Research Project Specification Assignment | Project specification

Research Project Specification is a solution of Research Project Specification Assignment that describes about research methods that get used for gathering or collecting data is termed as research methods.

Research methodology And Research methods

Those methods that get used for gathering or collecting data is termed as research methods and these are mixed methods, Research Project Specification Assignment | Project specificationmono method and multi method. Mixed method is followed in research study as it helps in getting two different kinds of information such as theoretical as well as statistical. Both information is utilised after their analysis for meeting set objectives (Mackey & Gass, 2015).

Data collection

Information is gathered from various sources and these sources fall under two heads that include primary source from current & relevant information is gathered and secondary source from theoretical information is gathered as effective quality information is gathered (Mackey & Gass, 2015).

Data analysis

There are various techniques are available that utilised further for analysing the collected information. These techniques listed as peer review, Bibliometric analysis, case study analysis and survey evaluation technique. Best suitable techniques are Bibliometric and survey evaluation technique (Mackey & Gass, 2015).


The analysed information is use for the purpose of making recommendations that get followed for resolving the problems. These recommendations are made by evaluating the analysed information as it rendered more relevant information. This analysed information  meet the set objectives of the research study (Noble & Bestley, 2011).


Limitations or barriers or hurdles that affects the progress of the activity. There are numerous limitations are associated with the research study in the form of limited funds, limited time period, limited sources for data collection, limited tools in order to analyse the gathered information (Noble & Bestley, 2011).

Ethical consideration

The element that makes the research study successful in ethics. Following ethics are must while processing the research study as it helps in maintaining the authentication of research study and the data gathered with the help of different sources (Noble & Bestley, 2011).

Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification

There are few steps that generally followed in systematic manner so that research study is processed smoothly and in systematic manner such as: –

Step 1: – Firstly there is need to identify the problem that helps in conducting the research study. Research is processed for getting the solution for that problem in order to resolve it adequately (Habib, et. al., 2014).

Step 2: – After it there is requirement of preparing adequate strategy and its implementation as it provide adequate path for conducting and selecting the research study in systematic manner.

Step 3: – After preparing strategy there is need to collect the data from the different sources. This data is utilised for various purposes and needed for completing the research study (Habib, et. al., 2014).

Step 4: – Fourthly it is needed to analyse the information gathered as it rendered quality level of information that helps in meeting the set objectives of the research study.

Step 5: – lastly, with the help of analysed information the problem identified get resolved effectively with the help of the making recommendations (Habib, et. al., 2014).

Research Project Specification Assignment | Project specification

In the below table action plan is shown for systematic research and it followed by Gantt chart such as: –

Action Plan: –

ActivitiesParticularsStart dateDate of CompletionNumber of days
A.Selecting topic for research24th Oct, 201627th Oct, 20164
B.Problem statement28th Oct, 201629th Oct, 20162
C.Preparing strategy30th Oct, 20168th Nov, 201610
D.Prepare documents and select adequate techniques30th Oct, 20165th Nov, 20167
E.Set different sources and collect required information9th Nov, 201618th Nov, 201610
F.Analyse the information that collected from different sources19th Nov, 201624th Nov, 20166
G.Conclude the information for meeting objectives25th Nov, 201628th Nov, 20164

(Kumar, 2011)

Gantt Chart: –

(Kumar, 2011)


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