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Science is the systemic and mindful study of the universe and its subsystems. It studies how the objects of nature and physical world behave under certain conditions.

Science is broadly categorized in three types:

Physical Science

Physical science mainly studies the material objects of the universe in various aspects like weight, mass, energy, etc.

Physical science is further divided into physics, chemistry, and astronomy.


It studies matter, energy, and the relationship between them.


It encompasses the study of different kinds of properties of matter like its structure, composition, and the reactions etc.


Astronomy studies the universe other than the earth.

Earth Science

Earth science explains the phenomena of earth and the solar system.

The main fields of Earth Science are:


Geology studies how the earth was originated and the various alterations it goes through like chemical changes, physical changes, and biological changes.


It is the of exploring and studying oceans.


Paleontology is a very interesting subject which deals with the life forms that were in existence during prehistoric times.


This branch of earth science studies the atmospheric phenomena.

Life Science

The name says it all, life science is the study of life forms on the earth.

Life science or more conveniently called, biology has following major branches:

Science Assignment Help


Botany is the study of plants.


It is the study of animals.


The medicine science deals with finding out new ways to treat and cure ailments, illnesses, and injuries etc.


Genetics is a field that incorporates the study of hereditary patterns.

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