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  • Application of recording variables, Chi-square, correlation, decision trees, and logistic regressions

SAS stand for?

SAS stands for SAS. It was first developed in North Carolina State University it is a computer programming language. It is develop for the highly analytical systems like data management, business intelligence and predictive analysis.

SAS is also use for retrieving data from many sources and performs statistical analysis on the data. Retrieve. SAS programming also have a particular process that helps to manipulate and analyze data in a procedural manner.

Components of SAS software are

SAS has more than 200 components. The main components of SAS are described here

Base SAS

It include the basic procedure of analytical concepts and data management. It also considers the additional  data types, ANSI SQL types, programming structure elements, and user-defined methods and packages.


It marks statistical analysis system operational research.


The applications facility that is generated by the statistical analysis system is maintain by SAS/AF


The statically graph of statistical analysis system is presented by SAS/GRAPH


the Econometrics and Time-series analysis of the statistical analysis system is include


Interactive matrix language features are implemented


It is used to maintain the quality of the product and increase the levels of customer satisfaction.


It helps the users with clinical trial evaluation


It contain all the detail regarding the statistical analysis generated by the statistical analysis system.

SAS Assignment Help

Benefits SAS provide

SAS is made to attain the statistical requirement specialized and enterpriser operations worldwide. SAS user can depend on the tested and proved techniques of analysis to generate guaranteed and accurate results. SAS programming infrastructure provide wide range of support.

Algorithms are valid and proved

The algorithms that are proved and valid can be use in SAS by which the result will be accurate and guaranteed. Statistical analysis systems have delivered high-level results on statistical analysis for more than 40 years. By the help of the SAS software effective and verified competent codes can be generated which attain the governmental and corporate standards.

SAS model is integrated

By SAS you can process, manage and access data according to the necessity as statistical analysis system have an integrated model. Statistical analysis system have many integrated graphs by which it can evaluate the result and easily build and deploy the statistical paradigms using SAS application. As the data is stored in metadata so there is no dependency in SAS/STAT models with other SAS solutions.

Current statistical features

SAS/STAT always add and update new techniques to maintain with all new emerging methods from the other expanding field of statistics. Some of the current features are explain below.

  • For the analytical task of large data tools of high-performance modeling is introduced.
  • To evaluate data with missing values modern analyzing tools are added.
  • For small data sets, integrated statistical technique is added.

Usage of SAS by the programmers

SAS is a software with an integrated system which provides programmer well organized source of analytical solution to data. Some functions that SAS provide to the programmer are as follows.

  • Management and build up of data according to the retrieval of information
  • It also supports statistical analysis, data mining and econometrics.
  • Plays a huge role in business planning, forecasting, and support in decisions.
  • In analytical projects it support quality improvement, operations research and management.
  • For statistical and analytical applications, it allows development.
  • For enhance data warehousing it cover extraction, transformation and loading of data.
  • For platform independent software, it allows remote computation.

Certificates of SAS

SAS certification is an important qualification to develop in the analytical industry. A certification in Base SAS or Advanced SAS would work remarkable during the Interview session. SAS/STAT course modules that should be prepared in academic by the students are as follows.

  • Module-1 concentrates on topics related to Base SAS certifications
  • Module-2 is designed for students preparing for Advanced SAS certifications
  • Direct enrollment in Module-2 (i.e. Advanced SAS) is applicable for students who have considerable work experience or familiarity with the topics covered in Module-1.

Products made by SAS Software

  • SAS modules- it is use for web, marketing analysis, and social media.
  • SAS Fraud Framework- it is mainly used for the monitoring the transaction through various network, partners and application. The framework to recognize the fake anomalies uses analytics.
  • SAS Enterprise GRC (Governance, Risk, Compliance) – it is used in risk modeling, scenario analysis and compliance framing for corporate policies
  • SAS Enterprise Risk Management – It is particularly developed for financial services and banks
  • SAS IT Management solutions – it manage and monitor on IT system operations to create reports on utilization of IT assets and the collected data of performances.
  • SAS Supply Chain Intelligence – the supply chain needs, forecast demand of products, optimize prices to maintain inventory and this product suite feed distribution.
  • SAS sustainability management – the effect of operations on the social, economic and environmental aspects is predicted by this set is software.

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