Software Engineering Methodologies

Software Engineering Methodologies

Specification of a System – Wheat Truck Control System (WTCS) Software Engineering Methodologies


Software has numbers of options when it comes to solving a complex problem. There are numbers of a reason for which software is considered to be a multi-agent system. In addition to this multi-agent can provide numbers of benefits such as processSoftware Engineering Methodologiesing speed up and reliability of 10. A designer has made the concept of decision for the use of a multi-agent system. Numbers of methodologies exist for building multi-agent system. Software engineering methodology is a structure which is used for making plans, and it controls the developing process of an information system.

Each silo has its unique names and store capacity in tones that must be stored in a well-proposed system. The board has currently had 20 silos of wheat around the country. Maxi-mix is the initially used for the silo shipping. Pre-planning review will asset the satisfactory placement for Maxim ix silo? The advantage is for the process of maxi-mix is that it will promote the safety and the efficiency at the job site. It is the ability of the site administrators to have the consideration for the location that will have the good water drainage. Maxi-mix trucks needed clear open access for the delivery of the initial silo, silo refilling and the removal of the silo. The truck has capability supporting to weights up to 40 tons. The truck has to be solid and stable in all the seasons and weathers. A maxi-mix silo needs the least area of 9 feet x 9. Selecting of location is the responsibility of the end-user and site supervisor. It is the efficiency of the end-user to supply equipment to the personal operating Maxi-mix silo on site. Maxi0mix assumes no responsibility for any dust or damage from the unit of mixing.


The Z-schema defines the directions of the system. It has 2 dimensions which are:

  • State spaces
  • Operations

Z-Schema Conventions

  • Put the name of schema in the declaration part by using variables in it.
  • Name of input is ended by question Mark?
  • Input will be variable name
  • The symbol of X means that schema is not changed.
  • The post condition will be defined by using “Tel”
  • The condition of Pre is defined by using word “known”
  • The variable of output will shown by exclamation mark(!)

Wheat Truck Control System

A wheat truck control system is newly computerized system is to be developed. It is used for the storage and handling of the accountants for the wheat farmers and then the truck delivers the wheat to silos. This system could be too complicated

Date and Time

Normally the date and the time of truck delivery and shipping off-loading are maintained. We will keep a chronological count of the each silo.


HORSHAM _1, operation number 999 involved 25 tons of wheat delivered by the truck which is registered as TONKA that is owned by Jack Black from the farmer Bob Smith.

The operation 1000 was an operation of the off-leading of 125,000tons to the ship-Southern Aurora.

Electrical Requirements

A Maxi-Mix silo is supplied mixing unit which operates 220 volts, 30 mps, and single phase of power electricity. For the generator 10kw, 12.5kva is used. For the co troll panel operations 220 volts is needed. The units of Maxi-mix are approved by the ESA.

Framework of safety critical work

A framework is the formal model which abstracts the middle features of family applications. The wheat control system can be adopted or extensive to fulfill the needs of particular projects.


The value of state variable can be change by the control system which provides the collections of operations. These operations are by the Z-Scheme of operations.

For Example

Z-scheme operation has turn on the eld power of supply, unless it becomes disabled.


The law of control requires the main changes in it. Either there it will become an error or it will depend upon the current approaches of the main set point. These teach us to for writing along operational definition. Therefore, definitions of the operations usually do not include the idea of x values which is variable and will not openly changed.

Limitations of basic framework

The basic framework of wheat control center re presented in section 3 which describe most of our requirements. For the speciation style it is not very useful. Real of this system have hundreds to thousands states of variables. Furthermore, the numbers of speciation and the operations for each of the wheat takes very long times because there are too many variables conditions are to be considered.

Most Popular Methodologies managements of Today


Waterfall has to be considered basic methodologies for years. It is chronological in nature and most of the industries have used it, commonly software of development. It requires design, testing, analyzing, maintenance and its implementation which are to be executed in specific manner. A maxi-mix supplied the operating mixing units which re minimum 0f 40 PSI when it has been n operation. It recommended that the source of the water to Maxi-mix units is to be possible for silos of wheat control system. It allows increased control. It gives us the chances of offer formal planning at every stage that may increases the chance of capture the all project requirements.







Software Control and System Configuration Management

An important control software and the system of configuration management process for the fight of digital control system. Its have highly complex interactions among various hardware, software and elements of the system which is fight for the control system. The Flexible process of wheat proved us that this is easily usable process. An active and knowledgeable configuration of the board shows us the review.

Basic steps for the changing of the Configuration Management

The basic steps are the following:

  • The needs are to be identified
  • Examine the needs of the needs
  • To change the Plan
  • To implement the change

Operation Silo-Account

  1. Selecting the operations of Silo-account
  2. The delivery of the truck for the silo should be display
  3. Sum of amount of delivered wheat

(Sum= weight (truck1+trcuk2+…….truck n)

  1. Display the sum

Progress report and preliminary evaluation

We only attempt the function aspects of the system. The Z scheme does not provide the building of facilities. If we are decided to formalize the features we have to select a documents suited which suits on them. The Z scheme provides a discipline to the organization which is to be supported by textbooks nd the tools for the preparation of the documents. The Z scheme helps in for supplemented the address of the wheat control system.

Global number of the Count Operation of Vehicle tones for farmers of wheat control system

Following are the operations:

12336 HORSHAM_1 999 Load Tonka 25 smiths, Bob

12337 MELBOURNE 555 load DUPLO 20 Jones, Mark

12338 HORSHAM_1 1000 Off-load Southern Aurora 125, 00


Dan Craigen. FM89: Assessment of formal methods for trustworthy computer systems. In 12th International Conference on Software Engineering Proceedings, pages 233{235. IEEE Computer Society, 1990.

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