Sample Presentation Format Assignment Help | Best Powerpoint-Presentation help


Sample Presentation Format Assignment Help  Sample Presentation Format Assignment Help | Best Powerpoint-Presentation helpFollow the guidance below if you need to make a presentation.
First, make a presentation file in Microsoft PowerPoint. Start your presentation with the presentation cover page. Continue by adding more slides as shown below. You can get the presentation cover page from the portal file named “Presentation cover page.”
You must prepare cue cards to accompany your presentation. Your presentation and cue cards must not exceed the word limit given in your task. Add cue cards to the “Click to add notes” section of each slide in your PowerPoint presentation to give details of the points on your slides.
The font sizes for the presentation are given below. Use different colours for titles, heading and subheadings.
Title: 44
Heading: 36
Subheading: 32
Use the following format in your presentation. You can get the presentation cover page from the portal file named “Presentation cover page.
Once you have finished your presentation file, submit it on the web portal. The teacher will give you a date to deliver your presentation.

Sample Presentation Format Assignment Help | Best Powerpoint-Presentation help

Signal to the audience that you’ve finished with your main points
Summary statement – review all of your main points

Conclusion slide

Provide closure or concluding statement – prepare a closing statement that ends your presentation smoothly.


Use the Harvard referencing system.
 Cue Card for [Slide Title]
One for each relevant slide.

Note: The number of main points, sub-points and supporting materials/ideas you use will vary depending on how much information you have to convey and how much detail and supporting material you need to use.
Here are the main ways of arranging speech points.

TopicalTo stress natural divisions in a topic; allows points to be moved around to emphasize listeners’ needs and interests. E.g.

Forms of Business Organization

·         Sole Proprietorship

·         Partnership

·         Private Limited Company

·         Public Limited Company


To describe a series of developments in time or a set of actions occurring sequentially. E.g.

·         1895 – 1920

Ø  Significant Event # 1

Ø  Significant Event # 2

·         1920 – 1945

Ø  Significant Event # 1

Ø  Significant Event # 2

SpatialTo describe or explain the physical arrangement of a place, scene, event, or object. E.g.

·         My house

Ø  Beautiful front garden leads to

Ø  Large portico

Ø  Two spacious living rooms

Cause and effectTo explain or demonstrate a topic in terms of its underlying causes or effects. E.g.

1.       Lack of funds (cause 1)
2.      Unsatisfactory social life (cause 2)3.      Unsatisfactory grades (cause 3)4.      Drop out (effect)
Problem and solutionTo demonstrate the nature and significance of a problem and provide justification for a proposed solution. E.g.

First, describe the problem and its seriousness.

Second, provide the solution to the problem.

NarrativeTo convey ideas through the medium of a story with characters, settings, and a plot. E.g.

What happened?
When did it happen?
Where did it happen?
CircularTo demonstrate how one idea leads to another and then another, all of which leads back to the speech thesis.

Better mental and physical health   Acts of kindness   More friendships   More social support  Better mental and physical health
Monroe’s Motivated SequenceTo motivate listeners to adept a course of action. E.g.

AttentionHey! Listen to me, you have a PROBLEM!
NeedLet me EXPLAIN the problem.
SatisfactionBut, I have a SOLUTION!
VisualizationIf we IMPLEMENT my solution, this is what will happen. Or, if we don’t implement my solution, this is what will happen.
ActionYou can help me in this specific way. Can you help me?
Claim/RefutationTo prove/disprove an opposing claim to your position.
Main point 1 – Oppositions position – claims/evidence/reasoning
Main point 2 – Implication of opposing claims
Main point 3 – Counter arguments

Abolish the Death Penalty
·         The system can make irreversible errors: innocent person executed for false evidence; cannot bring that person back to life.
·         It is cruel.·         It is not a deterrent: it has not stopped people from murdering others.
Comparative advantageTo demonstrate the superiority of one viewpoint or proposal over another. E.g.

We should eat bananas, not apples because:

·         Bananas are gentler on your teeth than apples

·         You can peel bananas more easily than apples

·         Bananas are cheaper!

You should rarely have more than five main points in any presentation.

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