Social Policy Health Social CareSocial Policy Health Social Care

development of this law and you will go on to give an evaluation of the different influences on the development of this law.

  1. Explain briefly what the Act is and why is it relevant to health and social care? (Ensure you list the nine protective characteristics)
  • Define equality act? And why is it important, explain two of the protective-characteristic?
  • Social policy comes from ideology, talk about ideology and ideology issue such as: poverty, eligibility, family, and community values?
  • The role of institutions like the parliament and how law making are processed?
  1. Choose one of the nine protected characteristics and find a current issue on this characteristic based on a health and social care perspective.

Chosen current issue use the link below

  • Choose disability and current issue on disability in UK? discuss a bit the current issue on disability
  1. Explain the process involved in the formulation of the Equality Act 2010 and the influences of different ideologies before it became an Act of Parliament.

(You need to begin your explanation analysing the process of how a bill becomes an Act of parliament)

   Influence has to relate to chosen characteristic Disability

  • Influence on policy?
  • Various departments?
  • Pressure group?
  • Actual law making process? 
  1. Explain in more detail what this Act sets out to achieve and why it came about?

   Relate to disability

  • What equality wants to achieve?
  • Why is the act important?
  • Create a little case study relate to disability? 
  1. Using the particular characteristic, you have chosen, evaluate how this is affected by the Equality Act. (disability)
  • Talk about disability and how it affected by equality act?
  • Mention two negative and two positive 
  1. Evaluate the effects of the various influences in the formulation of the Equality

Act. (e.g. pressure groups, media, service users e.t.c) give examples using your

Chosen characteristics).

  • How they affect disability?
  • Impact on disability?
  • The law making process?
  • Effect of the various group on disability positively and negatively