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Executive Summary

Love and care is the basic requirement for the family to stand happily. The children require clinical benefits to recover from their health problems and psychological disorders can be recovered with the help of counselling session. Social workers help in sorting out the mutual problems or sometimes appoint Councillors in case of severe problems. The family needs mutual understanding to lead a healthy life. Communication and discussion can eradicate most of the problems of our life by developing a feeling of the existence of the one who will be there to listen. A social worker thus plays a crucial role in solving very problems and building relationships with a great care. 

Table of Contents

Part 1: Assessment Report 4

Name and relationship of the people: 4

Historical information: 4

Needs and wants involved in the situation. 4

Severity of the situation. 4

Extent of the present situation to be a problem.. 5

Consequences of the problem.. 5

Strengths and skills of the participants. 5

Play out of class, gender and ethnicity. 5

Existence of support system.. 6

Plan of intervention. 6

Part 2 Critical Reflection. 7

Bibliography: 9 

Part 1: Assessment Report

Name and relationship of the people:

Rena Smith: She is the wife of Harry Smith and mother of William and Victoria.

Harry Smith: He is the husband of Rena Smith and father of Williams and Victoria.

William: He is a six years old son of Rene and Harry and brother of Victoria.

Victoria: She is a four years old daughter of Rene and Harry and sister of William.

Mary Brown: She is an old lady neighbour of Smith family.

Historical information:

Rena Smith is a Maori woman aged 22 lived in Tainui, which is a tribal region of South Auckland. She misses her family and wants to return back to New Zealand. Harry Smith is 24 aged pakeha who has not interest in the lifestyle and culture of his wife Rena. He was not happy with the thought of going back to New Zealand due the reason of being not well paid jobs. The children William and Victoria were always been isolated from their wide family and were not physically fit. Rene’s family now live in Hamilton, an hour away from South Auckland where the Smith family resides at present.

Needs and wants involved in the situation

In the situation based on case study, Rene wants to go back to New Zealand as she misses her family members. The children William and Victoria want more care and attention from their parents in order to lead a healthy life. Mary Brown, an older pakeha neighbour want peace from her neighbour Smith family as she reported for a constant late-night gatherings along with loud music and shouting occurred in their place.

Severity of the situation

Mary Brown suspected that Smith house is associated with drug trafficking and the children were seen to appear very poorly dressed and looked after. Most of the time, they were seen in barefoot, running noses, untidily dressed, and regular coughs. The parents were not visible often in their house. It was rumoured that Harry has been rough in his behavior towards the children as well as with his wife. But when Rene’s brothers visited it was seen to be lessening. Victoria was often seen to be miserable whereas, Rena reported that her family was quite upset with her and therefore do not visit her in spite of residing near her place.

Extent of the present situation to be a problem

The current situation of the family has been reported to be miserable by Mary Brown, the neighbour. The school teacher has constantly reported about the health problems of the children. The extent of these problems leads to deteriorate both the mental and physical condition of the children William and Victoria. The relationship between Rene and harry is not a healthy husband-wife relation and the relations between parents and children does not reflect any care or concern. The children were seen in a most miserable state in their home.

Consequences of the problem

The problems of reported drug trafficking has shown a weird behavior of the family. Harry was seen to be rough towards his children and wife. William was reported from the school to be quite irregular and suffer from various health issues. The younger child Victoria was often seen to be in a miserable state. Rena admits that her own family is not pleased with such situation and rarely visits even after shifting to Hamilton. The late night gathering, shouting and loud music causes disturbance to their old neighbour Mary brown who was bound to report a social worker.

Strengths and skills of the participants

Harry Smith was known to be a very hard worker but did not receive proper education. He was highly paid for his employment position in Perth. He has very powerful views regarding the place of Maori in New Zealand. Harry during the visit of social worker though did not explain but commented that he thought that the Australian behavior towards their black people could have been adopted in New Zealand as well.

Play out of class, gender and ethnicity

Rene Smith, a 22 years woman is Maori and lived in Tainui, which is a tribal region of South Auckland. On the hand, Harry Smith, a 24 years old man is pakeha. Due to the consideration of being superior of his gender, he was reported by his neighbours to be rough in his behavior with his children and his wife. He did not like his wife’s culture as she wants to return back to New Zealand, but he did not due to the reason of fewer amounts of paid jobs.

Existence of support system

The support system existed in the family during such a crucial situation could have been that they could avoid engaging in drug trafficking. Rene and Harry could have shown more love, care and concern towards their children William and Victoria, so that they could live a healthy life deprived of mental and physical illness. The Smith family has the support system of not creating nuisance at night playing loud music, shouting and gatherings, which could make their neighbours not to complain. The family could live healthy family if they could have adjusted more with love and care.


Plan of intervention

The support system that could have been created to help out the Smith family was the need of councillor and a counselling session to eradicate their habit of drug trafficking and making nuisance in their neighbourhood. As stated by Payne, 2015, p.3), the external sources such as social workers, psycho analyst, and psychologist could act as support system to help in leading a healthy life. Love and care is the basic requirement for the family to stand happily. The children require clinical benefits to recover from their health problems and psychological disorders can be recovered with the help of counselling session. As commented by Chang et al. (2013, p.236), economic benefit can also play the role in maintaining peace within the family where both the children and his wife would remain happy. Social workers help in sorting out the mutual problems or sometimes appoint councillors in case of severe problems.

Part 2 Critical Reflection

From the case study of Smith family, I would like to know some more additional information regarding the skills and strengths of Rene Smith as well. The relationship between the children and their parents or their performance in school or how they travel to school could have been added in the case study. The evidences could have been shown in the study regarding drug trafficking that was reported by Mary Brown. The role and performance of the social workers could have discussed more in details in order for easy understanding about the actual condition of the family and how are they been treated.

The additional information about the strengths or skills of Rene could have easy to analyse the difference between Harry in Rene in terms of skills and power. The relationship between children and parents and their in-detailed information could have been acknowledged to learn about the rough behavior of Harry towards them. The evidences of drug trafficking could make the suspicion of the neighbour lady valid or invalid.

From my own family experience of my father involved in alcoholic habit and returning home getting drunk creating nuisances with my mother by shouting. It made me and my brother quite depressed. My brother went under severe depression. But out of such worst experience and situation, my father was never rough towards us or abusive. My mother always cared for us with all her time. That may be the sole reason why I stand firm and encouraged my brother from coming out of depression. My mother always take her time to cook us food and help in homework in spite of all her pain, which made me today to be a strong lady like her.

Based on the case study I could have balanced the power relationships between individuals and family members by initially conversing with both the Smith family and Mary Brown. I could have make both the parties understand after listening individual problems. I could have ask Mary Brown to talk with Rene in making her understand values of family and children. Finally, I could have held a group session discussing about the problems and its way out.

On undertaking a social assessment I learned from the experience that every family should prior their children not matter what problems occur in between husband and wife. Drug trafficking can cause severe health hazardous and ultimate breakup of a healthy family. In order to solve out a situation, I personally believe that individual conversation can help in making understandable the values of family. From several experiences gather a learning that counselling session is very helpful to bring out the hidden depressed facts about individuals and this can help in leading a healthy and better life. Complaining about others is a very easy act but to understand the reason behind it and lending a helping hand is that much difficult. So as a social worker, I am glad to try to help people in the situation when their own family does not stay.


Chang, J., Natsuaki, M.N. and Chen, C.N., (2013). The importance of family factors and generation status: mental health service use among Latino and Asian Americans. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology19(3), p.236.

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Payne, M., (2015). Modern social work theory. London: Oxford University Press.

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