Software Hardware Components Assignment | Computer Hardware and Software


Software Hardware Components Assignment There are many hardware and software components those can be used to build the network with desired functionality. The hardware components like workstation are used to provide the powerful computing to accomplish the objectives with efficiency. Workstations in network are useful to view and share the information along with high performance and accuracy. Servers are main hardware components used to serve the all other Software Hardware Components Assignment | Computer Hardware and Softwarecomponents in network. User requests and file management related works are performed and controlled with the help of servers ( Servers in network system also use the switches and routers to expand the capabilities of network in term of connectivity and performance. Switches are used to utilize the network bandwidth effectively among the all users and to extend the network into multiple branches whereas routers are used to route the packet successfully to a specific destination in network.

The software components may be operating system and firewall system along with network analyser. Operating system provides the effective utilization of hardware and a platform to run the other applications to control the activities of network. Firewall is effective to manage the incoming packets and requests in network. Also the network analyzer application helps to utilize the bandwidth and resources in network by identifying the load and distribution of components ( Network analyser is also effective to maintain and troubleshoot the network services for better performance and security.

Server types and selection requirement

Amun-Ra Publishing house can select the following kind of servers in network design as each server has own features and capabilities to aid into services:

File server: The publishing house may need to share the files from Nottingham office to London office. The file server holds the all file of organization to provide the access to employees on the basis of security parameter and authentication success. In this manner, storage space can be shared and protected from authorized access.

Communication server: Both the branches of organization and working development groups need to communicate with each other ( Organization may need to setup the communication server for mail and instant replies. Communication server is useful for remote desktop broadcasting and information sharing in instant manner.

Software Hardware Components Assignment | Computer Hardware and Software

Printing server: Amun-Ra publishing may need to setup a printer in each branch so that printing work can be centralized. Local shared printing may reduce the cost and enhance the control on printing in workplace.

For Amun-Ra Publishing House, file server is recommended to implement along with communication server because most of time the different branches of organization may need to share the instant information along with files. Also the centralised file system is required to reduce the space consumption and to enhance the sharing (Mobedpour and Ding, 2013). Communication server is required to control the business activities form the Nottingham office and to instruct the development team for changes and improvements in network design. Al though, applications in publishing work are not so costly unless organization can select application server instead of file server to share the applications.

2.3 Inter-dependence of workstation hardware

Workstations are powerful computing devices in network to facilitate the employees with easy information management and accomplishment of organizational objectives. The workstations are useful to hold the local files and to operate on them effectively. Applications in workstation are useful for employees to accomplish the publishing as well as development work for organization. The entire network of publishing house can be configured to work with workstation capabilities. For instance, the routers and switches like hardware components can be configured to deliver their services to specific workstations. Also the workstations are liable to use the resources in network like printing services and shared files. The network bandwidth and performance usages are controlled with workstations. Routers and firewall needs to utilize the IP addressing of workstations so that all the devices can be identified successfully in network. Also the application in workstation helps to govern and control the routing of information in network (Chandra and Sinnen, 2010). Firewall and filtering applications are installed in workstations to keep the network safe from the unauthorised and stray packages.

The workstations are final destination in network for any package and the initiator for the communication so that it depends on the capability of workstation to utilize the wireless as well as wired connection. Workstations with wireless services may be more usable in Amun-Ra to establish the effective network system within cost and time.