Security Privacy Issues Associated

Security Privacy Issues Associated is a term used for the analysis of large amount of data, which is collected from more than one sources. Computers have become a part of our day to day life with the availability and use of the internet.  As the use of internet is growing, big data is continue to grow, in other words we can say that Big data is the collection of big data sets which are wide as well as complex to handle. In the mid twenties, big companies Security Privacy Issues Associatedsuch as GE, AT&T and Amazon invested a lot to learn more about their customers. Companies apply logic according to the data available to decide that how many shirts or cars needs to be produced or whether to invest in the new equipment or plant. Big data is different from the other data because it comes from the different sources outside the company. It can be social media, government databases etc.

 With the proliferation of devices connected to the Internet and connected to each other, the volume of data collected, stored, and processed is increasing everyday, which also brings new challenges in terms of the information security. Big data raises privacy and security issues because of managing volume and assuring constant access to data. Some of the applications are in areas such as healthcare, traffic management, banking, retail, education and so on.

Privacy issues

  • The biggest challenge for big data from a security point of view is the protection of the user’s privacy. Big data frequently contains huge amounts of personal identifiable information and therefore privacy of users is a huge concern.
  • Because of the big amount of data stored, breaches affecting big data can have more devastating consequences than the data breaches we normally see in the press. This is because a big data security breach will potentially affect a much larger number of people, with consequences not only from a reputational point of view, but with enormous legal ways.
  • When producing information for big data, organizations have to ensure that they have the right balance between utility of the data and privacy. Before the data is stored it should be adequately anonymised, removing any unique identifier for a user.
  • Adequate access control mechanisms will be a key in protecting the data. Access control has traditionally been provided by operating systems or applications restricting access to the information, which typically exposes all the information if the system or application is hacked.

Security Privacy Issues Associated

Security issues

Security is the 2nd major challenge of the big data. C-I-A triad all three elements matter for the big data. Confidentiality is closely related to privacy. Big data usually involves big money; integrity of data that it should be correct and intact ensuring the availability of the data.

Big security issues are as follows:

  • Secure data storage
  • Transaction logs and auditing
  • Real time Security monitoring
  • Data accuracy
  • Quality of the source
  • End point filtering and validation

Security additions for big data applications

  • Authentication for end user web devices
  • Mutual authentication with Kerberos
  • Access control to files in hadoop file system
  • Delegation tokens for continuous authentication between internal client and services.
  • Job tokens for distributing access authorizations to multiple distributed platforms.
  • SSL encryption for network traffic.

 Application of Big data

While understanding the concept of big data continues to remain a challenge; companies adopting big data to remain at the forefront. Most organization’s primary goals are to enhance customer experience, others goals includes reduction in cost, better targeted marketing and making business more efficient. Having a bird’s eye view of big data and its application in different industries. Most importantly big data helps in

  • Trying to decide whether there is a true value in big data
  • Evaluating the size of market opportunity
  • Developing new services and products
  • Repositioning existing services and products

Major industries using big data are banking and securities, tourism, education, health care provider, manufactures, government retail etc.