it has been concluded that every organization acquires different functional areas which contribute in the achievement of a mutual goal of the business. The basic need of information system in the bank is to transform the core business activities from the conventional banking procedures to the advanced electronic processes. The report had revealed that the marketing function requires having updated information about the financial market and its activities like fluctuation in shares, bonds, debentures, etc. It is also important that the department is well aware about the changes in the fiscal or monetary policies so that to set the financial records or statements accordingly. It has been identified that there are different types of information system which are used at different level in organization. Some new trends are also emerging with such information systems in order to make the business activities much effective and profitable for the organization.


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